Up August 8th, 2022
Not sure how I missed this 7 months ago, however it must be shared. Crime is too high.

Beware of the foul language in the texts.
RINO’s are killing our way of life
RINO’s are killing our Country
RINO’s are now the majority of the GOP

Uploaded 8/4/2022
This week in “diversity is our strength”

Keep separating friends
Dems please move to Settle or Portland
Repubs pleas move to Texas or Florida, but not their large cities.

Who in their right mind still listens to this
Hypocrite from hell, Fauci never gets tired of being wrong.

If anyone is familiar with this young man’s channel, Please let me know in the comments

I’ll be sending this video to my wife’s doctor who attempted, numerous times, to inject her with the clot shot from hell. Share it with any Pfizer shot loving Physician u may know.
Let’s end this madness.

Whoever built the runway that melted, must be in the Teamsters Union, how else would he keep his job?

Kill Bates may get his wish

How the fuck did Pfizer develop a monkey pox vaccine in a couple of months. Dumb fucks.

Spider-Man tri-0uts in the big apple

Uploaded 7-11-2022 Both the CDC & the FDA are now admitting there is a correlation between the MRNA vaccine and heart inflammation. Yes cause + effect.

Damn when you see it from this angle, it’s clear something else went on that day.

My opinion this was a Ted Turner monument.
It was In Georgia and Ted is a depopulation advocate, and global warming believer.

7/2/2022 Don’t show this at your Fourth of July party, but share it where the pros will have to see it. email, text, etc.

I have no sympathy for white liberal women who support this disgusting bullshit.

Thursday O6/30/2022
Why are brown people coming to the most racist country on the planet?

It took effort and time to make this video, please share with those who may appreciate it

My question Why are all the conservative women beautiful? Please comment.

Up load 6/26/22
Crazy with courage

O6/26/2022 uploaded. Now I understand why RFK jr. said those who get a yearly flu vaccine ARE MORE susceptible to catching colds.

Uploaded 06/27/2022 Help your pro-vax friends understand(in a friendly way)that “they”must get the children approved for the C-19 vax, in order to continue legal immunity for the vaccine manufacturers.

Does she see the women sitting next to her?

It’s been a long time since high school mathematics, a short review for your vaccinated family & friends.


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