In memory of those that fought for a better world, yet still lost 77 years ago.

A bit late but worth it.

In this video I discus my thoughts on the right schism. Just how deep the Duginism infiltration of the dissent right is and what we need to do to counter it.

In this video I discuss Vladimir Stalin's... I mean Putin's, invasion of Ukraine, its motives as well as his anti-nazi agenda to puppet Ukraine and commit political genocide against ethno nationalists.


This video was not made by me. It is an old video I saw years ago when I recently became a national socialist. It is quite a powerful video and seeing it again gave me goosebumps. The state of the movement 2014-15ish was vastly different then now. Some of the guys I knew go even further back to the early two thousands.
Regardless of were you come from, the truth movement (I consider myself in this category), libertarianism, former MAGA people, Gamer gate, or any other camp or origin, what ever the circumstances that brought you to these conclusions we are all National Socialists. It is up to us to save our people, culture, way of life and our fatherlands from international Jewry and its army of useful idiot Marxists, cultural or economical and liberals. Our movement as we speck is reaching critical mass and nothing is going to stop the explosion and mobilization of our movement. The renaissance of the National Socialist movement is happening before our very eyes. Victory will be ours, and the blood shed by the millions of not just Axis soldiers, but the civilians that sufferer at the hands of the Jew led Allies, will be avenged. The world free of Jewry will be here. Don't let the world black pill you, it is always darkest before the dawn. Heil Hitler!

I uploaded the wrong version of the video. Apologies. The music should sound better. Stay toned to the channel !

A little video tribute dedicated to my father.
Never forget the dead, for we will all join them one day.

My thoughts on current events concerning Hagia Sofia, BLM and Nates.

In this video I give me thoughts on the spontaneous combustion of retardterianism and why John Shark should not be trusted for being a n*gger cock loving cuck bitch. I also talk about the important of unity and never giving an inch to the left. Here is the video I referenced https://www.bitchute.com/video/AtLUV58VWCrX/

Apologies for the delay. More videos on the George Flyod riots to come. Also an update on the Capital hill autonomous zone will be up in the next view days.

Hello friends! This is going to be my first channel update. These will be videos were I will be talking about the direction and state of my channel. Here I talk about what videos will be coming up, events I will be planning in my platforms, and some thoughts. I will be doing these monthly so that there is never a doubt as to what I am up to or a drought in content, like there was in March and April. As well if you have any ideas on what works on here, the music videos, the news coveradge or the times I just say my thoughts on a subject. etc etc. More to come.

Yet another German march collection. Yes my channel has many of those, but after all, it is with out exaggeration my all time favorite music genera of any other. I can tell you personally many stories of me travelling my car across my country and listening to these songs on my travels. I can even recall times were I felt depressed and these songs helped me change my mod. The amount of happiness and joy I felt and still feel when I listen to these songs is unlike anything in this world. Thus I become the holder of every single German war song, and every possible version I would gladly hold that title.
This time, here is a track that I made myself. I had the songs saved separately and decided to put them together in a nice package. This is my first video after my video on the Defenders of Berlin. Let the mod of rejuvenation, confidence and resurgence accompany these songs!
Here is the Music Quote
Muss I Denn
Mein Schlesierland
Das Wollen Wir Trinken
Panzer lied
Regiment Stras un Zin
Ursula Lied
Erika lied
Hundert Mann Befehl
Lili Marleen

