The Corona Hoax and the Fear pandemic is a pretense for the upcoming Jew World Order.
Wake up now!

Do you live in a happy crypto currency land? If so, it is time to wake up! There's a side of crypto that no one talks about.

A compilation of #5G cell tower fires and protests. #WeDoNotConsent

Music: Muse - Uprising (cover)

It's almost impossible to comprehend, but the propaganda denying the ongoing geoengineering program, or chemtrails as we casually call it, is still being pushed. On one hand they try to defend their sinister plans to supposedly fight climate change, formerly known as "Global Warming", on the other they relentlessly deny and ridicule activists who speak out against it. They came up with many "scientific" terms for this slow genocide including geoengineering, stratospheric aerosol injection, cloud seeding, solar and weather modification, etc. Why are they doing this? What is their true goal? Think Georgia Guidestones. Think Tesla technology. Think Book of Revelation. 5G and AI will go hand in hand with geoengineering to help the Luciferian elite achieve their goal.

Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of England.
Or is she? Or is HE? Who is really wearing the British Crown?

Do you know what the actual word God means? Where did it come from?
There is a dark conspiracy behind the origins of word God.


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