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Yep, politics. Democrats. Who is the most racist? Who will give you the most free stuff? Very important stuff that should totally be taken seriously.

Its a very special "LIVE!" episode, where MidgetRadio and TacticAngel are joined by BlueSkyGiant to talk about a movie only two of three of them have seen and only one of three have a reasonable opinion.

We talk about the Orville. Originally Midget Radio hated it, but will that continue in Season 2?

The end of everything... you have to watch.

The Wednesday Night Gentlemen have both seen the Deep Space Nine documentary, What We Left Behind. Lets talk about things we love and if this thing really lives up to those things and other things.

The WNG discuss the Howard Schultz town hall and the potential of a third party candidate.

Star Trek: Discovery, Season 2, is finally over. Hopefully the whole thing is. Here's our review. Its a little shorter. Literally nothing happens worth talking about in this episode.

The last review before the season finale! Join us on a lighthearted examination of FILLER before the last STD episode.

The WNG review DC's latest outing, Shazam!

A review of Star Trek Discovery, Through the Valley of Shadows...

...its hateful, because there is so much to hate.

The WNG discuss martial arts superstar and potential Batman candidate Scott Adkins.

Star Trek: Discovery. "Perpetual Infinity," whatever that means. Season 2, Episode 11... of 14. We've almost made it, guys. Stop by for the latest review from the Wednesday Night Gentlemen.

And come at me, bro.

To Boldly Go... Drinking has gone off the rails, but to be completely fair, we're trying to review Star Trek: Discovery. Plenty of opportunity for audience participation here. There are a lot of unanswered questions.

The final frontier is apparently complete madness. We're moving slowly towards it. Its a very emotional time for everyone aboard the Discovery.  

But you are not alone. The WNG are there with their latest review of Star Trek Discovery, Project Daedalus.

There are actually good sci-fi shows on TV. MidgetRadio and TacticAngel talk about The Expanse, formerly of the sci-fi channel, now of Amazon.

A couple of reviews on Captain Marvel. Yikes!

Star Trek Discovery is taking us back to Talos IV. Its hard to believe. There are even several things in this review that are hard to believe, but they are there.

Burnham leaves the Discovery to go do other things. This should make the show better, but does it? Join us for another Trek into the "singular" STD.

A review.

"The Sound of Thunder" was a fun little short story by Ray Bradbury. "The Sounds of Thunder" is an episode of Star Trek: Discovery. Did STD live up to prior titles? Please, enjoy our review.

Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery limps on with the 5th Episode featuring Section 31, Snotmonsters, and Madness. Enjoy this review.

We're almost a third of the way through the second season and the Wednesday Night Gentlemen talk about an Obol for Charon, arguably the best STD episode yet!

Captain Smith was the captain of the Titanic. Its somewhat important to understand the synopsis. Its back to Star Trek Discovery, folks. Season 2, Episode 3

The WNG review season 2 of the Punisher on Netflix.

The Discovery jumps across the galaxy to engage in some really mind-bending nonsense. The Wednesday Night Gentlemen have some thoughts.

The Season 2 Premiere of STD (which you can actually watch for free below) has come out: BROTHER! These are our thoughts.


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