World History Revisited

July 4, 2019

Our Government is a Sham!

Revolution 2020

Return of the Bolsheviks

The Return of the Bolsheviks

The Untied States Incorporated

Proof That Israeli Terrorist Are Behind Everything - Patrick Little 2020

The Truth About Cathars, the Holy Inquisition, Albigensian Crusade, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Forbidden Fruit

The Crusades, Templars, Luciferian Doctrine

Produced by World History Revisited

After Lost Senate Race

Recorded 5-11-2019 before terrorist harboring YouTube took it down.

Recorded around 4-25-2019 before terrorist harboring YouTube took it down.

No sound on this one

Lord have mercy 😂

This is has got to be the best political candidate of all time!! HAHAHAHA!

Azlan, the Ancient Home of the Aztecs. This video has been banned worldwide since it first aired a decade or so ago. Try uploading it anywhere else and you will see it won't last long at all.
For more information and more Maps please visit:

Live stream by Patrick Little May 14, 2019

Topics: Jews, Iran, Trump and 2020 Presidency

Patrick Little is banned from YouTube. Please follow his live streams at:

Read Revilo P Oliver's Works - Patrick Little

The Truth About JFK and the Jews - Patrick Little

A message to Alex Jones fans

Produced by Dennis Wise

Hurry and censor the truth YouTube!

Tony Gambino says the Jew Infiltrated Vatican runs the Mafia.

Tony Gambino Interview.

Tony Gambino explains the operationsal techniques of the Mafia, as an instrument of the Vatican in charge of worldwide organized crime


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