Don't mess with the Fed/US presidents taken out

Countering Colston group/massive attack are idiots

Jacob Rees Mogg/Tommy Robinson/UKIP/Nigel Farrage

60/40 in favour of yes, the comments very negative. Thanks Mark for the suggestion

Gillette/Kleenex/Yorkie why do you virtue signal?

Gordon Bowden/Andy Devine/Tony Blair/Amber Rudd/

Come on Bristol your an embarrassment

I'm fat because I eat too much and don't exercise enough, I don't have a disease!

Rothschilds manipulation chaos for the New World Order

Hollywood is ruining the cinema for me

Austerity/free speech/PC culture and the UN

UKIP/Batten V Farrage/yellow jacket protest Bristol

Confusion re Syrian boy/what happens to the EU without £39B?

Nigel Farrage/Gerrard Batten/Paul Weston

Let your MP know how you feel about the UN Global Compact

Brexit march 9th December please go even if you don't like Tommy Robinson,


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