Whither Went the Whispering Willow

Hey, everyone! It took me a while, but I finally finished making my Naruto/Boruto character ranking videos. I originally recorded about 4 hours worth of me talking and stuff, so I had to cut it into several parts. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. I used the bracket fight format for this first video, but my other videos after this will be in tier list format.

Hey, everyone! I really enjoyed this episode! The action was good (in my opinion), and it had a lot of great emotional moments. Of course, the music was great as usual. ...except I'm not sure if I liked that ending song, lol. I didn't even know the ocean had skin. (I'm sure they meant to say "ocean's surface," but it's funnier as "ocean's skin," lol.)

Hey, everyone! What's your favorite Boruto opening and ending theme song so far? I think my favorite opening theme song of the bunch was Number 4 (Lonely Go!). I also liked 5 and 6v2. (*;ω;) Father & son ramen time is so cute! (To be honest, I liked all of them, really.) So far, my favorite ending theme songs are 5 and 6. It took a while for it to grow on me, but I really love ending 12 as well. I also enjoyed endings 4, 9, and 10.

Hey, everyone! Here's the Shippuden OP tier list I promised to make. I figured I could try to make more videos since everyone's probably staying at home these days. Still, it takes me all day to edit everytime, since I'm particular about the details. I'm certainly no expert, though.

Hey, everyone! I hope you're all feeling well with that flu going around. Looks like our heroes have encountered their first Wave. Based on what we've seen so far, I'm starting to wonder if the kingdom is hiding something...? That guy with the scar on his face looks like he might become an important character later on. I guess I should try to remember him. As always, the music is very relaxing to listen to. (˘ω˘*)~♪~♪

Hey, everyone! I was tired when I recorded, so I might seem a little unenthusiastic this time (though I really did enjoy watching the theme songs). I thought it would be mostly slow stuff, but I was surprised to see some energetic songs in the mix. I'm not sure which one is my favorite. Hmm... I did like the ones with the fanart, the pinwheel, the training montage, the graffiti, the ramen shop, and the lanterns. I think the manga-focused one and the Obito-focused ones were good, too. The baseball one was cute, and the samurai one was really funny, lol.

It took a while, but I finally found some free time to work on another reaction video. Now, if only my internet was faster... (PS: Raphtalia was super cute!)

(・ω・)ノシ Hey, everyone! I really enjoyed watching the Shippuden theme songs again. It had been a while since I'd seen them, but I think they put a lot of effort into the quality of the theme songs (especially in putting meaning into the visuals). I'll work on the next Shield Hero video when I get some free time. (I can only hope it will be soon, but I can't say for certain. Gotta do homework, afterall.)

(*・∀・)ノシ Hey, everyone! This was my first time seeing The Rising of the Shield Hero! I had a little trouble reacting since there was a lot of information to process in this episode. I did my best to cut out the parts where I wasn't talking very much. Thank you for all your support! I wasn't sure if anyone would even enjoy my reactions, but it seems there are a few people who do. (^ω^*) So, thank you!

And now for my 2nd reaction video! This time I'm watching the ending theme songs for the Naruto series. I'd love to do a rewatch of the entire series one day, but I'd like to try watching some newer shows first. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my video!

I had a lot of fun making this video. I didn't expect myself to talk so much, though I'm sure many of you would probably think I didn't say much. (It was a lot more than usual for me.) I think I'm getting the hang of recording, and now I know what settings I need to use to keep the audio/video synch intact. If you have any suggestions for anime theme song videos, I'd be glad to hear them!

When I said my voice was too quiet for the computer to hear, I meant that I was literally about an inch away from the michrophone and STILL had to turn up my volume during editing.

I know I'm supposed to practice drawing human faces, but I just wanted to do this for fun! I traced/drew Freddy in celebration of the release of Ultimate Custom Night (UCN)! Oh, and congratulations to everyone who beat 50/20 mode! I'm not real good with anything to do with horror, so I haven't really played the main series of games. But I have always enjoyed watching others' reactions and theories. (I tried to cut back on recording to make the video shorter, but it looks like I needed to skip around more than I thought I would.) (^p^;) My teacher would surely be disappointed in me for making the outlines so pronounced!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jojs7s6bvwg

Just a video of me doing some art homework. I sped it up to 400%, so my fat hands look like they’re jiggling, lol. ~(‘ω’)~ This video ended up being longer than I expected, so I guess I’ll just try not to record too much next time.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s7OlDZepnQ

Since I struggled to hear my own voice when I reviewed the recording, I made this video text only. (I guess I’ll need to use a mic next time.) (・ω・;) I’m not used to having a YouTube channel yet, but I’ll do my best! (*For Bitchute: I'll also try to upload all or at least most of my YouTube videos to Bitchute as well.)

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA6-1ZOoYrQ


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