The Laughing Latina gets the treatment. Slightly reduced quality.

Visit her store and download a clip:


Carried from the gym to a car.

All too brief but with replays.

Girl with long hair in a short, patterned dress gets the treatment. Decent unconscious carry from an Indonesian drama.

Barefoot girl in white. Fairly short but nice.

Poor lighting but tasteful.

A short, bound outdoor carry. This is the start of a porn video. The filth has been edited out.

From Instagram, with slow motion replay.

Lanie Love lifts another girl to music.

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A slow outdoor carry of a girl with long hair.

Tasteful, not too short, and nice action.

Two carries of the same limp damsel from this play, the second a firemans.

This begins with a slow, leisurely outdoor carry of a long-haired brunette in cut down jeans, then a similar indoor carry, a short carry by a masked man, an office carry with no sound, one woman then another, a short outdoor OTS of a girl in jeans, and another, extremely brief, incomplete office carry. All the girls are unconscious or drugged.

Petite fetish model Odette Delacroix gets the treatment from a masked man.

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No sound but a slow motion replay is included.

Dark but with a slow motion replay.

Over the horse then over the shoulder. From a TV series.

Very brief but with a slow motion replay.

An off-beat wrestling video. Ariel gets hammered and OTS carried several times, including fireman style.

A short carry of a protesting captive.

A slightly reduced quality clip from Evangeline von Winter and her team. Why not visit her site


and download a clip?

A great carry from the Queen of OTS. Reduced quality but why not visit her store


and download a clip?

Small woman carries a big one twice, over one shoulder then two.

A short carry of a vanquished opponent.

Unconscious and very brief.


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