75 years ago marked the end of the battle of Berlin. Although on the 2nd of May the garrison of the city surrendered, there were still pockets of resistance inside the city that refused to surrender. Some of them were of the SS, because they knew that if captured would be executed by the Soviets. The 7th is marked as Victory day in Russia and in the West as VE day, victory in Europe day. However, as national socialists we all know that was not a victory at all, not just for Germany but for even the victorious powers. For the current situation and circumstances that put the civilizations and everything we hold dearly in danger of extinction, completely contradicting the claims that this wars end would bring peace and justice, in fact it brought the oposite. The only victory in that day was the victory of Jewry.
That said, I decided to make this video and poem, in honor of these defenders, who thought bravely against the endless hordes of red army savages. Life is a reflection of what you feel and your interpretation of events. I do not see this day as a day we should be sad, or angry or even defeated for the fact they lost. Although sorrow and sadness is understandable, we should rejoice. We should commemorate the men, women and even children that fought to protect the capital of the Greater German Reich. We should celebrate that despite their physical defeat, their sacrifice was not in vain. The fact that we share the same ideas they died for, the fact that more and more people come to agree with us, the fact that more and more this victorious system crumbles under its own weight and lies, tells us who were the real victors of that battle. History will judge them as the most courageous and greatest manifestation of a peoples will to live. It is our duty, as National Socialists, to remember them. Honoring their sacrifice and using them as an example for us in our current state. No matter the darkness, no matter the hopelessness, no matter the suffering and misery, we must always fight on till victory or death. One day, this titanic struggle will end and, our ideals will sit as the foundations for the resurgence of the Western World, and the National Socialist Greater German Reich will be not just a model, but will be immortalized as the greatest manifestation of a peoples will to live.
Here is a poem I wanted to sing, but do to the difficulty of sinking the lyrics with the instrumental, I couldn't get it to work. One day thought, this poem will get its own official instrumental, and be song across the hole world, just like any other German song.

The Defenders of Berlin

Defenders of Berlin, the city of fidelity
Protectors of Germany nation, the country of loyalty
The German people, the people of creativity,
One of Europe's finest, the continent of nobility
In the West and East you were surrounded, the reds and greens enemies
After 6 years of struggle, They made the Reich rubble
Defenders of Berlin, the city of fidelity
Protectors of Germany, the country of loyalty

The old and young were together, Men and women held on
SS and Werhmacht shoulder to shoulder , Rifle and grenade fired on
The Capital, The Greater German Reich
Preferring death to surrender, the hours were dreadful
Your wifes and lovers there, they were ever faithful
Enveloped you were by darkness, the hordes of savages were endless
Yet your will to fight was restless, You fought harder regardless
Blood and steel was the taste, Fire and ashes in the waste
Shrapnel and powder in this place, Sweet and tears in your eyes and face
On the 2nd, hands were up, the red flag they hoist
Your heart broke and furry, do not cry but rejoice!

Do not weep for in the end you have won, preferring blood and Iron
The way of Germans, terrifying the cowards of Albion and Zion
Germany above all else, Your suffering will not be in vain
Your faith full heart is our example, not feeling pain
Your honor never lost, firm as a strong pine
Never leaving your post, like the guard of the Rhine
Our honor is our loyalty, non could go further
One People One Reich and One leader !
Do not weep for in the end you have won, preferring blood and Iron
The way of Germans, terrifying the cowards of Albion and Zion

Your sacrifice stands, sister cities called their men
Breslau, Hamburg, Dresden
Danzig, Posen, Konigsberg
Brunn, Pilsen and Strasburg
The violated mothers in the street, with deserted sisters
The murdered fathers, rooms full of tortured brothers
Yet you stood firm, you always were a hard hiter
Glory to the German people ! Hail Hitler !
May Germany resurge, as she always does!
May she claim her destiny, overcome your foes!

PS. I uploaded the wrong version by mistake, here is the correct version with no misspellings in the beginning

Filmed in 1992, Chekist is a film about a Chekist komizar named Comrade Srubov. He is the leader of his Cheka unit during the early stages of the Russian Civil war. As a chekist his role it to execute enemies of the Marxist revolution, which includes former whites, aristocrats or any one for any reason to be perceived as a counter revolutionary. The film depicts the crude and brutal actions of the cheka, executing countless people with out trial or procedure by shooting them in the back of the head. As the film goes on, Srudlov begins to loose his sanity, one of the his chekists even attempts to kill himself. This goes on till he snaps and faces the consequences of his actions.

