Images and videos from Helioviewer.org This video contains space anomalies and/or solar particles also since we are at solar minimum I thought it would be a good time to show what solar maximum looks like when our sun is active.

This is a short video from 4/19/2002 which a solar eruption creates a solar particle display .

Images of anomalies taken from Heloviewer.org

Images taken from Helioviewer.org

Videos is made from Helioviewer.org and shows SOHO C2 & C3 satellite images from May 7th -9th

Images from Helioviewer.org and www2.hao.ucar.edu video contains images of what could be Nibiru or a giant unknown planet close to the sun.

Stills taken from Helioviewer.org SOHO LASCO satellite.I search and locate unusual anomalies and make videos of them.

This video depicts odd occurrences which I call anomalies, They are different then solar particles (Solar energetic particles (SEP) are high-energy particles coming from the Sun)


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