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Taken from the Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 10 by Dennis Wise and Truthwillout
Part 10:

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The Truth About the State Of Israel, 20% of Israel is made up entirely of Muslims and Arabs. If you believe the lie that they are “Sworn enemies to the end” You’re just a special kind of stupid.

Judaism is Communism Period. No If And Or But’s About it. If they said Judaism instead of Communism do you reality think any Jews would be left?

Freedom of Speech

Freemasonry, Communism and the Devil
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Taken From the Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 2 by Dennis Wise and Truthwillout

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Wake up America. October 19, 2015

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The Rothschild Bankers the Freshfield Slavers and the rise of Capitalism in the Britain and America: The Slaving Enterprises of the British Empire: By OguEjiOfo Annu

According to the Financial Times of London June 26, 2009:

“Two of the biggest names in the City of London had previously undisclosed links to slavery in the British colonies, documents seen by the Financial Times have revealed.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild, the banking family’s 19th-century patriarch, and James William Freshfield, founder of Freshfields, the top City law firm, benefited financially from slavery, records from the National Archives show, even though both have often been portrayed as opponents of slavery.”

Sagas of the South: The Mounted Maniac - General William Sherman
The American Civil War

The Truth About the (((American))) Slave Trade
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The truth about the Jews.
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Narration by Augustus Sol Invictus
Music: Two Steps From Hell: Heart of Courage
2020 US Election or Revolution
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The Legend Bill Hicks. American Patriot, Another Dead Hero.

Harry Stein's website, SEPHARDIM.COM, has been for a long time one of the major websites for Sephardic genealogy on the Internet. Among its many offerings it contained a unique section on Sephardic herardlry and a list of Sephardic surnames that he patiently extracted from a large number of published books. Connected to the website was also arguably the most popular and active forum on Sephardic genealogy on the web.


(*) Name for which a coat of arms, crest.or history has been found and will be published in SECTION Vl, Heraldry.
(+) Known or suspected converso families (as opposed to individual conversos). Most anyone appearing before the inquisition was a converso because the inquisition, by definition, had no power over the Jewish population. They did have control over "New Christians" or conversos.
(~) Up load completed

(0) Self identified
(1) From the civil records of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.(~)
(2) From the records of Bevis Marks, The Spanish and Portuguese Congregation of London.(~)
(3) From the burial register of Bethahaim Velho Cemetery, Published by the Jewish Historical Society of England.(~)
(4) From the book, "History of the Jews in Venice", by Cecil Roth.(~)
(5) Sephardic names extracted from the book, "Finding Our Fathers", by Dan Rottenberg. Each name is followed by a short biography and references for additional information. This book is a fine reference for those interested in learning Jewish genealogy research. The publication explains how and where to conduct research and can be purchased on this site through
(6) From the book, " The Inquisitors and the Jews in the New World", by Seymour B. Liebman.(~)
(6a) Reports the names of people who appeared before the inquisition in the New Spain.(~)
(6b) Reports the names of people who appeared before the inquisition in New Granada.(~)
(6c) Reports the names of people who appeared before the inquisition in El Peru.(~)
(6d) Reports the names of people who appeared before the inquisition in Rio de La Plata.(~)
(7) From the book, "A History of the Marranos", by Cecil Roth.(~)
(8) From the book, "Jews in Colonial Brazil", by Arnold Wizhitzer.(~)
(9) From the book, "Precious Stones of the Jews of Curacao Jewry 1657-1957.(~)
(10) From the book, "The Jews of Rhodes", by Marc D. Angel.(~)
(11) List of (mostly) Sephardic brides from the publication, "List of 7300 Names of Jewish Brides and Grooms who married in Izmir Between the Years 1883-1901 & 1918-1933.(~)
(12) List of (mostly) Sephardic grooms from the publication listed above.(Izmir lists provided by Dov Cohen, Nof Ayalon Israel). Email address [email protected](~)
13) From the book, "The Jews of New Spain", by Seymour B. Liebman.(~)
(14) From the publication, "Los Sefardes", by Jose M. Estrugo. Published by Editorial Lex La Habana, 1958. (Apellidos corrientes entre los Sephardies)(~)
(15) From the book, "The Jews of the Balkans, The Judeo-Spanish Community , 15th to 20th Centuries", by Esther Benbassa and Aron Rodrigue.(~)
(16) From the book, "The Sephardic Jews of Bordeaux", by Frances Malino.(~)
(17) From the book, "Hebrews of the Portuguese Nation", by Miriam Bodian.(~)
(18) From the book, "The Sephardim of England", by Albert M. Hyamson.(~)
(19) From Vol. 1, "A History of the Jews in Christian Spain", by Yitzhak Baer. (19a) Volume II.(~)
(20) From the book, "A Life of Menasseh Ben Israel", by Cecil Roth. This book contains names from the Sephardic community of greater Amsterdam. Amsterdam was a major haven and transfer point for Sephardim and Morranos leaving Iberia.(~)
(21) From the book, "Crisis and Creativity in the Sephardic World: 1391-1648", by Gampel. This book lists Sephardic movers and shakers during the period.(~)
(22) From the book, "History of the Jews in Aragon", by Regne. Essentially a series of royal decrees by the House of Aragon. It contains Sephardic names recorded during the period 1213-1327. By this time family names were well developed. Be prepared for a challenge as you attempt to derive the modern equivalents for these 800 year old names. Prefixes such as Aben, Ibn, Aven, Avin, Ben and etc. are attached to the stemsof many names.If your people came from Aragon, and you cannot find the name in this list, I recommend to attach a prefix and look for it in that way. In addition, the spelling of many of the stems have changed with time. Some names (Adret, Cavalleria) exist to this date unchanged. This reference will introduce many new names and/or many new spellings to known names. (22c) indicates those names that are identified as converso names in the records. Suerte!(~)

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