An original song track that I made. To give some back ground. Before the You tube purges, there were many German songs on the internet. Wile I love most of them and listen to them, many had nothing to do with the National Socialist era. YouTube non the less loves to censor any German patriotic songs because of the anti German sentiment of its owners, and of the Jewish establishment. However in when you could find these songs or tracks, they were mostly from the Imperial era or were not political. There were songs but they were always individually available. So what I decided to do was a dedicated SS track. However as you will notice some songs are not necessary made by the SS but by the NSDAP. Despite the little discrepancy, here the wolfs lair proudly presents Die Waffen SS Potpourri!

Teufels lied 00:00 - 02:42
Am Adolf Hitler Platz 02:43 - 05:46
Marschlied der LSSAH 05:47 - 07:49
Hitler Leute 07:50 -10:58
Deutschland Erwache 10:59 - 14:20
Deutschland du Land der Treue 14:29 - 17:27
Die Braune Kompanie 17:28 - 19:44
DAF und RAD- Die Deutsche Arbeitsfront marschiert 19:45 - 23:29
Waffen SS Stromgovels 23:40 - 25: 43
Sieg Heil Viktoria 25:44 - 29:00
Kampflied der Nastional Sozialisten 29:01 - 30:39
Beim -Tsching der Assadum 30:40 - 33:18
Flieg Deutsche Fahne, Flieg 33:19 - 36:45
Lisa, Lisa 36:46 - 40:23
Banzai Hitler Jungen 40:24 - 43:11
SS Panzer Grenadier 43:12 - 46:21
Volk uns Gewehr! 46:27 - 49:13
Das Volk Steht Auf 9:19 - 50:33
Florian Geyer 50:34 - 54:35

During the Soviet advance into the Sudetenlands, Germans were targeted for expulsion if not extermination. Despite the mercy and leniency of the III Reich and the autonomy granted to the Reich protectorates of Bohemia and Morovia, the Czechs unleashed a wave of bestial and grizzly violence against the Sudeten Germans. What once was home to 3 million Germans would become the scene of one of the worst slaughters in history. Germans were expeled in the most brutish and horrific manner possible. Beatings, robing, torture, rape and murder were carried out in a spontaneous outburst of pure hatred. It is said that half a million Sudeten Germans died from this and the rest were forced to flee. What once was the heavily German Sudeten land changed forever, with only a view towns left today. The voice heard in the video is a Russian poem, written by Marina Ivanovna Tschastaeva

How many of them fell into this abyss,
Scatter away!
The day will come when I will disappear
From the surface of the earth.

Everything that sang and fought
Beamed and torn.
And the green of my eyes, and a gentle voice,
And gold hair.

And there will be life with her daily bread,
With the forgetfulness of the day.
And everything will be - as if under the sky
And there was me!

Changeable as children in every mine,
And so briefly angry
Loved the hour when the wood in the fireplace
Become ash.

The cello, and cavalcades in the thicket,
And the bell in the village ...
- Me, so alive and real
On gentle land!

To all of you - to me, who knew nothing in any way,
Aliens and yours?! -
I am demanding faith
And asking for love.

And day and night, both in writing and orally:
For truth yes and no
For being so often too sad
And only twenty years old

For me the direct inevitability -
Forgiveness of insults
For all my unbridled tenderness
And too proud look

For the speed of rapid events,
For the truth, for the game ...
- Listen! - Still love me
For the fact that I will die.

Less we forget

I apologize for the big delay. I made this audio in February, and it took me a view days to get the pictures and information into the video. However I will get back on schedule and keep to the content for the channel. Signed the wolfs lair.

To clarify the video was uploaded at my time at around 11 PM February 24th however bitchute has its own time stamp. Either way Heil Der National Sozialiste Bewegung ! Es Lebe Deutschland! und Heil Hitler !


Happy Valentines day! Rest in peace the people that died in Dresden 75 years ago.


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