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I discuss my old (2011/2013) Australia Wide EP. This clip is uploaded to this channel because it lends insight into what has been happening not only in Australia but in all traditionally Western European Nations otherwise known as, The West. While this Part B does begin to get to the guts of it, I've nevertheless edited out some sections because owing to my being so tired at the time, it wasn't as well presented as it might have been. Suffice it to say, there's plenty more I could say!

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Hopefully Jacob & Esau can resolve their differences and be The Win/Win Solution so sorely required. There would be a lot of work and jobs for construction and life industries if they can. I was getting hot and tired so I apologize for my dehydrated slurring. To clarify. At the beginning, I said, "Choose Life. Choose Light." The short of my position on "multiculturalism" is to endeavor to courteously repatriate all human fallout from Neocon wars and Neoliberal financial terrorism since the 9/11 False Flags that were deliberately orchestrated to implement, The War On Terror. This will of course only occur when the ZMOG's choke points have been attended to by (true) National patriots. This post gives the gist of my thoughts on how that might occur. Hopefully Google's Blogger won't remove my hot potatoes if they win too much interest. Nevertheless, feel welcome to leave your feedback in the comments.

The (true) role of The System is to serve not subjugate The Kingdom

White Race in the title refers to, Ancestrally Native White Western European Peoples & Nations Thereof ... and what's worse than The Enemy? Traitors in The Ranks!

In my view, the vast majority of Marxist Lumpen-Proletariat are well meaning souls who aren't the sharpest tools in the shed and have been systemically and systematically indoctrinated with Altruism and Communist propaganda. In large part, they represent the generic Jewified #GoyTard (so to speak) of The New (pseudo) Left. They're corralled, Jew duped, Goyim.

I have no desire they should wind up as "lost souls" or in other words, collateral damage and that's WHY I'm vociferous about their need to get on the right side of history. I don't want to see moral-ethical, White people or any well meaning Humans for that matter, be Cannon Fodder buffering an ignoble (enemy) usurper that refuses to respect truth and practices egregious censorship (see footnote).

As a Snake sheds its' skin so too does The Line shed its' dross ... albeit also (unfortunately) in the context of Enemy Occupied Governments or a real external enemy, its' best ... in order to continue to live and evolve and protect itself. Its' (true) worth.

While he may be a marionette/puppet of his Corporate masters who are his Communist controlled opposition Zio-Marxist marionettists/puppeteers, it may nevertheless be worthwhile to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt, in at the least some respects, by employing a discriminating discernment. For instance, he did once (re)iterate the words, "Try to see The Glass Half-Full rather than Half-Empty."

This, in my opinion, is sound advice and in that spirit I view the function of The Jew as illuminating or exposing those Pseudo Leaders who serve the Filthy Lucre or are mired in their Status Quo at the expense of doing their duty which is of course to Serve THEIR KING or in other words, their racial and spiritual lineage. Their people. Their nation.

From this "Glass Half Full" point-of-view, The (Esau-Edom-Canaanite) Jew inadvertently serves to hone The Spiritual Mettle of The Royal (Jacob Israel) Line. Some are also skilled at Jewie music production (a personal interest) and have a real knack in the marketplace of their Supremacists' #NeoHegeMonopolistic NWO economy and this doesn't have to be a bad thing for them. I guess, it comes down to whom exactly the shrewd, discriminating Jew chooses to serve. I wish them luck making the correct decision(s).
Footnote: Censorship. My YouTube comment was removed today 07/09/2019 from under my own YouTube video that had received only 27 views and zero thumbs up. My comment (posted under a different YT account name) well outlined an analogy whereby The ignoble Sheriff of Nottingham (see this video's image) represents The Lords of The Lie who having (erroneously) been given administration of The Kingdom visit Systemic Tyranny incl. onerous Taxation on The People of The Kingdom. Robin Hood represents a White Knight of Noble character who champions the plight of The People and also anticipates or foretells The Return of The King to The Kingdom [ ]

It is now however, no longer, Medieval England. The need for a Magna Carta to put The despicable Lords in their proper place is more than obvious yet perhaps too belated. Perhaps it is end days. This being the case, it may well be that we are awaiting not only The Return of The proverbial King but The Return of The King of Kings, the latter, whom, as per The Covenant, are in truth, The (noble) Kings of The Earth ... not The Lying-Thieving-Murdering (ignoble) Lords of The Orwellian Communist NWO.

As I've said before, iF these Anti-Truth, Anti-Justice, Anti-Peace usurpers hope to Win, the only way it is going to happen is a well negotiated Win/Win with a view, on the part of The Kingdom, to mitigating further collateral damage. It is also, of course, in The Kingdom's interests to salvage what good The System has to offer from the (parasitical) rest and this is reason enough to not w̶a̶n̶t̶o̶n̶l̶y̶ too hastily, scuttle that $hip.

