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Learn all about fasting with Christof Plothe, DO. As millions of people begin fasting around the world, let’s explore what the science says about this practice and the different ways to do it. Animals and children refuse to eat when getting sick. What are the hidden secrets of fasting that science is just discovering with the insights on autophagy.

Christof is an osteopath and author as well as a member of the World Council for Health Steering Committee. He works in the field of integrative medicine, combining naturopathy, environmental medicine, and holistic dentistry with conventional medicine.

Dr Tess Lawrie sits down with Dr Andreas Kalcker, a pioneer in alternative health solutions. Together, they explore the potential and controversies surrounding Chlorine Dioxide. Dr Kalcker shares his insights on Chlorine Dioxide, a compound that's been the center of heated debates in the realms of health and sanitation.

With Dr Lawrie's critical eye and Dr Kalcker's extensive research, this interview promises to shed light on the science, the myths, and the real-world applications of this controversial solution.

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We live on a poisoned planet. Whether it’s fluoride in the water, chemtrail agents in the air, parabens in cosmetics, or pesticides sprayed on our vegetables, it’s a challenge to avoid toxins these days. That’s why the Better Way Today session on 12 February 2024 with the World Council for Health’s resident health coach Linda Rae is a must-watch!

Discover this delicious green juice recipe featuring apple, spinach, lemon, ginger, and cucumber. It's naturally sweet and packed with iron, vitamin C, and vital minerals!
Learn more about how to detox with Linda Rae:

Join us as we learn all about detoxification with our resident health coach, Linda Rae. Linda shares her knowledge on detoxing – what it is, why it matters, and how to do it right. So sit down, grab a pencil and paper, and get ready to detox!

We live on a poisoned planet. Whether it’s fluoride in the water, chemtrail agents in the air, parabens in cosmetics, or pesticides sprayed on our vegetables - it’s a challenge to avoid toxins these days.

Linda's presentation identifies sources of toxic substances to be aware of, the body’s organ systems they affect, symptoms to look out for, and actions we can take to reduce exposure to toxins and get rid of them from our bodies. From nutritious, protective food choices to homemade deodorants, skin brushing, and castor oil packs, there is a lot we can do.

Tune in for the latest Better News with Christof Plothe, DO and Emma Sron, World Council for Health announcements, and to see where WCH has been out and about in the last week!

On 5 February 2024 the Better Way Today audience was introduced to three World Council for Health (WCH) Coalition Partners. Zoe Strickland spoke with Chris Patton about the Midwest Elderberry Cooperative (MEC), an organization formed to assist small organic/natural farmers in elderberry production and processing in midwestern states in the United States. MEC has now grown to include farmers from coast to coast working to grow and promote the amazing little berry.

Tune in to learn more about the elderberry, how it acts as a catalyst for better agriculture across many different farm profiles, and some if its incredible health benefits!

Hosts Christof Plothe, DO and Emma Sron learn more about World Council for Health Coalition Partner Safe Blood with our guest Dr Clinton Ohlers.
Learn more about Safe Blood at (US) or (UK). View the videos presented by Dr Ohlers during the show here:

In preparation for the Westminster Hall debate titled "Trends in Excess Deaths" led by Andrew Bridgen on 16 January in the UK, our Better Way Today host Linda Rae brought us a brief episode featuring the latest news concerning excess deaths in Asia with Dr Atapol.

Dr Atapol is a member of the WCH Thailand steering committee, practicing as a medical doctor and psychiatrist, and serving as a lecturer at Chulalongkorn University. Dr Atapol specializes in psycho-pharmacology and psychiatric genetics and actively contributes to medical innovations, focusing on developing treatments for various diseases.

Couples and relationship counselor Nick Haynes joined Better Way Today from the United Kingdom to share with us what he perceives to be the biggest elephant in the room right now—our biological need for emotional and relational connection.

Nick proposes that a benign, loving, and thriving future depends on us learning how to communicate verbally and share our vulnerable emotions and relational needs.

Humans are born with the need to form a close emotional bond with a caregiver, and this need for close emotional connections continues from cradle to grave. Biologically, humans are social mammals who benefit from a sense of belonging. At the same time, we are also individuals who enjoy independence and autonomy. We thrive in a state of interdependence, enjoying our individuality and having access to other human beings we feel close to.

In this Better Way Today segment, Nick illustrates the qualities and opportunities of deep vulnerability.

Watch the rest of this episode:

Conflict resolution expert Jane Gunn, also known as the ‘Barefoot Mediator’, joined Better Way Today from the United Kingdom to offer us practical solutions and strategies to navigate our unique journeys through life.

Jane believes that the fields of conflict resolution and mediation offer the skills, tools, and mindset needed to help us prioritize solutions over fear so that we can overcome and resolve challenges in positive ways.

We have three choices in how we behave:

- We can do what feels good to us,
- We can do something that looks good to others, and which satisfies our ego,
- But we should really be doing what is good – and this is what develops our self-respect.

