Tried designing the Italian battleship, Littorio, in the game Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts.

Trying one of my favorite battleships out as a convoy raider.

Took Yamato and put it against a British convoy defended by a WW1 battleship.

What would happen if the USS Iowa was a convoy raider.

HMS Anson, a KGV class battleship built to the proposed three quad main guns.

Designed some gunship destroyers to go against some Japanese destroyers.

Designed what might be a heavier follow-up to the French battlcruiser Dunkerque.

Tried to design the US battlecruiser USS Lexington. Had a few problems, couldn't quite get 14 single 6" guns and keep the weight down enough for everything else. Some compromises were made.

Designed a battlecruiser to go against a pre-dreadnought fleet.

Maxed out the speed for this battlecruiser then sent it into battle against another battlecruiser.

Designed a 1940 British light cruiser fighting against a AI designed Japanese light cruiser.

Took a super US battleship against a fleet of pre-dreadnoughts in a good old stomping.

Undertaking the mission 'Battleship or Battlecruiser'.

Tried the mission 'US Super Battleship'.

Designed a dreadnought of 1907 to go against two 1905 pre-dreadnoughts.

Designed a monitor in the mission, monitor which is a recreation of the famous Civil War battle between the Monitor and Merrimack.

Designed a WW2 light cruiser to face off against a pre-dreadnought fleet.

Designed a 1940 heavy cruiser and took it against a pre-dreadnought fleet.

Designed a German battleship to take on ten British destroyers.

Designed a battlecruiser for Italy at the beginning of WW1.

Designed a Russian battlecruiser then fought against 4 cruisers.

Using specs of how the British battlecrusier HMS Furious was to be completed tried it out in the game Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts.

Designed a post WW1 Russian battleship in the game Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts.

Designed a Chinese battleship for 1926.

Designed a post WW1 Spanish battleship, about 1926.


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Welcome to my gaming channel. I hope to be starting with a new game coming out in 2020 called Ultimate Admirals: Dreadnoughts. So keep an eye out for new videos every week as I also learn how to make videos.