Live from the hard streets of Georgia, Brakeen Noose delivers the latest scoops on all things music in another installment of BNMN.

Check out my debate with Eric July: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=607SvifLIP4

Outro Music: "Whiteboy" (by Tom MacDonald)

A fun compilation of a fun show with fun music overlayed, dedicated to the good goys who helped me to swallow the red pill. It's probably sad how much I enjoyed putting this together.

Songs: "Einklang (Wenn der Donner...)" / "Wir Tragen die Zeit" (by Heiliger Krieg)

Check out Murdoch Murdoch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjqVanJab9rt5BBBK0iEfyw

Or go to: https://www.cheekyvideos.net / https://www.murdochmurdoch.net/

[Originally uploaded to YouTube on 06/10/2018]

An anthem for the Alt-Left. Just something I whipped-up in my spare time, because I hate people and love music.

Music: "Teenagers" (by My Chemical Romance)

Update: Since posting this video, Miles Markus has blocked me on Twitter. And Hilda is still really cool.

A sleepy, slightly perturbed weasel defends a children's cartoon from a paranoid white man with too much beard and a bad opinion; delving into subjective interpretations of art and how artists aren't responsible for them. Starring Mike Enoch as the troll rock.

Original Article: https://medium.com/@mizimer/can-hilda-liberate-european-fantasy-from-white-supremacists-f77d252b0b1e

Background Music: "Walk in the Park" (by Charlie ToØ Human)
Background Visuals: No Copyright Motion Graphics [https://www.youtube.com/user/freemotionbacks]
Outro Visuals: CyberWebFX [https://www.youtube.com/c/CyberWebFX]
Outro Music: "Some Kind of Love" (by The Killers)

[Originally uploaded to YouTube on 10/26/2018]

An unscripted rant about my experiences on Twitter and my engagements with some of the musicians that I follow there, as well as a broader discussion about the apparent intolerance that has begun to spread amongst modern artists and the negative effects it could potentially have on the medium as a whole.

Background Music: "Wonder (Aso Remake)" (by Tom Misch)
Background Visuals: No Copyright Motion Graphics [https://www.youtube.com/user/freemotionbacks]
Outro Visuals: CyberWebFX [https://www.youtube.com/c/CyberWebFX]
Outro Music: "See You Again" (by Tyler, the Creator/Kali Uchis)

[Originally uploaded to YouTube on 09/09/2018]

More like Ten Second Wrongs.

Intro Song: "Dead!" (by Piano Rocks, originally by My Chemical Romance)
Outro Song: "Wastelands" (by Linkin Park)
Outro Video: "Robot Rock" (by Daft Punk)

Ten Second Songs' Original Video: "Why Rock Is Dead (And Rap Wins)" [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWgoyZHTpEk]

[Originally uploaded to YouTube on 07/21/2018]

Punk is dead and Trump is your president.

[Originally uploaded to YouTube on 07/05/2018]

Serial-killers, metal-heads, and trans-folk, oh my! Discussing JT Tollas' new side-project Postscript and their first music video, "Picture Day."

Intro Song: "Killing Zone" (by Famous Last Words)
Outro Song: "Fading Memories" (by Famous Last Words)
Outro Video: "One in the Chamber/The End of the Beginning" (by Famous Last Words)

*Those sources that I mentioned:

1.) Transgendered individuals face a 40 percent-plus suicide rate.

- "Transgender Americans face high suicide risk" [http://www.nbcnews.com/id/40279043/ns/health-health_care/t/transgender-americans-face-high-suicide-risk/#.Wz7IhLhG3IU]
- "The Truth About Transgender Suicide" [https://www.huffingtonpost.com/brynn-tannehill/the-truth-about-transgend_b_8564834.html]
- "The Transgender Suicide Rate Isn't Due To Discrimination" [http://thefederalist.com/2016/07/07/evidence-the-transgender-suicide-rate-isnt-due-to-discrimination/]

2.) Sex-change operations do not help or are otherwise harmful to a transgendered individual's health (including instances of sex-change regret).

- "Sex changes are not effective, say researchers" [https://www.theguardian.com/society/2004/jul/30/health.mentalhealth]
- "Research I've found" [http://www.sexchangeregret.com/research]
- "Regret Isn’t Rare: The Dangerous Lie of Sex Change Surgery’s Success" [http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2016/06/17166/]
- "Transgender Regret Is Real Even If The Media Tell You Otherwise" [http://thefederalist.com/2015/08/19/transgender-regret-is-real-even-if-the-media-tell-you-otherwise/]

Also, Black Pigeon Speaks' video on gender dysphoria is pretty informative (albeit rambly and unfocused, despite the sharp production quality). You can find it here:

- "The Transgender: Normalizing MENTAL ILLNESS" [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDAU3SPYFsA]

[Originally uploaded to YouTube on 05/09/2018]

Take a drink every time I mention "Transit of Venus" or Adam Gontier. I'm on a mission to kill your liver.

Intro Song: "The Mountain" (by Three Days Grace)
Outro Song: "Porn Star Dancing" [Ludacris Version] (by My Darkest Days)
Outro Video: "Pain" (by Three Days Grace)

[Originally uploaded to YouTube on 04/02/2018]

Things that are now in my search history as a consequence of making this video:

- peter steele playgirl
- nsync hot
- tyler the creator gay

Outro Music: "Deathcamp" (by Tyler, the Creator)
Outro Video: "Mann Gegen Mann" (by Rammstein)

[Originally uploaded to YouTube on 03/06/2018]

Alternatively titled, "How I Learned to Stop Caring About Myself and Others and Learned to Love Being Marilyn Manson."

[Originally uploaded to YouTube on 02/19/2018]

My super-cereal review of Black Veil Brides' fifth album, "Vale." Low-effort editing in an attempt to get this out before people stop talking about it.

Intro Song: "Wake Up" (by Black Veil Brides)
Outro Song: "Asshole" (by Ronnie Radke/Andy Biersack)
Outro Video: "In the End" (by Black Veil Brides)

[Originally uploaded to YouTube on 02/08/2018]

Sorry my first video is about a dumb twitter thing. I thought it was important, though.

Intro Song: "Joyriding" (by Frank Iero)
Outro Song: "Welcome to the Black Parade" [Steve Aoki Remix] (by My Chemical Romance)
Outro Video: "Joyriding" (by Frank Iero)


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