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I discuss how words need to have context before they are racist, how the wage gap isn’t what people think it is and i tell people off for defending pedophiles and zoophiles on twitter

These two haven’t thought this through have they?

You decide, will youtube be dead within 2 years...or just 1?

What’s a wanker?

Plank says...

Scopeley’s email address where you can submit any fan art...assuming you play the game
[email protected]

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“Insert Thanos quote here”

Celebrating my 25k channel views milestone on Bitchute

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Video used

My official video advertising BitChute which i have also uploaded to youtube...this video was supposed to be done months ago but unfortunately, i couldn't brain-storm fast enough and i wanted the advert to be at least funny if it failed to be good...

#VoxAdpocalypse #BitChute #Advert

Thanks for watching!

Also’s video on words you shouldn’t use in your youtube video

Because even after playing this game for 19 years i’m still a noob...

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Hi guys, I’m general chaos and this is my bitchute channel...

I’m here because I absolutely adore bitchute’s opinion on censorship and I wanted to be apart of that, so I decided to start my very own upload every week...

And i’m just going to admit this now, yes, i didn’t start using a capture card for my let’s plays until around the time i started my let’s play on destroy all humans!...which admittedly wasn’t until 2018...

Expect to see links for twitter and DeviantArt here in the future, I’m general chaos and I’ll see you all later...