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You think that you create things and it is true that you have a part, but all of your creations were really put together by an enormous crowd. Know this: the crowd has an intellect that very few are aware of, and even those who know this deep truth, barely comprehend it.

That great idea that you came up with, that song you wrote, that scientific paper that you labored to put together, your role in their creation was much smaller than you think. We are part of larger intellects and while we are individuals, we are also part of larger beings who are the true authors of the beauty and wonder in the world.

Someone needs to check their privilege.

Healthy societies reject gay marriage.

This not a religious argument. It is an argument based on evolutionary science.

It is happening right now; Aboriginal Australians are losing the race war and are going extinct.

Cheddar Man and all of his people died out, which makes them evolutionary failures.

The way that we view the races is going to change.

Over and over again in the history of the earth, nature has dictated that organisms will join together to make larger organisms.

Your body and your mind are full of different organisms.

Every cell in your body is composed of several organisms.

There are shapes and structures that appear over and over throughout time and space because they are inherent in the universe.

Which water molecule is the one that decides what the snow flake will look like?

Can organisms come together to make something larger?

Can a woman have children and also use her talents to their fullest?

There have been feminists in previous centuries and they died out. They will die out again.

If we want to discuss degeneracy, we must be able to agree what it means.

If we want to talk about degeneracy, we must be able to agree on what it is.

People want to believe that they think scientifically, but very few do.

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