Watch the rest of Better Way Today:

Full statement:

To all the people of Japan who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami, the World Council for Health and our international colleagues extend our heartfelt condolences.

We are grateful to the physicians from World Council for Health Japan who are helping those affected by providing emergency medical care, as well as keeping us updated about the situation on the ground.

The World Council for Health team and WCH Country Councils around the world hold the people of Japan in our thoughts and continue to pray for the safe and swift recovery of all those who are affected by this disaster.

A historic debate on the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations took place in the UK parliament this week, attended by a handful of mostly very thoughtful UK MPs and throngs of concerned men and women.

This important debate was made possible by a petition initiated by WCH co-founder Dr Tess Lawrie and the more than 116,000 concerned UK citizens who signed it. Thank you to everyone who signed and shared this petition and to those who joined us on Monday in London and to those around the world who watched online.

Guided by the principles of the Better Way Charter, the World Council for Health is here to help all people seeking to navigate through the wake of incompetence and corruption to calm waters. There’s a better way and we at the World Council for Health are with you all the way!

Monday's debate was a culmination of several months of work—a multi-disciplinary team effort that drew expertise from our policy and legal department, social media and graphics teams, administrative team, and teams on the ground in communities.

A big thank you to everyone who made this possible. Please help us to continue essential work just like this on the frontline of a Better Way by making a donation today:

Francesca Havens & Rev Dr Wai-Ching Lee share the latest developments with WCH Country Councils, including a special update from Japan's Dr Atsuo Yanagisawa!

Read our statement on the first 10 WCH Country Councils:

Watch the rest of Better Way Live episode #115:

Shawn Buckley presents the long anticipated National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) report on the Canadian government’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis.

Download the report:

Watch the rest of Better Way Live episode #115:

Christof Plothe DO explains why we should not be fooled by "clean" meat and how lab-grown "meat" is actually made of "immortalized" cancer cells.

Watch the rest of Better Way Live #114:

Like Willem Van Aardt, Peter Fam's presentation focused on the international context, observing that all countries represented on the panel had covenanted into seven key UN agreements that enshrine human rights.

“We are here to consider the human rights implications of the well of humanity being tempered with and possibly poisoned.”

Watch the full legal hearing on Plasmidgate:

In addition to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights mentioned previously, he emphasised a lesser-known treaty, the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, which is the most relevant modern human rights treaty for the issues under discussion, as it enshrines the general principles of bioethics.

It is hard to believe that it has taken less than four years for the world to turn away from these agreements that enshrine some of the very best values and intentions of the human family.

As Peter observed, this Declaration has been completely bypassed and ignored by the profit-hungry transnational pharmaceutical corporations responsible for this iatrogenic catastrophe, and by the governments who have guaranteed their indemnity.

Julian Gillespie, a retired lawyer and former barrister from Australia, has been researching opportunities for legal recourse to the mRNA shots in various jurisdictions.

By October 2022, he had determined that they could be defined as being or containing GMOs.

Watch the full legal hearing on Plasmidgate:

Very similar definitions are found in GMO Acts around the world and have been in existence for approximately two decades. The LNP-modRNA (and the recently discovered LNP-modDNA) complexes fulfil the definition of GMOs.

In the UK regulation, for example, the term ‘micro-organism’ is defined as an “entity, cellular or non-cellular, capable of replication or of transferring genetic material”. Essentially, these complexes are a new form of synthetic virus “capable of transferring genetic material.” The LNP part of these complexes carries the genetic material throughout the human body and transfers the genetic material across the cell membrane of all cell types. Finally, these complexes fulfil the part of the definition which requires that they must be artificially modified.

As pointed out by fellow panelist Katie Ashby-Koppens, Australia’s Gene Technology Act requires that a licence be obtained to approve the importation, transport, and marketing of a GMO. This requires a significant risk assessment to prove no environmental damage, as well as consent from the Secretary of State. However, Julian discovered that in the UK the manufacturers managed to avoid having to obtain a licence by instead applying under the Human Medicines Regulation 2012, which did not require this information.

Julian comments on the absurdity of this loophole:

“So we've got a situation where, in the UK, if you wish to get marketing approval for a GMO that you're going to spray on plants everywhere, you have to go through this extensive risk assessment process and receive consent. But If you're going to inject it into humans you don't have to disclose it, which is absolutely remarkable.”

In Australia, Katie Ashby-Koppens is working on a case directly related the discovery of DNA contamination of the mRNA shots.

Watch the full legal hearing on Plasmidgate:

The plaintiff intends suing Pfizer and Moderna in Federal Court and is seeking an injunction to stop them dealing with the products because they contain, or are, GMOs. The manufacturers also failed to apply for the appropriate licence to deal with GMOs in Australia.

Katie illustrated how definitions in the Gene Technology Act 2000 allowed her to formulate the main arguments of the case, namely that the lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-mRNA complex is an organism capable of transferring genetic material through the process of retro-position, and that the recently discovered LNP-DNA complex is an organism capable of transferring genetic material in multiple ways.

