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Adolf Hitler Was An Occultist DEBUNKED! Originally Produced by Dennis Wise and @Truthwillout

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Führernet, the Uncontrolled Opposition!

Robert Sterkeson: 2024 Presidential Campaign Ad - Make America White Again!
Islam is the cancer, NUKES are the answer! I'm the man with the plan, to ban the Quran! Subscribe to my Bitchute for more political videos.

What it means to be an American national Socialist

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The truth about the Churchill, World War I, II, Trotsky and Communism.

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Research: Questioning The Holocaust - Why We Believed, Judea declares war on Germany, The Jewish Gas chamber hoax, The Majdanek Gas Chamber Hoax, Dumb portrayal of evil Buchenwald, David Cole at Auschwitz, One third of the holocaust, The Jewish conspiracy, A Devil in disguise (videos)
Hellstorm The death of nazi Germany by Thomas Goodrich
And the book Other Losses by James Bacque
Pre and post war encyclopedia and world almanacs show no loss of 6 million jews.Typhus killed the prisoners not gas. Thousands died in the camps not millions.
Forensic evidence shows no sign of Zyklon-B in any alleged gas-chambers for people.

look up : Auschwitz the missing Cyanide, Gassing you say never happened, Pop goes Elie Wiesel, Elie Wiesel & the holocaust fraud, The last days of the big lie, Auschwitz why the gas-chambers are a myth, Eisenhowers deathcamps, The persecution of revisionists; Understanding Anti-semitism all Videos

Recherche : "Schwindlers liste" ” Auschwitz die wahrheit" "Holocaust meine mutter hat uns belogen" “Das problem der gaskammern” “ Ernst Zündel interview mit Thies Christophersen”” Buchenwald ohne Propaganda””Ein Drittel des Holocausts””David Cole in Auschwitz” “Buchenwald Ein Dumm Dreistes Portrait des Boesen” Videos

Produced by World History Revisited

Islam is the cancer, NUKES are the answer! I'm the man with the plan, to ban the Quran! Subscribe to my Bitchute for more political videos.

Three Jewish Rabbis try to convince their audience that Islam is the truth and the religion of Noah! What a fucking crock of shit! People are stupid enough though. See Babyboomers.

Taken from A Goys Guide To World History by E. Michael Jones

Produced by E. Michael Jones

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Yes I realize this one is a bit off top and I haven’t watched sports since I was a kid lol! This was on an old laptop hard drive that I’m trying to throw out. So If you if you like it then you do, if not, click next video.

Patrick Little addresses rumors of Richard Spencer Running for Presidency in 2020 and the (((gaslighting))) against him 🔥

The untold story of Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows Death Camps - A Deliberate Policy of Extermination of the Surrendered German forces by the Allies in post war Germany (Rheinwiesenlager). Full documentary, plus additional background information, and a memorial for the victims. A German language film, translated to English, re-edited, narrated, and published by Justice for Germans:
Part 1 The 'Rheinwiesenlager' German language documentary translated into English, with additional information and interviews (50 minutes)
Part 2 Deanna Spingola reads a chapter from her book dealing with the subject of these camps and provides additional background information regarding the perpetrators and their policies (30 minutes)
Part 3 A Memorial March for the victims of these camps held in Remagen, Germany in 2011, also translated / narrated in English (10 minutes)
NOTE: The theme song (in the opening segment) is called "Recurrence" by J. Belenger and included with his permission.

Produced by Dennis Wise and Truthwillout


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