I'm a Kukri knife fan and wasn't expecting much for $20 but was pleasantly surprised after sharpening and testing this big knife out. I will be modifying the handle as when chopping from the right the Kukri is twisting and glancing to the left, and that's how it nicked my knuckle.

Just a short fun clad dig.

Rived a 10" x 78" black walnut log and got 3 excellent bowstaves & some not so good ones.

Gathered a basket full of pecans and black walnuts then went detecting but was skunked and found no coins. I never do well detecting when I am in a hurry as I was today.

Cut down some dangerous tree sections today, both would have ended up on my house or power lines. Black Walnut and Hackberry make good bows and will be doing a follow up as I cut and rive these for bow staves.

Happy Halloween! The longbow is completed, it finished up 45# @ 28", 72" in length and has 2" of string follow on the upper limb, with 1 1/2" on the lower. Sanded down, 2 coats of urethane, and built a 14 strand string of B-50. Not fast I'm sure, but a sweet shooter with accuracy potential.

72" longbow, tillering is completed and it came in 45# @ 28". Now I'm breaking it in with about 200 shots at less than full draw length. More to come as I finish this bow up.

A few $1 store items I picked up recently that will be going into my hiking, camping, survival gear.

Dug for about 1 hour with my brother and ended up with $1.49. The ground is still dry here, just waiting for a long soaking rain to kick off the gold ring hunting season.

An overview of slingshots as tools for survival.

With the heat from summer passing now is a good time to keep a detector close by for the small micro hunts that often materialize when you least expect it.

Not a great day for coins, but did get out and have some digging fun.

Department store bicycle pedals, these can confuse you because the left hand side of the bicycle has reverse threads to keep the parts from unscrewing themselves while you are riding. A small crescent wrench will usually work to remove or attach and since I do a lot of them I use a dedicated pedal wrench which sometimes is the only tool you can get into the area.

How to handle multiple coin spills when detecting in high discrimination.

Sorry - my camera shut off & I didn't realize it, but was done except for saying goodbye, so there you go, lol. I enjoy my 202 and have been using it for at least 18 years, I can cut out zinc cents in notch or auto notch and still detect Indian Head Pennies, something most detectors can't do. Remove any trash you dig & cover your holes back & have a GREAT time!

Not a bad day for detecting in the US, $8.37 in clad with the "kids" Bounty Hunter Junior.

Acorn & Butternut squash are called Winter squash because they will keep through the winter. Of course they need to be grown in warm weather, and are considered 120 days to maturation. So depending on your zones average frost date you need to plant them 4 months ahead of that frost date.

Cheap detectors & clad - here's why,,,

First hunt with the Bounty Hunter Junior, needs some mods at this point which I have now completed.

Calibrating & marking your discriminator is of primary importance on any beep and dig metal detector.

Metal detecting with my Bounty Hunter Junior around an old house produces a silver coin.


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