Fortuitously, in a recent Senate hearing, the Gene Technology Regulator made a statement confirming that gene technology was used in the modification of the mRNA, thus the LNP complexes satisfy the definition of a GMO.

Pfizer and Moderna are therefore ‘dealing with GMOs’ and, according to the Gene Technology Act, they are required to apply for a licence.

The WEF is an important nexus in the Plasmidgate story.

Watch the full legal hearing:

Fahrie Hassan has made it his business since the beginning of 2020 to ‘follow the money’ that has been the real lifeblood of the Covid phenomenon. His research has uncovered that the major Covid-19 stakeholders have serious conflicts of interest. His presentation slides are fascinating, revealing not just the major funders invested in the evolving global reset, but the tangled, conspiratorial web connecting the major players.

Many people reject the idea that the events of the past few years are the result of a ‘global conspiracy’. Unfortunately, the caricature of shadowy figures sitting around a table in a smoke-filled room planning our future has tended to put people off investigating what Fahrie refers to as a ‘Global Public-Private Partnership’.

There are clear similarities between what occurred in Nazi Germany and the Covid-19 phenomenon.

Watch the full legal hearing:

On the back of countless assurances by manufacturers, public health agencies, and the WHO that the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ were ‘extremely safe’ and ‘highly effective’, citizens were required to sign informed consent declarations before getting their shots. From the outset many people were concerned about the contents of the mRNA injections, which had not been made public. Since then, the discovery of plasmid DNA contamination has confirmed that these shots should never have been described as safe.

In this video presentation, Willem Van Aardt, PhD provides an International Human Rights Law (IHRL) perspective, focusing on the informed consent criterion and the egregious violations of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

Full video:

Stephen Lyman: "What I try to do, and what I try to do when I perform, concerts, is I try to disappear, and I try to allow the music to speak for itself. So my job is to present this music, this particular music which has unique qualities. The music of Bach is different than anything else. It has very unique qualities. And understand that this music has its own power, and my job is to allow that power to manifest by presenting it with no frills, no ego, not trying to get you when I'm playing, I just put it out like a sphere that floats between you and I that we both can enter and become acquainted in. This is how it works, and this is how it works with the autist."

Watch the rest of Better Way Live #113:

Georgi Y Johnson: "When there is this deeper knowledge, this deeper anchorage, or centring in a place that does not get lost—isn’t subject to impermanence, isn’t subject to death—there’s no fear. There’s fear ‘out here’ as an experience, but there’s a space, a retreat space, a centring space where it’s already open—and that makes a huge difference to the quality of life, from the muddy aspects to the beautiful aspects, to all the shades of grey in between. All the experiences we could ever have all belong to the dimension of experience. Whereas this deeper dimension in which we are conscious precedes that, facilitates that, and it’s our sanctuary as well."

Full video:

Watch the rest of Better Way Live episode #113:

Watch the rest of Better Way Live episode #113:

Georgi Y Johnson is a mentor, energy healer and spiritual psychologist who works with people individually and in groups online and in person. She has authored several books including Nondual Therapy: The Psychology of Awakening. She is a pioneer of a detailed system that works experientially with the qualities of true nature such as love, peace and freedom as powerful, holistic healing agents. British born, she is the mother of seven children and presently lives in Israel.

Amy Ward is a Nondual Psychotherapist and mentor working privately following ten years practicing as a Psychologist with NHS CAMHS in Scotland. She recognises healing and creating as synonymous and enjoys exploring the status quo in mental health care in relation to notions of ‘normal functioning’, ‘disorganised’, ‘dysfunctional’, and ‘complex trauma’, within societal and spiritual frameworks, and common dialogue. Amy is also well versed in Permaculture Design and is passionate about healing, neuronal repatterning, and awakening to True Nature through direct experiencing and perception of the wider living natural world.

Watch the rest of Better Way Live episode #113:

Stephen Lyman was engaged at l’hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris at the psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents from October 2015 until the Covid-19 vaccination obligation was imposed. He engaged with these individuals in weekly intervals, occasionally twice weekly, in what he describes as ‘interventions’ as opposed to therapy.

The experiences of Stephen’s life as a performing musician, in all that had led to his engagement at the hospital, and the subsequent years of these engagements following, has profoundly changed him, both as a musician and as a person, and continues to, in his life as a musician in specific ways, that is : that ‘music’ (particularly and especially as a healing medium) is a ‘living’ event shared between two or more present individuals.

WCH Steering Committee member Dr Mark Trozzi has just returned from the historic International Crisis Summit in Romania. We've uploaded his full speech from the 20th of November 2023, where Romanian Parliament members from the Alliance For Unity Of Romanians spoke along with members of the international team of scientific and medical experts including Dr Andrea Stramezzi, Dr Byram Bridle, Dr Denis Rancourt, Dr Harvey Risch, Dr Jessica Rose, and many more.

To watch all speeches, visit Dr Trozzi's website:


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