A German company has created the biggest, baddest, brashest motorcycle to ever tear up the tarmac.
Nicknamed Katharina die Grose, or Katharine the Great to anglo-ears, the motor bike weighs 4.7 tonnes, is rumoured to top 50mph and is powered by a 38ltr WWII German 'Panzer' tank engine.
The goliath motorcycle was built by the German firm Harzer Bike-Schmiede and holds the record for being the heaviest bike in the world - producing 1000bhp and an engine rev loud enough to wake the neighbours in Poland.
Mechanics Tilo and Wilfried Niebel of Zilly in Germany designed and built the behemoth with a dual hand throttle and seperate steering wheel located in the passenger side car.

Mohammed from North Africa didn't take the break up with his Swedish girlfriend very well. The deescalating moment would have been pushing him off the ladder. But this is Sweden after all.

It can be found in nature with almost perfect cubic formations like this one

Birmingham’s green lane mosque has recently received a government grant of 2.2 million pounds.

Damn Aliens keep stealing our water! The two waterspouts Lake Toba of Sumatra, Indonesia

Laser weapons can be programmed for different wavelength!


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