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A discussion about the relationship between the Buddhist Sangha and the Laity, as well as various and sundry other subjects.

A re-upload of my very first attempt at doing a podcast/video about Buddhism.

A re-upload of my second video/podcast about Buddhism.

Plato is the source of today's Authoritarianism, both left and right. Excerpt from OC Sure's lecture series on Aristotle. His channel:

Trailer for the Star Trek movie made by Quentin Tarantino.

Part of a what has become a continuing series of conversations with Roberta Wessex aka Bobdub ( Bob brings her usual clarity, insight and honesty to the real world, lived experience of those who are treading a Path that most people only know theoretically. Topics discussed include Buddhism, the nature of our perception of reality, Christianity, changing relationships with family and frens, colonialism and the White Man's Burthen, and much more... Don't miss it!

Pannobhasa discusses the changes that come as we travel the path, and talks also about how "Happiness Kicks Butt"!
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We talk again with Roberta "Bob" Wessex of "Bobbing Along with Bob" about the changing perspectives that come with travel along the Path, as well as many other things...
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We continue our talk with Roberta "Bob" Wessex about her experiences with Buddhism and Meditation. Find out more about her work at:

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Roberta "Bob" Wessex of the Bobbing Along Show talks about her experience as a newcomer to Buddhism.
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The title says it all... Pannobhasa and Otto Excelsior of discuss women on the path.

More from Pannobhasa:

In this next video on Nuts and Bolts Buddhism, Brian Ruhe discusses Meditation and related topics, along with some interesting anecdotes concerning his time in the Orient.

In this first video in a projected series on "Nuts 'n' Bolts" Buddhism, we talk about meditation with Pannobhasa, formerly a bhikkhu and now a householder. Pannobhasa talks about some of his experiences as a meditator both as a bhikkhu and as a layman, with thoughts on how a lay Buddhist can pursue mindfulness in day to day life. Here in the Occident we lack many of the "support systems" and cultural assumptions that support Buddhist practice in the Orient. The "Nuts 'n' Bolts" Buddhism series is meant to provide information, insight and down to Earth advice for Occidental lay Buddhists who want to incorporate more of their their Buddhism into daily life.

Prof. Dutton talks briefly about the effect that the increasing number of mutants are having on human society, with a comparison to certain animal studies. The social epistasis model seems to explain what is happening quite well.
To me the most interesting part is the idea that, since mind is an epiphenomenon of the brain (and as we are all good materialists now, I know few people who would argue otherwise), then physical mutations which affect the function of the brain will also affect the function of the mind. And indeed, even if you think that the mind is somehow "non-local" (as Rupert Sheldrake says) it still must needs be housed in a physical shell that will greatly affect its function: a glass of brandy, or a lobotomy, demonstrates this easily enough. As a Jaynesian (and, interestingly enough, as a Buddhist) I don't actually believe that the mind is real, but that is NOT to say that the mind has no existence. Of course the mind exists, but it isn't what it thinks it is...

Young Conservative John Doyle talks about about the political and social conditions necessary for Freedom. Find more at his website:

Platonic Forms BTFO'd! Check out the work of the web's top Aristotelean, O.C. Sure aka the Wolf of Apollo!
"Aristotle Against Plato" :

Some thoughts about the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.
No matter what your political affiliation (or lack thereof) everyone should be concerned when hundreds of allegations of election irregularity are ignored.
Without complete transparency there can be no public confidence.

A short clip from a wonderful short video series called Mercury Men... A pep-talk to the emasculated, post ww2-era Frankfort School propagandised White American male, who has been taught to think that he is "nothing".

Pannobhasa Bhikkhu talks with's own Otto Excelsior about G.F.W. Hegel's Magnum Opus, The Phenomenology of Spirit. Pannobhasa Bhikkhus is the only man I have ever met who has actually read the entire book cover to cover, so I was curious as to his opinion of it. Hegel is quite a meme these days, especially on /lit/, but no one who is shitposting about him seem to have actually read him.

COMING SOON: Follow the strange journey of Navakavada's own Pannobhasa Bhikkhu as he strives to create a traditional Bhikkhu's robe, despite living in the kali Yuga.'s own Otto Ex talks to Brian Ruhe, president of the Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler, on the subject of Esoteric Hitlerism.Topics include: background on the founding of the Thule Society, the different spiritual approaches to Hitlerism, the practices of the Thule Society as well as re-incarnation, Tibetan Buddhism, and Tree Magic. Don't miss it!
Recorded on January 17th of Current Year.

Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler:

Brian Ruhe on Bitchute:

For more information on Navakavada:

A fun-filled politically incorrect romp as Pannobhasa Bhikkhu, Venerable Mahathera and man about town, talks with Otto Ex of about:
the ideological attacks on Society and Science by a Cultural Marxist-dominated Academic Establishment,
the Culture of Critique,
the Origins of Modern Judaism in Hellenistic Thought,
the turning on and tuning out of feminist propaganda in superhero movies,
the trouble with Star Wars,
the place of the Jews in Frank Herbert’s Dune,
and “partying” as an ascetic practice and an expression of masculine spirituality…

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For some of Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu's controversial writings on current events, politics and the Kulturkampf, check out his Politically Incorrect 'blog:

For more information about Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu and Buddhism, check out his site:

For Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu's thoughts on Buddhism, check out his more Buddhist-oriented 'blog:

Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu's translation of a very ancient Pali text, probably the largest fragment of "primitive" Buddhist philosophy still in existence, and according to Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu, possibly the most important document in all of Buddhist literature:

Pannobhasa Bhikkhu talks about "Backwards Logic" and the way people will often only find that which they are looking for.

Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu is a Mahathera (Great Elder) of the Theravada Sangha.

For more information about Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu and Buddhism, check out his site:

For Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu's thoughts on Buddhism, check out his more Buddhist-oriented 'blog:

For some of Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu's controversial writings on current events, politics and the Kulturkampf, check out his Politically Incorrect 'blog:

To help support Pannobhasa Bhikkhu's mission to the occident:

Pannobhasa Bhikkhu, Mahathera with a difference (and WHAT a difference!) talks about "Conspiracy" Theories, the Hollow Earth, and Land of the Lost. Also further discussion on the Ogre Attack including Hypnagogia, Lucid Dreams, & Liminal States. Plus: The Hermit who Lived in a Tree, having Shrines dedicated to oneself, and the noted absence of Apple Fritters in Rural Myanmar.

For more information about Pannobhasa Bhikkhu and Buddhism, check out his website:
For Pannobhasa Bhikkhu's thoughts on Buddhism, check out his more Buddhist oriented 'blog:
For some of Pannobhasa Bhikkhu's controversial writings on current events, politics and the Kulturkampf, check out his Politically Incorrect 'blog:

To help support Pannobhasa Bhikkhu's mission to the Occident:


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The problem is this: Western Buddhism is often more leftist politics and progressivism than actual Buddhism.

Navakavada is an attempt to encourage a more fundamentalist approach to Buddhism for (but by no means limited to) Westerners, renouncing political correctness hysteria, and attempting to reconcile ancient and even timeless values with the technotopian postmodern western civilisation in which we live.