Yet this very morning, their censorial idiocy (being in this instance YouTube Admin), their hubris, indicates they're not at all interested in practicing even a modicum of humility. Yes they prefer to be utterly despicable and may consequently be humiliated or even destroyed. Why? 'Cause they really do seem to believe their Orwellian Communist NWO is, our Solution.

No. Their Orwellian Communist NWO is Not Our Solution. It is Their Solution to US ... 'cause they clearly don't want the opportunity to be Saved but prefer to be Buried for Eternity with Their Father The Devil.

It is what it is and it will be what it will be. Yet, out of my Respect for omnipotent Truth, may Peace nevertheless endeavor to Be With Me & Also With Your Topple Top!

The Kingdom has been subjugated by The Zio-Marxism System that is supposed to SERVE it (see full image posted in the comments). Capitalism in post-WW2, Henry Ford and JFK #ZMOG (Zio-Marxist Occupied Government) regulated economies is manifestly Corporate and consequently, Communist. Capitalism is also the contra-dialectic of Marxism whereby both White Capitalists and White Marxists are not only divided against each other in The Zio-Marxist System they both serve to perpetuate but are mutually opposed to National Socialism and consequently their own existential (racial and spiritual) interests.

I was getting tired in this broadcast so I forgot to mention, The Aryan Ideal is not only about "Service" and "Self-Sacrifice". It is also about, "Self-Preservation". How selfish! ~ Altruism is a false parasitical parallel of Service to The Aryan Ideal. Altruism serves The Divide & Steal of ZMOG's (Zio-Marxist Occupied Governments) whereby The Communist System subjugates The HUman Kingdom it is supposed to serve. This is in large part why The Aryan Ideal of National "Public Banking" Socialism rather than Capitalism or Marxism is the antidote to Private Central Banking debt economies and The Orwellian Communist NWO.

Capitalism in post-WW2, Henry Ford and JFK #ZMOG (Zio-Marxist Occupied Government) regulated economies is manifestly Corporate and consequently, Communist. Capitalism is also the contra-dialectic of Marxism whereby both White Capitalists and White Marxists are not only divided against each other in The Zio-Marxist System they both serve to perpetuate but are mutually opposed to National Socialism and consequently their own (racial and spiritual) existential interests.

... or we did (have nations) and some of us would like them back 'cause intelligent people are sensible and logical not stupid.

Love, in the modern Neoliberal corporate world has been reduced to a BS self-deceptive emotion in order to compromise the 45° Right Angle Destroyer Axis and thereby weaken the Human Spiritual Resolve required to successfully resist The Orwellian Communist NWO.

The 45° Left Angle "Love" Axis requires the integrity of the 45° Right Angle "Destroyer" Axis in order for True/Supreme Love Energy to manifest. Without this particular Destroyer (type) also referred to as "The Protector", the human spirit including the higher order spiritual intelligence required to withstand and combat injustice is weakened.

The consequence of this is rather than being enlightened by more noble characters, the general population is cowled, confused, divided and stupefied to be, corralled (i.e. like cattle), controlled, manipulated, exploited (host deficits leveraged) and lorded over by ignoble, Neo-Feudal, liars, thieves and murderers. I say, "No! Not on my #9 mortal time!"

IF you're subscribed you should be able to access this playlist which is relevant to what I'm alluding to here.

Of course, those, who, against their own existential interests, either directly or unwittingly facilitate The Orwellian Communist NWO, may well spin it as though I'm the crazy one because they're either Esau-Edom-Canaanite Communists or they're Whites or other Goyim who just aren't as clever as they think they are and failed to respect and thereby come to understand my work.

You can read my blog posts, lucid social media commentary and preview & buy my (2011/13) #AustraliaWideEP here:

On that note. Both agonist and antagonist marketeers who milk the jewie consensus narrative for all its worth while ignoring The Solution for their Status Quo together with those ever-so-sophisticated music buffs and critics/songsters who choose to ridicule my admittedly rather ordinary Cow's Boy's #AustraliaWideEP ... an Ideal Gift for the contemporary Australian 9 - 12 y/o boy or even 13+ y/o boy, pretty tomboy (girl) or insightful and unpretentious adult ... might also take a moment to consider how many adolescents, particularly young Australian or White Western Males' lives they have saved, for instance, from, suicide.

