Chorioactis Geaster

More videos from my vacation, language warning!

I went on vacation to Washington State recently and here is what we l did. Some foul language and drinking whilst golfing, this video is not for everyone.(Mom)

I made a chicken cooler
Look at my nuts!

These brother kittens are ridiculous.

I heard some chirping and status of my sick chicken with the fowl pox.

She was the last of Nixon's litter. I named her Matrix.

When it gets hot in Texas the cicadas get louder, this is a sampling for those who've never heard a cicada. Also I helped a snapping turtle cross w busy road.

The Outlaw Richard Milhouse Nixon goes outside for the first time.

I'm trying to break Nixon of his typical orange cat aggressiveness by giving him belly rubs, it's working!

It took a little bit but these two cats are finally getting along.

I cut myself with a machete on Father's Day about 5 years ago, this is how it went...

I made this video a few years back in 115° heat

I love my job. I love my life. Bad days are the worst, so make today great.

Nixon is learning how to climb and climb down.

I got a little male kitten and named him "Mr the Outlaw Richard Nixon" I call him Nixon for short.

Corn and a chicken

I bought a chipper mulcher, just checking her out.

I was mapping out a creek system when I found something curious.

Just filming my rabbits and chickens

Here I'm checking the ABV by weighing the sugar left after fermenting for 6 days.

A hobby I've recently picked up.

I think the title sums it for me.

I've always had rabbits, and these 2 new additions to the yard farm are fantastic. Rocky Road and Chunky Monkey.

The babies having fun this morning.


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