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Celebrating my 50k channel views milestone on BitChute, thank you one and all :)


I’m sorry to all the people subscribed for my LPs but I’ve been feeling this way for some time now...

Part 8 of my destroy all humans! 2 let’s play keeps getting stuck in processing

I discuss how words need to have context before they are racist, how the wage gap isn’t what people think it is and i tell people off for defending pedophiles and zoophiles on twitter

These two haven’t thought this through have they?

You decide, will youtube be dead within 2 years...or just 1?

What’s a wanker?

Plank says...

Scopeley’s email address where you can submit any fan art...assuming you play the game
[email protected]

#Thanos #ThanosEndGame #AvengersInfinityWar

“Insert Thanos quote here”

Celebrating my 25k channel views milestone on Bitchute


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Hi guys, I’m general chaos and this is my bitchute channel...

I’m here because I absolutely adore bitchute’s opinion on censorship and I wanted to be apart of that, so I decided to start my very own upload every week...

And i’m just going to admit this now, yes, i didn’t start using a capture card for my let’s plays until around the time i started my let’s play on destroy all humans!...which admittedly wasn’t until 2018...

I’m general chaos and I’ll see you all later...