On the first episode of "Failed 2 Miss" WOLFPAC takes it to the mat with WWF WrestleMania for the Nintendo Entertainment System! It is sure to be a no holds barred 8-bit battle royal with this 1989 classic video game, we just hope nobody bleeds all over the controllers! Who will win in this high-tech digital wrestling showdown the fates can only know but the one thing is for sure, its going to be entertaining!

You are watching Failed 2 Miss the let’s play video game series where people get hurt brought to you by none other than the band WOLFPAC! Watch as MC's Daddy Long Legs and Buddha compete against each other with some of most popular video games and game systems ever only to have their non-virtual avatars to receive the punishments of their losses à la Jackass style! Sure the game play and commentary is cool enough but the torture, I mean challenges at the end are well worth the watch! Chock full of violence, hot chicks and video games, what more do you need?

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