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You remember her as Arnold Schwarzenegger's kidnapped daughter in "Commando." You did crunches and squats while watching her "Teen Steam" workout video. But just a few years ago, she was hawking Chaz Dean's hair care line Wen. Hey, she swears by it, even going so far as to blame her recent hair loss on her COVID diagnosis. Never mind that hundreds of other women and girls gradually started sporting chrome domes thanks to this goop. Look it up; it's happened! NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

Somebody at FOX Television had the not-so-brilliant idea of greenlighting a pilot based on the original film from 1984. Betcha didn't even know this existed, eh? Thankfully, this never made it to series. Perhaps because this was filmed about seven years after the movie premiered? Or maybe this just sucked! Anyway, I suggest you watch at your own risk! Noteworthy cast members include Rob Stone (Kevin Owens from "Mr. Belvedere") as Louis Skolnick and Robbie Rist (yep, Cousin Oliver himself!) as Dudley "Booger" Dawson. NOTE: I do not claim ownership nor am I responsible for any brain cells destroyed by watching this! You have been warned...

The cereal may not be around any longer, but the ad campaign was brilliant. Great execution of playing on words. I'd like to ad lib with something like "Don't you mean 'Nuttin' Honey, SIR!?'" NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

Well, not really. They're clearly people in those dog suits, which makes this commercial rather strange if not cringey. Wonder how successful this ad campaign was and if it encouraged people to dress up in dog costumes and beg for Gravy Train. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

It becomes clear at the end what product is being advertised (HINT: It isn't "Sweeties", whatever those are). Unfortunately, it turns into one of those situations where, to use an old Southern saying, one closes the barn door after the horse gets out. Still, Dad has an opportunity to see that the kid has no brothers or sisters to influence... NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

Before karaoke, there was...MR. MICROPHONE!!! Yes, a wireless microphone used in conjunction with portable FM radios that was supposedly all the rage in the late 70s/early 80s. I think my brother and I each got one at Christmas one year but the novelty quickly wore off, especially after the batteries died (not included). Good thing, too; I probably would've gotten in trouble if I pulled up in my convertible beside attractive girls strolling down the sidewalk with a blunt pickup line shouted into the car speakers like "HEY, GOOD LOOKIN', I'LL BE BACK TO PICK YOU UP LATER!!!" But, hey, professional musicians use Mr. Microphone, too! Yeah, right... NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

No, not the paper towel people. But we could use some of those said towels to clean up this mess of a short film. What exactly is a Hi-Teen Carnival? HINT: It doesn't involve cannabis. Anyway, we find out that both Woody and Anne have an insatiable appetite for cotton candy. By the way, it's a good thing Woody didn't go with option #1 in "how to say goodnight;" he could've ended up in the pokey! I'm not sure how helpful this film was to 1940s awkward teens. Probably would've learned more from reading an Archie comic! NOTE: I do not claim ownership, my droogies...

Due to its depiction of racial stereotypes, you won't find this cartoon short on any home video or streaming service unless you can find a DVD burn on eBay. What I want to know is why is there a travelling salesman from America trying to hawk his wares deep in the jungles of Africa? And what's with the less-than-attractive white woman ruling over the African cannibals? NOTE: I do not claim ownership, my droogies....

The mysteries of female menstruation are unlocked thanks to Walt Disney and Kotex, makers of feminine hygiene products. Whether you find this short animated film informative or unsettling based on your upbringing, you can't take your eyes off the baby decorated with eyeliner and lipstick like Ali MacGraw on her deathbed in "Love Story." Surely a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment. NOTE: I do not claim ownership.

A rather strange cartoon even by Warner Bros. Animation standards. My guess is that the writers were portraying the rise of the Axis Powers with dictators like Hitler and Mussolini portrayed by different species of waterfowl. Why? I don't know! But you'll also see anthropomorphic birds portraying various ethnic and racial stereotypes of the time. Maybe some influence from Orwell's "Animal Farm" was thrown in for good measure. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

Before television became a staple in the American home, Kellogg's had to utilize a medium other than print or radio to get consumers interested in their breakfast cereals. That's right; the motion picture theater. Solid animation! And what a way to introduce the world to Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Sadly, Soggy, Mushy, and Toughy were never heard from again, smothered by the pancakes the Krispie pals rolled them up in. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

A clip from the 2019 documentary "No Safe Spaces." Sorry, this is NOT an actual cartoon series, but it should be. NOTE: I do not claim ownership.

A sometimes funny yet mostly disturbing look at how a Nazi soldier is created from birth to adulthood. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

Sounds to me like producer Sid Davis is confusing homosexuality with pedophilia. I suppose it's because the targets of the men in this short happen to be of the same sex. It would take about 20 years after this short was released for more people to know the difference when the Diff'rent Strokes two-parter "The Bicycle Man" aired. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

In this strange animated short, twins Doreen and Dan spend the day avoiding the clutches of various kidnappers and pedophiles. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department really needs to step up their game before property values take a dive! NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

Young Phil wants so much to be unlike dirty, unruly, disheveled puppet Mr. Bungle that he lays on the hand soap like Howard Hughes, fusses over a hairstyle similar to Charlie Brown's, and obsesses over schoolmate Freddy. Are your school lunchroom manners impeccable like Phil's? If not, you may find yourself on the highway to Hell, sinner! NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

This animated short is one in a series titled "Health For The Americas" that instructs in a slightly condescending manner to indigenous peoples of developing countries the importance of cleanliness. Wash your hands, wear clean clothing, bathe regularly, and, for the love of the Almighty, DON'T crap in the cornfield! NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

In this animated short, US Army Private Snafu (Situation Normal All Fouled Up) comes to realize the importance of the proper care and use of the gas mask. Featuring a cameo by Bugs Bunny. Part of a series of Snafu cartoons shown to US Army servicemen during World War 2 to offer instruction/training and/or boost morale. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

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Mr. Fuddle's grocery store is about to close permanently, so his assistant Joe reluctantly enlists the aid of Stokely's mascot Easy. But can Joe keep Fuddle's business from collapsing and prevent his girlfriend Ann from marrying lienholder Mr. Squeeze? Find out in this wonderfully animated short from animation pioneer Hugh Harman. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

The directorial debut of Robert McKimson, Seaman Hook makes post-war plans and emphasizes the importance of investing in war bonds. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

World War 2 short promoting the sale of war stamps and bonds featuring Warner Bros. cartoon characters Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Porky Pig. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!

This classic Betty Boop cartoon is rarely seen on TV due to its depiction of racial stereotypes. NOTE: I do not claim ownership!


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