More speeches

Antifa and the police are friends

Police are dishing section 35 to stop patriots

#freetommy/trump protest at Hyde Park

Chris Evans took a pay cut/Jordan Peters on V Cathy Newman/Jonathan Pie V Melissa Stevens

Michael Gove/David Davis/Boris/Jacob Rees Mogg

If you don't believe in the supernatural/embrace your Christian culture/it's superior to socialism

Please join a populist party and put pressure on them to unite now

Who leads a coalition Waters, Batten or maybe David Kurten

Rich planet tv/swilliamism/UK Column news

Brit girl a fine lady/media propaganda only talk anti Brexit

Our corrupt state jails those who tell the truth about high ranking pedophiles/Melanie Shaw/Carol Woods/UK Column news

Be nice when red Pilling folk

I've written to my MEP's to vote it down/did the England fans sing for Tommy

Taking an up skirt photo is creepy not criminal/how long before looking at a woman is illegal

I do hope infowars wasn't twisting the truth on Tommy Robinson/what's the point of alt media if they lie/I'd like some evidence of where Stephen Lennon is please

Does Sajid Javid wants Tommy Robinson dead/Russian fans please sing for Tommy tomorrow

How to promote the free Tommy movement/use the world cup and Glastonbury

Lay off the booze lads/apart from that bloody amazing

The left continues to eat itself

Conservative friends of Isreal/Lobby Britain/Blair and Cameron sold us out for lobbyist money

I don't think our Queen is a lizard/the moon isn't a space station/David Icke is right about many things


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