I use to think that there was a high probability German Nazis escaped and infiltrated the U. S. Government. Then I realized they didnt even need to, we already had our own Nazi's.

Skip ahead to the 12 minute mark. The first part of this video I was focused on a Netflix executive being fired for using the N-word during meetings. The second half I was exploring their eventual market saturation in the global market place.

Apologies for the audio/video issues, this was the first video I ever made for my since terminated youtube channel. I had no idea how to even work the software at the time. Very interesting that as soon as they got Trump out, the cyber attacks and war with Russia is back on the table. I also warned of the coming censorship apocalypse.

As equally flacid as the Jan. 6th "insurrection" excuse, the ottawa protest will be used as the excuse for permanent martial law. The canadian government used drones with facial recognition/chinese social credit score technology to identify all those in Ottawa and will systematically persecute them and go after their banking accounts. This is exactly what they have been waiting for in order to unveil full tyranny.


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