A pleasure to present this videoclip of one the hits by The Who at their golden era. It is beeing part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the band at some video networks. The kids are alright, aren't they?

Unofficial videoclip of the Paul McCartney and Wings hit in association with Elektra Comic. A Marvel Opera recreated on the comic book heroes in their 70's era.
This song produces the interesting meeting of Paul and Linda McCartney with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby from Marvel. "To Gather Our Forces And Run".

Animation videoclip of George Harrison's "What Is Life". It was for the 2014 Genero.TV Video Contest. Olivia and Dhani consider it as "silver medal". It is my honest tribute to Harrison and his work. Big influence for me. Also tried to answer the song title question, this is YOUR life George (in my very modest view)

This is the animation video clip of the well known Beatles song requested for the "50th Anniversary of Strawberry Fields Forever" celebration in Almería, October 2016. An event created by Javier Adolfo Iglesias. My thanks for his colaboration and contributions.
References in my mind to Zbigniew Rybczyński and his "Tango" film, Giorgio de Chirico, El Bosco, Edelmann, Carroll or Peter Blake. All that to try to get the surrealistic and oniric atmosphere in line of that giant song. Let me take you down...

This is the alvarortega animation clip of "Taxman" the opening song of Revolver, 7th album of The Beatles. It was made to celebrate the realease of "Birth of an Icon Revolver 50" a Klaus Voorman tribute book of his work at the album cover. Thank you Christine Voorman for support. As Strawberry Fields Forever lyrics, this song begins with: "Let Me..." so, Let me tell you how it will be...


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