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The Link to the book to which I refer is on this channel's ABOUT page.

Having won so little traffic over the past 9 years to my Youtube channel's video content, I'm considering alternative approaches. Perhaps I may win some interest in my lucid social media commentary and content creation if I position myself as an antagonist to The Jimmy Dore Show ??

You can watch (Part 1) by clicking on the YouTube icon at and navigating to my playlist titled, 'Freelance Services'.

Co-Exist. The stronger and more united The Kingdom the less out of control The System is able to be because it's forced to respect the Human (spirit man). TRY to not ONLY be Corporate, closed shop & Anti-Christ #NeoHegeMonopolistic NWO marketplace economies but ALSO be a Creative Independent Thinker who puts TRUTH 1st (front and center) and who supports your fellow creators (creatives), independent producers and similar.

This book which is no longer an Amazon 'Affiliate' Link because I didn't get the requisite 3 sales to keep my affiliate link active (i.e. so I won't get paid a commission if you do purchase) EXPLAINS HOW to do that. So my FREE advice is READ it. ~ IF you do an internet search you may also find it available as a FREE downloadable PDF.

I encourage you to check out my #ArtistsForTruth @MusicDeadly Twitter A/C and my "Some HoT Potatoes" blog posts via the icons at the top of the Home & About pages of this channel. You may also be interested to WATCH my "Unlisted" Videos in my "Tommy True" YouTube channel's playlists such as, "Walks & Talks" and "The Tommy True Show". Simply do a YT search.

Yes. I continued talking for another 10 minutes as I drove into town to lodge my incident report only to discover the Video Camera on my piece of shit mobile phone (I doubt is smart enough to be tracked which is Why I have it) had Cut Out when it does. Oh well. Anyway, Put iT Together Sheeple !!! First Watch this Short Clip and then Watch my video on this channel titled "My 5 minute Question to ABC's #QandA" and then Ask yourself WHY no one has given that video (which has so few views) a Thumbs Up? WHY NOT?!

Is it because "Have Nots" think, " ... Screw this guy! Take a look at his European Cooker & Granite Kitchen Bench-Top & Awesome Living Space! I mean WTF !!! He's doing a whole lot better than I am. I'm not going to support his work and thereby help elevate his Yuppie White Privileged Ass any further than it already is. What About Me?!!!" ...


Is it because "Haves" think, " ... Screw this guy! I'm doing OK. I like the Status-Quo. We should all try to keep it AS IS or Much Worse 'cause I also want a Great European Cooker & Granite Kitchen Bench-Top & Awesome Living Space ... or at the least not risk losing my even better ones and all my other fancy toys, plastic trackers and cash to splash !!! "

THINK about all this a while and then Dig Deep by Bothering to re-evaluate the Merits of taking the Time and making the Effort to try to Acquire the discriminating Intelligence required to discern Truth from Sophistry. You may then begin to comprehend not only the nature of Zio-Marxism and The Beast System but also exhibit the Courtesy to bother to listen to and possibly even come to appreciate the Final Song on my TOMMY TRUE "AUSTRALIA WIDE" EP that you can listen to FREE on Spotify or Preview & Purchase here:

Yes. There's plenty of ways you can learn more about "The Communist Beast $ystem" in order to try to Survive it or even be quite $uccessful in it. My best advice to Self-Respecting Humans is cut to the chase. Get with "The Program" ~ READ the book I've linked to on this channel's ABOUT page 'cause there's little point to having The Big Guns iF you've got no Ammo. Good Luck & Happy Travels (:

BTW. For anyone who may be interested I may upload a Pic of my Ford Ute which I refer to as "The Thin Grey Line" (and which is also my only vehicle) so keep an eye out in the comments section.

N.B. This Video's Cover is taken from a (1:35:20 hour) video interview Jimmy Dore did with Chris Hedges on 26/04/2020. It was a good interview. I gave the video a Thumbs Up and I wrote the following comment on my shares of the video: "IF Chris Hedges simply changed his words "people of color" to "people of all colors" (i.e. including White) and his label "White Supremacy" to "World Communism" almost everything he says would be true." ... 'cause I'm yet to receive the $5 Trillion but, hey, if I do I may accept he's correct about that too.

Part 1 is uploaded to my YouTube channel as 3 short clips plus this 4th clip I've titled here as Part 2. IF you want to see the other 3 clips simply figure out how to get to my YouTube channel.

I just sent a video question to the #QandA show on ABC Australia. Unfortunately they only accept questions of approx 30 seconds so I wasn't able to better explain or qualify my question. You can READ the below text I submitted with the video.

<--- Start of text submission --->
Forward Note. This clip cuts to the chase because 30 seconds is clearly too short for me to include the prior footage that would help to better explain and qualify my question.

Transcript. " ... okay, so, that's the role of The System. To serve not subjugate The Kingdom. Now, I don't want to answer my own question okay, so, I'm going to leave it to The Panel to answer the question for us all. What do they think is going to happen when a Subverted Nation thwarts the creative endeavors of someone who represents The Kingdom? Namely, a White Knight such as myself ?"

After Note. Q&A's Panel is welcome to request the video footage (approx 6 minutes) of my aforementioned prior explanation that better qualifies my question. The show is also welcome to listen to and promote the 2020 release of my Tommy True (2011) Australia Wide EP.

<--- End of text submission --->

Simply do a search and you can listen to my EP on Spotify FREE or Preview & Purchase songs here.

