Prettiest race in Texas 5K and half-marathon. This is the 5K start and the end of the race for the 5K and half-marathon runners

Belize tarpon gets a sardine as a snack! These juvenile tarpon wait to be fed before heading out to become much bigger.

Short thing I made trying out a product from Adobe. I revisited Marfa in November and this video includes some from previous trips, but mostly from my recent trip there.

On a rainy day in central Texas near Menard, there was a vehicle accident amongst flash flood watches.

Fireworks at the lake on 4th of July, 2018. This is a collection of photographs I took of the fireworks this year.

P A T H - Flames

The Lion's Club hosted the San Angelo Balloon Festival. On June 15, 2018, the balloon glow occurred.

Music by:
Ross Bugden

Storm blew in on Jun. 6, 2018 at around 2AM with sand in tow. Not a lot of rain, the haziness is mostly from the sand. Towards the end, the lights in the distance start to disappear and the clouds of dust can be seen going upwards from the ground.

Tubing down the Guadalupe River.

A photozine that captures people of San Antonio, TX. I took to the streets of San Antonio during early morning hours to capture life there. Some mornings were quiet, but on other mornings the streets came alive. This particular project was over the course of five days.


It's interesting when you go out to photograph various places because you encounter interesting people and situations. This is just a small collection of those encounters since I began to live stream or record while I'm photographing.

If you don't get it, you might be a teacher too...

Visiting Suwon, South Korea


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