A sometimes funny yet mostly disturbing look at how a Nazi soldier is created from birth to adulthood. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

Sounds to me like producer Sid Davis is confusing homosexuality with pedophilia. I suppose it's because the targets of the men in this short happen to be of the same sex. It would take about 20 years after this short was released for more people to know the difference when the Diff'rent Strokes two-parter "The Bicycle Man" aired. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

In this strange animated short, twins Doreen and Dan spend the day avoiding the clutches of various kidnappers and pedophiles. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department really needs to step up their game before property values take a dive! NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

Young Phil wants so much to be unlike dirty, unruly, disheveled puppet Mr. Bungle that he lays on the hand soap like Howard Hughes, fusses over a hairstyle similar to Charlie Brown's, and obsesses over schoolmate Freddy. Are your school lunchroom manners impeccable like Phil's? If not, you may find yourself on the highway to Hell, sinner! NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

This animated short is one in a series titled "Health For The Americas" that instructs in a slightly condescending manner to indigenous peoples of developing countries the importance of cleanliness. Wash your hands, wear clean clothing, bathe regularly, and, for the love of the Almighty, DON'T crap in the cornfield! NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

In this animated short, US Army Private Snafu (Situation Normal All Fouled Up) comes to realize the importance of the proper care and use of the gas mask. Featuring a cameo by Bugs Bunny. Part of a series of Snafu cartoons shown to US Army servicemen during World War 2 to offer instruction/training and/or boost morale. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

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Mr. Fuddle's grocery store is about to close permanently, so his assistant Joe reluctantly enlists the aid of Stokely's mascot Easy. But can Joe keep Fuddle's business from collapsing and prevent his girlfriend Ann from marrying lienholder Mr. Squeeze? Find out in this wonderfully animated short from animation pioneer Hugh Harman. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

The directorial debut of Robert McKimson, Seaman Hook makes post-war plans and emphasizes the importance of investing in war bonds. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

World War 2 short promoting the sale of war stamps and bonds featuring Warner Bros. cartoon characters Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Porky Pig. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

This classic Betty Boop cartoon is rarely seen on TV due to its depiction of racial stereotypes. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!


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