Tried using the specs for the World of Warships T10 battleship, Kremlin in building a battleship in Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts

First look at the new campaign mode in Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. There are several features missing, but gives a nice look at the future.

Made a battlecruiser hybrid between Scharnhorst and Bismarck.

Tried to do a super Littorio, had some problems with the secondary mounts and arcs of fire.

Designed a Japanese light cruiser with early 1920s tech.

Decided to try a different design using the Bismarck superstructures, with two quad 20" main guns.

Decided to use the new hulls to make a Spanish super battleship.

With the new update you can now design more than one ship for battle. So trying this out with a battleship and two destroyers.

Designed the battleship Lion of 1938-40 which was armed with three triple 16" main guns.

Designed something along the lines of a Yamato with three single 20" main guns.

Tried making a 40+ knot destroyer based upon a Gearing/Sumner design.

Tried the German battleship, Bismarck in the game Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts.

Tried to design the French dreadnought Normandie.

Designed a commerce raider with a slightly improved Graf Spee design.

A destroyer battle against Russia to showcase how Rule the Waves II does a battle.

Tried a heavy cruiser with the main armament all forward.

Designed the Soviet battleship, Sovetsky Soyuz which was to be a class of 15 battleship.

Decided to give an AI designed battleship a try.

Tried creating the Satsuma from the game World of Warships.

Tried to design the H-44 with only the basic info, eight 20" main guns.

Decided to slap 7 centerline turrets on the Fuso hull.

Tried to recreate the Ise after her 1930s refit.

Designed a Japanese heavy cruiser to fight other heavy cruisers.

Designed a super Richelieu with 20" main guns.

Take a closer look at the new Chinese and Russian pre-dreadnought hulls in alpha 12.


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Welcome to my gaming channel. I hope to be starting with a new game coming out in 2020 called Ultimate Admirals: Dreadnoughts. So keep an eye out for new videos every week as I also learn how to make videos.