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YouTube deleted this from my channel. “Hate speech”

A little tribute to Knight SGC. Go follow him!!


Rah, devil dogs

Something big is happening

Didn’t see that coming.. from a majority of the far lefties


The more we build bitchute as a community, the more power it has over CommieTube. Keep fighting for freedom on both platforms


all black clad? And the government is pushing hard at gun control? Just a coincidence

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An eyewitness from the El Paso Walmart
I heard there were 4 shooters? Anyone else read about that?


Liberals take down American flag and raise Mexican flag. Sounds about treason.
Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe0tBakbwaQ

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Knight SGC was terminated from CommieTube, twice, for 'hate speech'
Never Forget our History, No more Brother wars...
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The communists on social media platforms are bitches

Knight SGC reupload of his imperium video from Youtube before CommieTube took down his channel.

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Here for the purposes of freedom and the kekking lulz

I like husky dogs and not being a commie

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