⁣Join Katie as she goes through what's coming down the road in terms ofthe 'mRNA' psuedo-vaccines, the globalist central bankers' attempt to 'reset" our entire world system and the information contained in Bill Gates' new video.

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The latest video from British patriot, Godfrey Bloom, which was immediately banned by the Youtube Stasi. Godfrey urges British Industry leaders to examine the independent information on his website in regards to the 'Covid-19' pandemic, rather than just believing and accepting the biased, one-sided information being provided by our corrupt government and he 'bought-and-paid-for' mainstream media.

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In this modern world many of our people literally worship their television sets, every piece of information they've ever received in life has come from that 'Orwellian idiot box' in their livingroom. The 'man on the telly' is their god and every list of instructions he gives them is treated like a sermon. Critical thinking, personal research, in order to find out what the truth actually is, has never been an option for them. It's a human tragedy on a worldwide scale.

The 'bought-and-paid-for' mainstream media, the mouthpiece of the globalist central bankers, now has these sheeple literally lining up to be injected with their deadly, 'mRNA' genetic modifiers.

Agenda 21 - The Great Reset, the central bankers' new communism for the 21st century, is truly under way.

The leaders of the terrorist group, 'Black Lives Matter', exposed by their own words and actions.

This short video destroys the myth that mass immigration into White European nations helps anyone, in fact, it proves, beyond all reasonable doubt, that the opposite is the case. Not only that, but we also learn that what's actually taking place is a planned attack on our European peoples and those responsible for it don't even hide the fact that they are heavily involved in our suffering.

Diversity is our destruction.

All politicians, regardless of whom they claim to represent, are owned and controlled by the globalist central bankers. Governments have never been in charge, they're all just actors on the world stage. Here's a basic run-down of who controls our world and how they get the power to do so.
1] The Rothschild central bankers own the majority of our central banks and the vast wealth generated from that business gives them the cash and power to also own and control our mainstream media. Every night, worldwide, when the people watch the mainstream news or their favourite television programmes they have no idea of the fact that what they're actually watching and listening to is Rothschild propaganda.
2] The same vast wealth means that all of our political parties are controlled by them too, with each prospective leader of each political party having to attend the annual Bilderberg meetings and spend 2 days there trying to impress the Rothschild representitves, in order to gain the leadership they crave. If successful, these political 'leaders' will then follow, to the letter, all of the Rothschild instructions sent to them via our corrupt civil service, in respects to Great Britain, which is the home of the Rothschild central bankers. We, the voters, only have the illusion of choice, it doesn't matter who we vote for, the Rothschild central bankers own and control them all.

If you're British and reading this and want to know how the Rothschilds gained such control over Great Britain in the first place, please watch this video by the late, great, American patriot Jack Otto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3Ovrhrf9BQ

If you're American, please research the 'Creature from Jekyll Island - A Lecture on the Federal Reserve - Dr Edward Griffin' and also the Federal Reserve Act of 1913: 'https://archive.org/details/TheCreatureFromJekyllIsland-ALectureOnTheFederalReserve-DrEd

The moral of this story? We take back control of our central banks and their sordid empire will collapse. This is the vital 'key' to unlocking our freedoms.

Agenda 21 is the communist manifesto for the 21st Century, created by the globalist central bankers. This video focusses on the 'Smart Cities' that are being created by them, in order to control and enslave the population of every country on Planet Earth.


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