"Cultural Appropriation" is a made up term to guilt trip a selective group of people, basically whoever they feel like at the time. All your cultures are belong to us now, and from the ashes of what your societies once were, the Internet will make a better one.

Black/White/Asian/any color face is pretty funny sometimes. Justin Trudeaus blackface was kinda funny, he shouldn't of been such a putz all these years and we could have all laughed about it.

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Obviously I made a few jookes that may have been a bit sketchy but aren't jokes supposed to be sketchy?

Algorithms are dumb, YouTubes policies are bad and they should feel bad. They can't tell the difference between critique and hatred and that's their problem, not mine. Yet I still have to deal with it. Dummies. They're only making their competitors stronger.

You can't control what people consider "cool". By definition it is what is uncontrolled and wacky that everyone secretly likes. Corporations would do well to understand that for the coming communications future.

Was it worth it YouTube? No one was gonna watch my video anyway. Fooly Moes.

You may notice a bit of Jookes but that's because I'm trying to offset the Maslem critique which is integral to the larger point of WW3. I really don't care about either people more than the other, they're both pretty silly.

See? I hate everyone all the same! Just kidding, I love everyone. I just love to make fun of everyone too. It's fun! Do it to me sometime. Anyway that's my theory on which population block is next on the chopping block, feel free to debate me about it in the comments!

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Oh "The Corporate Effect" is that to avoid pissing off everyone you cannot please anyone.

are trying to quit nicotine too, watch and enjoy my misery! Hopefully it gives you the will to do so yourself. It becomes increasingly easy, but the first few days are definitely terrible.


Great success.

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It's not a warning to people like us, but a warning nonetheless. Sort of a "Look what I can do" show of force. Making clear to his confidants, if they can get Epstein the way they did, they can get you too. Snitches get suicided apparently.

They can't even wait for the blood to dry before they come for your rights.
They doth protest too much, makes their agenda obvious. Fuck lazy authoritarians, they should keep quiet while we all work.

Testing the theory out to see if its possible to save your beard for later as a latex mask, using my real hair for the test model.

SPOILER ALERT; It worked like a charm.

If only everything in my life worked out this well I might not be making beard masks... so I'm not sure how to feel about that.

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Every single person in Antifa is a gay guy.

Check out Battle of Portland for the original remix, too tired to bother linking it now. I'm gonna tag weird shit and sleep. Love you 32 subs!
One day we will burn this entire bitch to the gwound. Or not, hopefully you know what that means.

Real-time reaction to me trying to watch the new Aladdin movie. It made me physically ill.

Why doesn't Disney just burn the money instead? That'd at least be interesting to watch.

Im joking about AIDS but I am not joking that this movie made me feel ill to even sit through. That's an accomplishment in itself as I am a movie buff and have sat through EVERYTHING.

I sat through Alien: Resurrection IN THE THEATER and didn't walk out, this movie was as close to saying "I dont care to even see the end" as I have ever been.


Part 2 of 3,

Sorry it took me 5 weeks to edit an 8 minute video, work gets you in the soul sometimes. Sorta getting tired of political and et cetera videos but I made a promise. WW3 part 3 coming soon, let's get this over with.
Then we kill Satan (lol not really but it's a metaphor) so that'll be fun.

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Assange should have just reported on things but he is at least on the right track.
Omar should get with the program or get a one way ticket somewhere else.
Yang is also on the right track about some things but should shut up about guns.

Someone who speaks Mandarin, please tell me what Gweilo Chichi translates to!

Part 1 of 3,

Gonna go out on a lion here and say, I speak in cursive and was entirely too fast in mah speakin, I'd advise to play the video at a lower speed, I'm trying to find a balance.

It's gonna be WW3 before we know it. It's complex, but here is the premise for an easy war that accomplishes the main goals.

Al Go Rythym on my ass like stink on a monkey.
Comment you stink bitch!


Having a bored day writing about imminent war so I felt like giving some thoughts about that movie that's coming out. Wouldn't it be funny if Infinity War was the real ending? It'd be a good ending if it was.

I HAD a big explanation for this video, but I'll just leave it at "Fuck that dude"

GOD is a really special but only internal experience. Anyone or anything that tells you it is GOD is lying. The Realest Real doesn't bullshit a caterpillar. Stay tuned! PEACE BAO

These people are secret geniuses!

I just learned what sarcasm means and I don't think that it's appropriate to use when talking about politics.

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I don't like violence, and I don't like liars. Lying about violence is like a double down on BS, screw Juicy Schmooly. He could have had a good career if he wasn't a POS, race baiting, fear monger.

Everyone gets forgiveness, but you can't forgive someone if they don't admit their fault first. Juicy, just admit it, or get made fun of forever. Elephants never forget.

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No one believes a liar, even when he is telling the truth.

Late story I know, but I'm uploading this now because the first one I recorded isn't ready, (edits dawggg, I gotta edit every shirt), I needed the reaction to the interview for the first video, but then upon watching the whole reaction, I kind of like it, so I'm going to upload it as is.

This wasn't my original intent, but now I see how fun it is to do reaction videos. I might do more, if some cool people sub and comment some suggestions!

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Real video about how I REALLY feel about Juicy Schmooly in a day or so, depending on how long it takes me to edit.

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Socialists should keep their heads down and stay quiet because all of us who work don't need lessons in spending money from morons who don't make any.

Special Thanks to RazörFist for the laughs and the premise for this video!


God FUCKING Speed!

An oligopoly over everything you need to live makes you a slave just like they used to have, if it became policy then there would be legal slavery. Socialism and communism are lame.

Special thanks to Kurama!

The enemy of your enemy is your friend, or in this case, whatever is different from your enemy is your friend. That way you can be mean to people and pretend it's nice.

Authoritarians will promote anything that is different from their target so they can get away with hatred.

I assume all clips are used with permission.

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Also his videos bring me joy and watching his videos was one of the reasons I decided to make my own channel so it's really cool that he's a sub of mine now :D


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Disney must be mentally challenged, I'd have done better for 5 million cheese.

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