Check out this excellent capture by Linda Miller.

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Go to Bobbys Channel and hang out on Youtube: RELENTLESS MAVERICK

We had to put this video on Bitchute...for obvious reasons.

A compilation of subscriber sent photography from all over the world. Mind blowing.

Check out what a subscriber of WSO just caught on the ESO telescope.

Check out these images from Muslims in north Africa.

Join Crow777 and I as we take a look at his recent work and discuss what it all might mean.

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Bitchute wouldnt upload first time.

Check this out, a weird planet thingie over on the other side of the sun.

Join Jordan and I as we delve into this mans extensive history in the truth movement to pull out some truth about Planet X and other things.

You do not want to miss this critical video. Explains halos, explains multiple suns, explains Paradise.

First we see a huge red cloud in Spain 3 days ago, now France.

In this video we look at the scientific concept of quasicrystals. Easy way to think about it is that a 4d object would cast a 3d shadow, a 5d, 4, etc. Check it.

Remember stories of the first white men on North and South America? Did you know the natives all got it wrong? Yeah, that might be us too.

Here, we look at the possibility that our real sun is no longer visible with the naked eye...

Join Evolutionary Energy Arts and I as we plumb the community and see where we are missing it. Guess what...dogma has a big role to play.

We look at the current doom situation with a twist...the one where we are not afraid of any of it.

We take a look at the critical zone just off the coast of Vancouver, and take a close look at the human conscience.

This is a must watch WSO Special Episode. Watch to we document a fleet of UFOS over Mexico.

You gotta check this out, we connect so many dots on the Planet X scene is hilarious.

This will silence the trolls.

Tell me why the moon is sideways?

We take a look at the space ship the Navy is showing us out by Venus.

Try to explain these!


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