A totally based and boonkpilled caller drops from the battlebus into the Hake Report show on 10/22/2020 to offer some enlightenment about the state of things, the futility of debating with evil scumbag pieces of trash, talks about being expelled from law school by a gay jew named (((ROTH))) and drops one of my all-time favorite Sam Hyde quotes a couple times! A must listen for all would-be internet incel racist troll sperg sweetie honey kiddos

I've tried uploading this a hundred times
Getting real tired of bitchute before I have even gotten one video uploaded
Trying it one last time, so it better work
This episode is about Little St. Simon of Trent, with a little epilogue about the masterpiece work of art created by Giovanni Gasparro recreating The Martyrdom of St. Simon of Trent that was recently released
I had made this video months ago and wasn't going to release it until I had more videos in the bank, but then the painting came out and I figured I had to upload it
So please watch, like, share, subscribe, and shill me to everyone you know
I love you guys, Christ bless you


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Operation: Wehrwolf is a show dedicated to providing genuine content with real thoughts and opinions of a real wehrwolf, Wilhelm Wehrwolf.

Inspired by the likes of MDE, Frank Hassle, America First, Red Elephants, and other similar heroes of web content, Operation: Wehrwolf just wants to put out quality content for people like Mr. Wehrwolf himself who feel like there is no media for them.

We've all had enough of the globohomo racemixing anti-Christian white-hating jewish communist pedosatanist mainstream media, and even if the editing isn't that great, the video and audio quality are below par, and the writing is a bit stilted, Operation: Wehrwolf simply exists to let other wehrwolves know they are not alone.

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