Is this new virus some sick man-made weapon, or some sick God-made weapon?

Let's find out!

Gonna take a wild guess and say it probably wasn't Creationism.

Music: ESN Productions

ESN - Emergence Day



Opening Artwork: dp6523



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This is getting sad now, someone please stop this man! As funny as it is, I don't think my soul can take laughing at a senile old man any longer.

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Not my normal content, but I don't have normal content anyway. Here is a video from a few years back, back in the shiny hunting daze. I dolled it up a bit so it isn't just 6 minutes of me sitting there.

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Sometimes things make sense when they are backwards, the world likes to remind you how complex it is. Defending your enemies is a good thing.

This was almost lost to the world, but with the help of dedicated scholars, we can make sure every child knows our true history.

Twitter is for shmangs and clangs, Whack Dorsey is a full-on bladang. Why not take the time to create something heartfelt and beautiful instead of a lame tweet, or at the least enjoy a nice carrot instead?

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In a stunning display of foresight, Elizabeth Warren mobilizes a Meme Dream Team to fully embarrass herself before Donald Trump can get to her.

I'm just kidding, I'm not sure about Elizabeth Warren though. I hope this is a joke. Although with some of the things coming out of those people these days, I can't be sure of anything anymore. How many times do we have to teach them this lesson?

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Hidden track from the James and the Giant Peach OST, "It's James"

Music: VoreComplex - Cain Monn

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James and the Giant Peach is a 1996 film about an emotionally disturbed boy who murders his two aunts with the help of his imaginary insect friends and flees to America.
I can see why they cut this song out of the movie, really uncalled for.

My name isn't even James.

Great Creators #1: Truth The Objective Reality

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I'm gonna be nice on the internet and it'll work even though that's not how it works. However like all things, we can make it work with sheer strength of will and by working together.

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Nice try Chicomms. I'll attack every child you throw at me til you man up and attack us proper like I know you wanna do. The West will always win, communist hacks.

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Yes yes yes I get it, I'm deliberately pushing buttons and giving every soundbite anyone who is against me could ask for. There is a plan to this, I mean I'm not sure what it is but I know there is a plan somehow. It has something to do with the future I think. Flarm!~

"Cultural Appropriation" is a made up term to guilt trip a selective group of people, basically whoever they feel like at the time. All your cultures are belong to us now, and from the ashes of what your societies once were, the Internet will make a better one.

Black/White/Asian/any color face is pretty funny sometimes. Justin Trudeaus blackface was kinda funny, he shouldn't of been such a putz all these years and we could have all laughed about it.

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Obviously I made a few jookes that may have been a bit sketchy but aren't jokes supposed to be sketchy?

Algorithms are dumb, YouTubes policies are bad and they should feel bad. They can't tell the difference between critique and hatred and that's their problem, not mine. Yet I still have to deal with it. Dummies. They're only making their competitors stronger.

You can't control what people consider "cool". By definition it is what is uncontrolled and wacky that everyone secretly likes. Corporations would do well to understand that for the coming communications future.

Was it worth it YouTube? No one was gonna watch my video anyway. Fooly Moes.

You may notice a bit of Jookes but that's because I'm trying to offset the Maslem critique which is integral to the larger point of WW3. I really don't care about either people more than the other, they're both pretty silly.

See? I hate everyone all the same! Just kidding, I love everyone. I just love to make fun of everyone too. It's fun! Do it to me sometime. Anyway that's my theory on which population block is next on the chopping block, feel free to debate me about it in the comments!

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are trying to quit nicotine too, watch and enjoy my misery! Hopefully it gives you the will to do so yourself. It becomes increasingly easy, but the first few days are definitely terrible.


Great success.

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It's not a warning to people like us, but a warning nonetheless. Sort of a "Look what I can do" show of force. Making clear to his confidants, if they can get Epstein the way they did, they can get you too. Snitches get suicided apparently.

They can't even wait for the blood to dry before they come for your rights.
They doth protest too much, makes their agenda obvious. Fuck lazy authoritarians, they should keep quiet while we all work.

Testing the theory out to see if its possible to save your beard for later as a latex mask, using my real hair for the test model.

SPOILER ALERT; It worked like a charm.

If only everything in my life worked out this well I might not be making beard masks... so I'm not sure how to feel about that.

I have other videos too, go watch em all ya mug, I dare you! Start with my first one, The Form of All Reality and its Relationship with Time. I need some feedback on that one from someone who thinks about that sort of stuff.

Short answer; Yes.

Check out the whole reason I started an internet presence, the REAL video! The Form of All Reality and its Relationship with Time, it explains ya know, the form of all reality and how it relates to time. Fun stuff if you like Dad jokes and philosophy! Your God is in there somewhere too! Give it a try! I'd really appreciate it!


Every single person in Antifa is a gay guy.

Check out Battle of Portland for the original remix, too tired to bother linking it now. I'm gonna tag weird shit and sleep. Love you 32 subs!
One day we will burn this entire bitch to the gwound. Or not, hopefully you know what that means.

Real-time reaction to me trying to watch the new Aladdin movie. It made me physically ill.

Why doesn't Disney just burn the money instead? That'd at least be interesting to watch.

Im joking about AIDS but I am not joking that this movie made me feel ill to even sit through. That's an accomplishment in itself as I am a movie buff and have sat through EVERYTHING.

I sat through Alien: Resurrection IN THE THEATER and didn't walk out, this movie was as close to saying "I dont care to even see the end" as I have ever been.


Part 2 of 3,

Sorry it took me 5 weeks to edit an 8 minute video, work gets you in the soul sometimes. Sorta getting tired of political and et cetera videos but I made a promise. WW3 part 3 coming soon, let's get this over with.
Then we kill Satan (lol not really but it's a metaphor) so that'll be fun.

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