This is the story of what got me through the hardest time of my life. That and moving into the present and how it may help you.
Also, a little of my personal theology and the Bible.

This is the story of my first business and two years after. It's about money, the ethics and responsibility of it from personal experience.

Current events and life back to normal

This is for you Kaedon and so many others.

One word says it all. Good and bad, funny and not. It's all about growing up. Or, becoming a man. Or maybe, a real Christian.

This is a sequel to "Present Day Stuff". A friend was confused about some stuff I said. Hopefully, this video expands and clarifies. That said, it's a stand alone video. Enjoy.

Issues I've been facing the last week or so. Kind of heavy, but the end leads to a measure of hope and peace. Thanks for watching.

A collage of stories from kindergarten to sixth grade. Lots of humor in the midst of hard lessons learned. .

Funny memories of growing up as a Catholic. I get pretty emotional at the end, again. if you watch that part, you'll need to turn up the volume.

This is the story of an evolving relationship with my brother. Good ending.

My very first God dream. And my mom and answered prayer.

A short overview of the area where I grew up. Some flashes of memory that always make me feel good when I think of them. A few stories that are much the same. P.S. The Hot Spring was eight miles. My brother called me on it.

My first night in Montana, community interdependence back then, and a presidential visit gone awry.

The possibility of hyperinflation in the US and stuff we can do.

A couple of stories from South and Central America. How economies were destroyed and how people dealt with it. Last, things to think about for today.

Just an article from the Epoch Times about his time as a Vietnam POW and my reaction going forward.

My best effort to relate McArthur's leadership in Korea and a tiny slice of my dad's life at that time.

An abbreviated version version of my experience in the military that exposed the military industrial complex.

A dream about death. And how to deal with it.

Saved the best for last. Blast from past 03.

Just a fun story of me, a bottle of Pepsi and a fancy ceiling.

Growing up in the '50's and a few childhood tales.

After the election for a Christian and conservative.

An introduction to my channel and what I hope to do with it.

My concerns about the covid19 vaccine and the fraud leading up to it.


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