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In Straya you shouldn't walk in long grass. There's snakes.

⁣😁 it's been a real learning curve drawing more human characters. I avoided it for so long because of how much harder it is to achieve visual appeal (no uncanny valley). Still a bit rough anatomy-wise and some colour theory here and there but it's just enough to make it passable.

I can touch the stars
One day of happiness

From: https://soundtrackuniverse.com

Final picture here: ⁣https://www.wysp.ws/post/1443151004/

Quick and dirty clouds to shove in the background without volumetrics. Don't forget to bake your indirect lighting (via probes) if you're using Eevee.

Just in case the video isn't too good:
1. import your cloud silhouette as a plane
2. subdivide your plane
3. sculpt the shape of your cloud
4. you have a cloud

Extra note: the silhouette was made in gimp with the acrylic texture brush. It's very easy to do and not worth adding imo ┐(´ー`)┌

Sometimes, you just gotta jot an idea down FAST before it escapes ya. Sweet-tooth by the sea with what appears to be a miniature lighthouse ;3

Done in Blender
and clouds made in gimp

public domain sounds here:

A second walk Cycle for a couple of scenes. This is one hour worth of animation clean up and a couple of inbetweens. With complimentary public domain music ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

Sorry I didn't record the whole process, recording usually doesn't come to mind until later. Blender Grease Pencil is really good once you get the hang of it, tbh I prefer it over Adobe Flash/Animate because of how much easier it is to draw and clean up.

From Scene 8 of the pilot I'm working on.

All the colouring is based on older animation. The interesting thing about how they used to colour cartoons (from what I can see) is that they use colour theory to give it an illusion of looking dark, even though bright colours have been used. It's quite interesting as many modern cartoons don't use colour theory or contrast appropriately anymore making a harder to see image.

very short animation that took two days XwX she's releasing a bird from her storage belt. That's it.

Nah I'm serious.

Done in Blender

No really, stop reading this description, I'm wasting your time.

Eugh, a waterfall that took days to nail in Blender Eevee. It's still a work in progress qwq for the thing I'm working on; can't divulge any further on that note X3

I found the best way to nail the appearance was to uv map a texture and animate it, and then make a particle system to replicate the little droplets of water outside of the white water (look at how the waterfall sort of sparkles) with force fields to direct the motion. Sadly there wasn't really another way to make the mist properly so it's going to be manually animated in 2D, because mist not only disperses out away from the waterfall, but it also partially gets sucked back in.

Please feel free to give feedback on pretty much anything about it X'D

Old abandoned animation test. This was done in Pencil 2D rather than Blender Grease Pencil, which is a downer because it can't be re-scaled or modified with ease. She goes a bit off-model in this in relation to proportions and height.

Still happy with the result though, 2D animation was definitely a steep learning curve.

old test from a few months back. I was learning the 12 principles of animation and wanted to practice squash and stretch with a much simpler character design.

Sally Acorn belongs to Sega of America
this test was done for education purposes only.

My character Sweet-tooth waving at you .w.

I wonder if it's hello or farewell qwq

This was done with Blender Grease Pencil, sorry about the throw away frames X'D they're to check the overall flow/movement of the animation. The purpose of this was originally to be compared to animation smears that use far less frames.


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