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As the 2017 UN General Assembly begins, what do you know about the second largest political organization in the world? The OIC.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation. And why does a confederation of 56 nations (+1 non state), whose only common feature is a "religion" choose to call themselves a political organisation?


Philosophy with Lyrics

Philosophy on Weapon of Musical Defense

Extract from the song Philosophy

This is the song that probably got our account on Vimeo shut down.

The comprehensive legal system established by Muslim conquerors to rule native non-Muslim populations subdued by jihad. "Protection" money must be paid but non-Muslims have no legal rights.
From the album Imagine Jihad Pt.1 - To turn captions on or off press CC. Now with captions in Finnish, German, Hebrew and English.
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Religion as a Weapon

Mohammed a Biography. Our 3rd teaser.

Imagine your country is conquered by Jihad


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Music to save the world!

Weapon of Musical Defense - We are a group of concerned musicians and performers. We’ve studied and read since 9-11 and found out the facts. It takes quite a bit of work to cut through the noise. We made this music to reach out to those who don’t or won’t read the books and blogs where Jihad and Islam are properly discussed.