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My content is NOT aimed at all, Only the ones that are doing irreparable damage & destroying the future for European's worldwide!

After the first attempt by the Persian's to try to invade Greece, The majority of people & military tacticians assumed that this was the last they would see of the Persian Empire. Themistocles knew that the Persians would return (In larger numbers) but had to convince the politicians & people to take the money from a newly found silver vein, Into building a fleet of 200 Triremes to bolster the Athenian navy (Rather than spreading the wealth to the people). Themistocles used his political savvy to help the people understand that they could have money & not be safe, Or Be safe and live with less money BUT TO LIVE WITHOUT FETTERS! It was the investment that saved Athens and all of the Greek city states from a total Naval Defeat when the Persian's returned with a far larger fleet, Just as Themistocles predicted.

While the Spartans attempted to hold the pass of Thermopylae, A Greek fleet of 300 ships, 200 of which were Athenian, attempted to stem the advance of the Persian navy at Artemisium, The smaller Greek fleet lured the Persian Fleet into an area between the large island of Euboea and the mainland. From there numbers did not matter. The smaller Greek fleet had a decisive victory, Shortly after there was a storm that further destroyed the Persian Navy. Eurybiades, the commander of the Spartan naval contingent who had been appointed the commander of the whole Greek fleet, wanted to abandon this position, much to the dismay of the Euboeans (That were fighting alongside Athens). Themistocles took over the Whole of the Greek Navy of300 Ships. It was generally agreed that Themistocles was the savior of Greece.

Without the fleet Themistocles as Politician & General (As well as a small amount of others) Bolstered, This Could have changed all of European History As We Know It.

Like Themistocles I am doing the best I can to warn people & tell them the truth, Decide for yourself, But Wake up!, So we can overcome this evil we face together.

The Victim Narrative. Some White people are helping To AID in our own cultural demise To make things worse.

Not All But Most Blacks Discriminate against whites in America.

People Need To Learn & Accept The Truth. The Hour Is Getting Late, If something is not done by 2025 European people on EVERY CONTINENT will be a minority. The people against us, Zio Globalists & African Americans, As well as Migrants That Are Coming In To Replace us already speak of how they will make laws against us when we are minority...Whites Have Carried The World in all types of innovations, And are MORE Than A FAIR/Equal as a majority population.

But when we are the minority, People are planning on how they can make us a victimized minority with unfair treatment, Due to past wrongs we had no control over, (There delusions make them think they are victimized, Due too Marxist teachings & from angry racist people).

Somehow they cannot see that the black on white violence is 60 to 1. To this day thousands of European women are raped by blacks in America, Yet F.B.I. statistics show a percentage of less than 5 white on black rapes since the 1970's. These Liberal Marxists Are DELUSIONAL & FED LIES To Make Something As Simple As Saying "Hello" A Micro-Aggression, To be met with violence.

We Must Come Together As A People, Skin color, Race does not matter if you can see through the delusions & lies, It is all about mindset To Free EVERYONE from the 1 World System planned for EVERYONE. They use race baiters & Media to weaken us to fight each other, So we cannot see the walls slowly built around us.

Further Reading Is About The American Cooperation, We are not a Nation We Are A Business Same As Apple Or Amazon

The act of 1871 is unconstitutional therefore it is not legal; the validity depends on our consent and we do not consent. Once legally derogated we should audit the Federal Reserve and derogate the Act of the Federal Reserve based on Constitutional grounds, since " we the people" did not grant authority to the Congress to abandon their duties as stated in Article 1 Section 8 Clause 5.

Article 1 Sec. 10 of the Constitution of the United States and 12 U.S.C. 152 refers to gold and silver coin as lawful money of the United States. The law at 12 U.S.C. 152 was repealed in 1994. Now legal tender is referred to in 31 U.S.C.A 5103 stating. United States coins and currency.... are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes and dues.