hardcore racialist philosophy the 1488 way

What the White Man needs to do to evict the unwanted houseguests

the price one pays to serve the jew

why the alt-right is a jewish psyop shifting White focus away from REAL White Nationalism

10th installment of HARD TRUTH: a White Philosophy

a discussion of the concept of the god-king

the kosher mind pollution the jew traffics in

the jewish spiritual poison

a discussion of how sensationalistic culture is the primary way to reach the Zoomer generation

the culture of the non-white who is born of Rape culture

a discussion of the christ-cuck and how he represents the greatest obstacle to White survival

an analysis of Greenland and what it represents in occult terms

a discussion of the cryptically pro-white works of Edgar Rice Burroughs creator of Tarzan and other characters

the only way the bourgeois class will wake up to the nightmare of multicultural society

the 9th installment of Hard Truth: a White Philosophy

When the Racial Holy War comes baby boomers and bourgeois elitists will be as deer in the headlights

the false humility of libtards, jewdeo-christards and their jewish overlords

Racial Loyalty=Good
Racial Treason=Evil

the Law of Nature

the social experiment of homelessness: harden yourself!

"thought without action is sterile"-Ben Klassen

another technique of the jew

cultural genocide leading to White genocide

the necessary condition of survival for all biological organisms

the True universalism entails Seperation not Inclusion


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