Democrats demand an FBI investigation and then bitch about it. The New York Times attempts to tell the FBI what to do, and a British school teaches kids to write gay love letters.

Huffpo readers are too stupid to know a meme is fake, Michael Avenatti gets trolled by 4chan, and Kavanaugh is getting cleared

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Hillary Clinton was hacked by the Chinese, and we called it over a year ago. NPR caught the government lying about how many schools shootings occurred, and Cynthia Nixon claims that the temperature of a room is sexist.


A 9 year old committed suicide in Denver last week, according to his mother it's because kids bullied him for being gay, it was more likely because he had a mother that didn't know how to tell her 9 year old to quit being an idiot and be a child.


Paul Manafort charged, Michael Cohen pleads guilty, Mollie Tibitts was killed by an illegal alien, and ICE rounds up an actual NAZI and ANTIFA is nowhere to be found

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Democrats love socialism, The media tries to cover for ANTIFA violence, and we guarentee Bruce Ohr is about to spill the beans on the Democrats colluding with Russia

Why would anyone vote for Democrats after this?

Some angry black woman at buzzfeed made a list of things she thinks white people ruin. This is a dream for anyone who likes to bring up crime statistics or single motherhood

Nothing is funnier than the idea of Clinton running in 2020, but Vanity fair committed the highest crime in the land by making fun of the heir apparent when they made their video.

Desmond is Amazing is not a hero, he's a victim of disgusting parents who want attention from their liberal friends. Someone needs to stop this before this kid ends up in the back of a DNC van.

What a great end to a wonderful news week. The U.N. shows that they don't need America's help anymore by voting against the reality that Israel's capital is actually Jerusalem, Republicans are finally getting to the bottom of the dossier and looking into Uranium One, and the Democrat party is not doing as well as they claim

Some triggered Bernie bros spammed Aaron's Facebook page last night because they couldn't handle triggering facts, Rosie O'donnel offered $2 million to any Senator who would vote against the Tax plan which is a felony, and Obama provided cover for Hezbollah while they shipped drugs and weapons into the United States.

It's a lot of fun to watch them go insane when the facts are in front of their face

We all knew this was inevitable


Russia was trying to sow chaos and make people question the legitimacy of the election, you know, like a regular propaganda campaign.


We don't typically do full reads on someones piece but this was so full of insane, vile, and outright dishonest statements that we couldn't help but go through it piece by piece. There is a lot more we could unpack from this, but hopefully it gives everyone an idea of how psychotic this woman is, and why Berkeley is the center of a cultural revolution right now.



They're missing one of the greatest points of the investigation

Illegal Immigrant protesters storm a Pelosi townhall because she made a deal with Trump. California decides to become a "sanctuary state" so what's the point of even trying to adopt DACA anyway?





The left has no sense of humor, and it shows.

What happened between these two statements, because I know government spending didn't get controlled or medicaid become more solvent.


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