But hey don't allow the truth to inhibit you in any way from peddling more of that Trans-Gender, Gangsta & Syrupy-Meaningless-Farm-Boy-Guff 'cause, after all, it must be so Fun & Cool to Cleverly & Self-Righteously kill Jacob while being a condescending, politically correct, pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-leader. Or indeed an Anti-PC marketeer for the "only" other slice of the #NeoHegeMonopolistic market (they-do-not) share and utterly marginalizing a panacea.

The short of what I'm saying is things don't have to digress into full scale revolution whereby the proverbial "Yamata-no-Orochi" is Fully decapitated iF The Red perceives the merits of reintroducing The White (or at least the golden) & The Blue back into The Flag!

*** For further explanation, refer to my comment with GiF in the comments section below. ***

📌 When I say BiTCH I'm not only referring to a Female. I'm referring to any person, Male or LGBTQ+ or WHATEVER who serves The Neoliberal [666-DevilBeast-VirtualHost-Parasite] Capitalist/Marxist, Corporate, Canaanite, COMMUNIST System at the expense of their Duty to The Kingdom. In other words, those Pseudo Leaders in The Communist System who for the Filthy Lucre & their Status Quo neglect or undermine The Royal Line do so at their own peril.

Did you know it costs the Tax Payer more to house a prisoner for one day than it does to stay in a flash Five Star Hotel? Yes it's true. Thanks to the costs of security and the Corporate bottom line of the privatized Prison Industrial Complex. So then. What can happen is this. Political Jews from all sectors, both Left & Right can volunteer for the Opportunity to be sent to a Jewie Concentration Camp, where, rather than trying to control and manipulate everyone against themselves, they can instead focus (i.e. concentrate) on doing what they'd prefer to do ... the likes of Ben Shapiro or Lauren Southern or Faith Goldy and also their Jewie Satellite opponents on the so-called Left can concentrate on trying to write The Next Great American novel.

Other Jews will probably steal their shit for their own movie or TV script while others may prefer to just act that shit out. Suffice it to say, by the time they're out of the way long enough to allow The West's socio-political-economic situations to have resolved themselves, they should be in a position to put on a pretty good show for the approval of their Host Population audiences and maybe even as a Jewie Troupe take their respective carnie acts on the road ... or at the least apply for the Tourist Visas required to leave the security of their Jewie 5 Star Island ... or is it only one five pointed star ... Concentration Camp(s)?

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)))World Citizen National Socialists((( ~ #WCNS ~ C'est La Vie!

Attention: "WHITE RIGHT".

It's impossible in a short broadcast for me to cover the full spectrum of issues or my position on them. The short of my position on "Multiculturalism" is to endeavor to courteously repatriate all human fallout from Neocon wars and Neoliberal financial terrorism since the 9/11 False Flags that were deliberately orchestrated to implement, The War On Terror. This will of course only occur when the ZMOG's choke points have been attended to by (true) National patriots.

This below linked post gives the gist of my thoughts on how that might occur. Hopefully Google's Blogger won't remove my hot potatoes if they win too much interest. Nevertheless, feel welcome to leave your feedback in the comments. READ.


Anti-Racism is part of the Neocon Trotskyite (i.e. Communist) 'Racist' dialectic. Know Thyself & Reclaim The Kingdom whereby THE Neoliberal [666-DevilBeast-VirtualHost-Parasite] Capitalist/Marxist Corporate (soulless entity) SYSTEM "serves" not subjugates THE [HUman] KINGDOM. Socialism isn't Marxism or Big Gov for Special Commercial Interests (crony) Capitalism. Marxism and Capitalism are both owned by the Communist dialectic. Socialism, contrary to the Communist propaganda is the "antidote" to Capitalist/Marxist, Communism. True Socialism is both National and Racial ... not racist ... racial.

Tommy says if he could rephrase his final words he'd say, " ... that's the semantics I'm using in the context of a SOCIOLOGICAL APPLICATION of a host-parasite symbiosis ... "

This re-blog replete with intro comment is relevant to this subject ☞

The Australian Government should (have long ago) pass(ed) legislation to freeze interest on the Mortgage or Equity Loan of any Australian National/Citizen who is not gainfully employed and risks losing their asset (loan collateral) to The Fractional Reserve Banking System. Legislation should also be passed enabling any National/Citizen undergoing "economic hardship" to access their Superannuation ... not only in part so they continue to make interest repayments ... but in Full so they can pay out the principle of their loan in order to save their home and prior to their Superannuation being "accidentally lost" in the next "unforeseen" economic crisis.

These are two fundamental areas of legislation that would serve to benefit the fabric of The Society whereby no Australian is made Homeless and consequently a greater burden on the public purse while The Bank owns an ever increasing number of vacant homes to fall into disrepair or be liquidated to Capital or in other words, the Real Estate portfolios of dubiously connected pariahs!

