A long time a go, someone I had deeply connected with sent me this poem.
She lived on the other side of the World and was sort of a mystery but we found common ground with the some of the work I did with wolves and nature in general.
I opened this letter many years later an re-read it and it suddenly had more meaning to me and the idea popped into my head to produce a short video commemorating the words, our virtual friendship (even though I have lost touch a while back) and to those people in my life who have impacted me deeply, even though our paths may have only crossed in a blink of an eye
All photos, vids and even the artwork in authored by me. The voices are of those I have meet all over the World and their names and faces will not be shown..

pretty much each starts and ends the same way each day up here and Idaho. A time to look forward and remember all the things that I am so blessed to have. Coffee in the morning up here with the animals Is a ritual I always look forward to and appreciate.


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I'm just a guy who finally escaped the center of chaos back in LA after years of planning and saving. I am a photographer by trade and have spent the past 15 + years really simplifying my life and focussing on the important questions that have taunted me my entire life, or at least as far as I can remember; ie. why are we here and what is out ultimate purpose. I have some things to say on that subject, but I am more interested in how I and others got to the point of such reflection.
What event caused a change or 180 direction change in ones life. Outside of my intermittent disappearance into nature for a few weeks at a time, I am using the long work days of setting up an inhabitable small cabin outside of West Yellowstone to condense the train of thought down to its purest form in an attempt to to keep one foot firmly planted in the insanity of life today and to stay ahead of bills and the other navigating the chaos that is nature and all the amazing lessons it can teach