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Firstly I believe “they” are lying about what cancer actually is. What a surprise right?…they lie? 🙄
All the chemicals in the food, drinks, water, air, vitamins, candy & jabbbbbs. What a coincidence.
Cancer is a multibillion dollar industry…just treat the symptoms, don’t give a “cure”.

Video clip from Nemisis Now channel on bitchute:
Please forgive me, at the end of the recording my low battery notification shows up in the video.

I have zero trust & confidence in the U.S. Con-gress however I approve of this demon getting a little taste of what’s to come for him….in this life or the after. 🙌🏼

He pushes the “white hats are in control” nonsense, his channel wants you to pay him 💵, and I just learned today he has blocked me from commenting on his videos. 😆 Realize I may have commented on one of his videos 1 time and I don’t watch many of his videos as I’ve seen some red flags in what he posts. Yeah, yeah? IMO if someone isn’t being nasty or cursing, if you silence their opinion…well you probably have something to hide. Just my opinion.

The FBI teams up with a formerly-institutionalized scientist--who was performing experiments on the fringe of real science--and his son to investigate weird crimes that are seemingly part of a larger pattern, and could be connected with a global company called Massive Dynamic.

A man is abducted into an alternate version of his life. Amid the mind-bending landscape of lives he could've lived, he embarks on a harrowing journey to get back to his true family and save them from a most terrifying foe: himself.

What do you think they will use this bird flu nonsense to accomplish?

Brilliant 💯 😆

Confusion & chaos
Curtail reproduction
Confuse genders

Trump held a dinner right after his inauguration in 2017 in which he had Bill & Hillary stand up for a round of applause.
“I have so much respect for those two people.”

Or is this a cycle that repeats periodically when “they” feel a RESET is necessary…? 🤔

This man does a lot of deep dives in to financial subjects. He explains how he thinks it can be done.

Thoughts that get you thinking.
We must use our brains..

I call them (D)elites.

Australia’s ambassador for gender equality…what do you see when you look in to IT’s eyes?? 👀

The Fentanyl epidemic (new opium war?) is tragic. Parts of Los Angeles look hopeless… 💊 ☠️

I believe it’s best to be prepared. Is all this talk just fear porn or is it real? I don’t think most any of us could possibly know that without being on the inside. Either way it’s better to have information than not. No fear…

It is odd how much of what they say is coming true. What is sinister is the stuff they say that hasn’t come true….yet.

If you know the story of ISIS than you also know that the Washington Monument is just OSIRIS’S 🍆.
Osiris story:

Never forget “these people” because these are the people that would rat their neighbors out to authority. These people would fail the Milgram Experiment. They are dangerous to the health and lives of those that can think for themselves.


The Rh factor is one of the proteins on RBCs used to indicate whether the blood of two different people is compatible when mixed – such as blood of a mother and her baby at birth.

Hollyweird film maker caught with 15 year old. WE KNOW what he was trying to do…


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