You can view some of the prior video footage of my explanation that helps to better qualify my question by requesting the (private) link from the contact page at my Artist Blog. Simply navigate to my YouTube channel via the YT icon at the above website link and click on the link to my artist blog.

Please READ the ABOUT page of this channel. It explains WHY I've chosen to UNPUBLISH my 16 previously uploaded videos.

This video has been censored on some platforms but I figured it was worth copying and uploading for the benefit of my audience.

Respect to James Lancia for this MUST WATCH & SHARE (2018) video. This retired NYC cop was one of the first Youtube channels to be regularly censored and eventually shut down. You can support his efforts by purchasing his book "Downtown White Police"

This fellow is clearly a true officer. A White Knight. Corporate Cops need to put Truth nothing else First and arrest ZMOG (Zio-Marxist Occupied Gov) choke points. Not harass citizens. Thanks to "aplanetruth 4u" channel on Youtube for making this video available.

Respect to PQ #KillerCulture for making this video available on Youtube in October 2018 yet this MUST WATCH & SHARE still has less than 700 Youtube views. How is it possible?! Will it do better here on Bitchute ??

I discuss my (2011) Australia Wide EP. This clip is uploaded to this channel because it lends insight into what has been happening not only in Australia but in all traditionally White Western European Nations otherwise known as, The West. You can Preview & Purchase my Australia Wide EP here:

Sugar Loaded Content ---> may cause ADD (attention deficit disorder) and induce an addictive consumer predisposition ---> Big Pharma medicated (spiritually and intellectually contained / controlled). This is particularly pernicious and pertinent to sensitive high intelligence(s) and Native/Aboriginal populations.

A good entree for any age to more sophisticated artistic and intellectual content are my yet to be produced Video Song Demos [ ].

Thanks for your interest.

Anti-Racism is part of the Neocon Trotskyite (i.e. Communist) 'Racist' dialectic. Know Thyself & Reclaim The Kingdom whereby THE Neoliberal [666-DevilBeast-VirtualHost-Parasite] Capitalist/Marxist Corporate (soulless entity) SYSTEM "serves" not subjugates THE [HUman] KINGDOM. Socialism isn't Marxism or Big Gov for Special Commercial Interests (crony) Capitalism. Marxism and Capitalism are both owned by the Communist dialectic. Socialism, contrary to the Communist propaganda is the "antidote" to Capitalist/Marxist, Communism. True Socialism is both National and Racial ... not racist ... racial.

Tommy says if he could rephrase his final words he'd say, " ... that's the semantics I'm using in the context of a SOCIOLOGICAL APPLICATION of a host-parasite symbiosis ... "

This re-blog replete with intro comment is relevant to this subject ☞

The Australian Government should have long ago passed legislation to freeze interest on the Mortgage or Equity Loan of any Australian National who is not gainfully employed and risks losing their asset (loan collateral) to The Fractional Reserve Banking System. Legislation should also be passed enabling any National undergoing "Economic Hardship" to access their Superannuation ... not only in part so they continue to make interest repayments ... but in Full so they can pay out the principle of their loan (or as much as possible) in order to save their home and prior to their Superannuation being "Accidentally Lost" in the next "Unforeseen" economic crisis.

These are two fundamental areas of legislation that would serve to benefit the fabric of The Society whereby no Australian homeowner is made Homeless and consequently a greater burden on the public purse while The Bank owns an ever increasing number of vacant homes to fall into disrepair or be liquidated to Capital or in other words, the Real Estate portfolios of dubiously connected pariahs.

Perhaps this video may help to catalyze some sort of organized response whereby Australians choose to unite and pool resources in our "Common" interests as opposed to the <1%'s Central Banking "Communist" interests.

Perhaps home foreclosures may even be great locations around which "The Kingdom" can physically rally and take an effective stand against "The $ystem" that must learn to serve not subjugate We The People of The Society & The Nation.

Thanks for your interest.

This post is a simple breakdown where I explain the difference between (true) Socialism and Communism.


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I've chosen to UNPUBLISH most of my previously uploaded videos (approx 16-20 short clips). I may republish some of those videos in future but if they're being so misunderstood or misrepresented as to require a surprise visit from my state's Security Investigation Group or in other words, Western Australia's Anti-Terrorism Police, I'll make the effort to try to better position my message of truth, justice and peace. After all, I have no vested interest in being a part of any divisive problem. On the contrary. I'm only interested in viable or at the least tenable solutions. As I explained in one of my old videos I'm not here to be a martyr for a lost cause. On the contrary. I'm here to be utterly victorious ✌️

I wish my subscribers well and I'll upload new content I feel is relevant or better positions my message. In the meantime I encourage you to check out the below linked book which is no longer an Amazon 'Affiliate' Link because I didn't get the requisite 3 sales to keep my affiliate link active (i.e. so I won't get paid a commission if you do purchase). If you're a sincere truth seeker, I highly recommend you read it. ~ IF you do an internet search you may also find it available as a FREE downloadable PDF.

I also encourage you to check out my #ArtistsForTruth @MusicDeadly Twitter A/C and my "Some HoT Potatoes" blog posts via the icons at the top of this page. You may also be interested to watch my "Unlisted" videos in my "Tommy True" YouTube channel's playlists such as, "A Walk & Talk" and "The Tommy True Show". Simply do a YT search.

All The Best.