Just another example of 3rd world backward people not assimilating

The axis of evil can't allow Assad to defeat ISIS because there our terrorists

The welfare trap is hurting everyone

USA UK and France the axis of evil

Dear Sirs,

I write regarding a recent article in the Telegraph about the halal products being sold in supermarkets, (see link)

This article highlights the extent to which halal meat is sold to the British public and it seems that most if not all do sell halal slaughtered meat, much of which is not clearly labeled so. It is a concern to me that for years I would have been purchasing un-stunned meat.

My complaint has nothing to do with religion but is about animal welfare, it is abhorrent to me that I and my family have eaten animals that have purposefully been denied the hight standard of welfare that us the British public expect.

To be clear I also object to kosher slaughter.

The RSPCA are opposed to halal and kosher slaughter as it cause unnecessary suffering (see link)

Quote from the Farm Animal Welfare Council
‘A large cut made across the neck of a conscious animal would result in very significant pain and distress, 5-7 second for sheep and 22-40 seconds for cattle’

There is also concern regarding non meat halal products and where the money in the halal industry is used and which radical organisations benefit from their contributions.

I urge you to consider the mood of the British public and how discovery of your business’s attitude towards such barbaric, cruel and unnecessary treatment of animals can effect their likelihood to not just boycott your butchery products but potentially entire shop, especially as the first supermarket to clearly denounce halal and kosher slaughter is likely to be very desirable to the majority of animal loving customers.

I intend to visit all supermarkets in my area and put staff on the spot for clear identification of halal products and will share the findings on social media, can you al..

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Child marriage/FGM/we must fight this

Secret location incase antifa threaten violence

This video earned me my 2nd Youtube strike, Batten is a member of the European Parliament, MET police were present and didn't feel the need to stop his speech. please share this

I received my second strike from YouTube for posting Gerrard Battens speech at #freetommy

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