This post is a simple breakdown where I explain the difference between (true) Socialism and Communism.


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The Jewie Red Rooster's Ginger, POTUS, TRUMP, is the Anesthesia and extrinsic Aesthetic for The (White) Right in much the same way as The Parasite's previous Anesthesia/Aesthetic, President Obama, who incarcerated more Whistle Blowers than all previous US Presidents combined, was, for so-called, Liberals and the New Globalist Left.

IF Americans Fail to see that both The Left Wing & The Right Wing of the ZOG or rather ZMOG Bird, employs the Imperial Divide & Rule principle c/- Controlled Oppositions & Countervailing Aesthetics to corral The People into the false L/R political paradigms, then Americans will continue to be owned by #ZioMarxism ~ The Crony-Capitalist-Crypto-Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate Supremacy. The Occult-Kabbalah Plutocracy. The Neoliberal Capitalist/Marxist Corp. [666-DevilBeast-VirtualHost-Parasite] Canaanite System. The Orwellian Communist NWO.

THEY want the Guns because #FreeSpeech = Freedom From Tyranny. The 2nd Amendment exists to protect The 1st Amendment because Anyone who is so "Politically Correct" to attempt to shut down Free Speech, particularly when they've received such Great Mileage from it for themselves, is the enemy of everything America is supposed to stand for. Independence. Freedom from Tyranny. Truth. Justice. Peace.

The Solution to restoring these things resides in resolving The Jewish Problem. In order to resolve it, you must of course, understand what The Jewish Problem is. In order to even begin to do this you must first be allowed to acknowledge the truth of the matter that a Jewish problem does indeed exist and then be allowed to discuss it. It may be worth mentioning in this context that the US Constitution has been replaced by the legalese of a Corporation except of course in the hearts and minds of the patriot population.

NAZI is a Zionist propaganda invective quite possibly derived from the word Ashkenazi. The term was used in WW2 in order to demonize, in the minds of The People fighting for The A1lies, Hitler and the notion of authentic National Socialism. Yes we were duped. The ZMOG's ... Zio-Marxist Occupied Governments ... of our subverted Western European nations duped us in WW2 just as our contemporary ZMOG's are swindling us now ☞

Zionist (IsraelFirst) Nationalism attempts to replace the Self-Determination of authentic Nationalism in all post-WW2 ZMOG subverted Western nations. Just as the generic Jewified #GoyTard on the New pseudo (((Left))) is corralled Goyim/Cattle into the swindle of Neoliberal Political Correctness and Identity Politics, the generic Jewified GoyTard on the so-called (((Right))) is corralled into Zionist Nationalism. Why? 'cause the Jewified GoyTard hasn't yet learned to discern the difference between TRUE patriotic Nationalism and FAKE Nationalism ☞

NAZI is a covertly Zionist owned Controlled Opposition to subvert and corral potential National Socialists who are Anti-Marxist Socialism and/or Anti-Capitalism both of which are Jewish Communist contra dialectics. It is a False Parasitical Parallel devised by #TheSophisticatedParasite to parallel, divert and undermine the notion of authentic National Socialism in the popular culture.

NAZI is NWO = Pro-Israel (place/not Jacob). NAZI is Corporatism and Zionist Red Shield Central Banking. Yes, it is paradoxically, Communist. NAZI does not represent or benefit the interests of The Host society. Authentic National Socialism is Public Banking.

In my view, The Solution for the Self-Determination of all people is to be an, authentic "World Citizen National Socialist". How else do you expect to not be owned by The Orwellian Communist NWO or in other words, Controlled Opposition Jewish Politics?

This is also the best choice for the honest, host nation loving and "Hu" respecting Jew because it means these Jews have the opportunity to live as equals (i.e. as per systemic opportunity) with their fellow humans rather than having to be either, top-dog or sacrificial fodder to be thrown under the proverbial bus for the benefit of Jewish Tribal Supremacists and those Goyim supremacists with whom they collude/own.

Supremacists do not champion their respective tribes or ethnicity or ideology. This is a misconception. Supremacists collude with other Supremacists in The System. The Communist Jew is top of the Supremacist totem pole and owns The System incl. The Pope, Vatican & Freemasons who created Islam as a Controlled Opposition to Catholicism & Judea-Christianity.

The Parasite divides "We The People" among each other c/- Marxist Vs. Capitalist OR Christian Vs. Muslim OR Globalist Left Vs. Nationalist Right etc. replete with cannon fodder Jews & Goyim for aesthetics and diversion in order to Rule the outcome. They employ P-R-S (problem-reaction-solution) stratagems and many other tactics incl. Socially Engineered Racism, the Antisemitism canard, disingenuous Altruism, ad nauseam.