Days after the senseless KILLING of 6 at a Christian School in Nashville by a deranged, demented woman who thought she was a DUDE...Dementia Joe thought it was a good idea to have a "Trans Day of visibility"...The lack of brain matter/sensitivity/compassion is showing NO slow down from old Joe...WTFK??? #nashvilleschool #joebiden

In a Captain Obvious moment Eric Adams the DEM Mayor of a ONCE great NYC has an epiphany of sorts...He's NOW saying that MORE MURDERS are being committed by Youts, yes I said Youts than prior to the Plandemic err pandemic...But how can that be??? It's called DATA numbnuts...Wow...#ericadams #newyork

Trans Madness Update: A RIOT of "J6 proportions" broke out in Nashville yesterday as Transanity invaded the Capital days after a man w mental illness shot up a Christian school KILLING 6 including 3 kids...But they weren't there for the kids...Then the "Trans Day Of Vengeance" scheduled in DC was CANCELLED due to "safety concerns" ...Yeah that's it...Not due to fact that violent Trans-activist were going to show up...#nashville #transanity

***BREAKING NEWS***Well Alvin Bragg...The SOROS bought & paid for DA outta NYC did what MOST people w a brain didn't think he would do...He INDICTED the president of the USA for time in the nations HISTORY just to score WOKE points...And w that he sealed HIS fate & threw gasoline on already LIT FIRESTORM that is MAGA...The DEMS will get BURNED for this...#trump #alvinbragg

The "Trans Day of Visibility" changed to "Trans Day Of Vengeance" since the tragic shooting at a Christian School in Nashville KILLING 6 including 3 children...This will take place In DC at the steps of SCOTUS...The way this thing is being promoted, the potential for actual violence is there...But according to MSM is "peaceful protest" that "Trans" AKA Mental Ill are being hunted & KILLED...Gee, I wonder where that propaganda came from??? #transmadness #washington

Trans Madness Update: After all that's happened in the last few days regarding Nashville & Tenn BAN of "Trans Madness" overall...Kentucky steps up NEXT & BANS the TRANS. By passing sweeping legislation banning hormones & surgeries under the age of consent 18 & overriding the DEM gov. veto...A "Transurrection" took place & some comparing this the Civil Rights era??? So NOW protecting children from getting mutilated is a BAD thing...FK this noise...#kentucky

The Univ. Of Pitt decided have some "Women" attend and speak...1 a World Class Collegiate Swimmer out of Kentucky (Riley Gaines) who was ROBBED of a Nat'l title by a Mangina (Wil Thomas) who couldn't playing w the men...& the other a man w a mental illness (Dylan Mulvaney) who plays dress-up, most recently like a 6yo & got paid $26k to attend to come to Pitt & receive a LGBTFU award of braveness...Which one do YOU think got PRAISE & the other a SH*T sandwich...#rileygaines #dylanmulvaney

After the tragic MASS shootings occurred in Nashville...Where Trans Madness struck a Christian School killing 6 including 3 children...The BLAME game started right away...One in particular, a freelance commentator for NBC tried to score points w the WOKEMOB by tweeting (now deleted) that Shapiro, Knowles & Walsh of The Daily Wire were somehow the BLAME for this being that they are FLAT OUT against child mutilation in Tenn where they're based...#dailywire #nashvilleshootings #transmadness

Trans Madness Update: NASHVILLE: A Christian school was the target of a tragic MASS shooting as a mentally ill man playing dress-up entered the school early Monday am shot at innocents...6 were killed--3 adults & 3 children. But that wasn't the "real" tragedy of this story, Not the adults, nor the children or that it was a "hate crime" against Christianity...the shooter is the REAL victim why??? The MSM says it was cause "she" was "misgendered"...& you wonder why WE HATE the MEDIA so FK much... #nashville

Trans Madness Update: Recent polling over the last several yrs have indicated that America is getting TIRED of the push for "acceptance" of Trans Ideology...Especially when it comes to our kids...We're tired of having this Mental Illness being rammed down our throats...And finally we're seeing a pendulum swing in the right direction...Per Michael Knowles "Trans Ideology MUST be eradicated" #transmadness #pollsresults

Trans Madness Update: Tennis Legend & ICON Martina Navratilova is considered one of the GOATS of Tennis...Has been an outspoken defender of Women Sports just being for Women...But the WOKEMOB has ATTACKED her the last few yrs for calling out FACTS that Men are NOT Women...Now comes good news--The World Athletics Council has announced that they are BANNING men w mental illnesses from competing in Women's Sports...And Navratilova gave them CONGRATS for using common sense...#transmadness #martinanavratilova

Remember E. Palestine, Ohio...Train derailment, chemical spill, burn off, NUKE-like cloud, water poisoned, animals DIED, ppl sick??? Well, it turns out the response time was DELAYED by the Dementia Admin. & TransPo Sec. Pete Buttplugs FEET DRAGGING was INTENTIONAL due to politics--SHOCKER...A Whistleblower spills the beans to podcaster Benny Johnson ALL BY ACCIDENT...#ohio #bennyjohnson

HAIL HYDRA...A Karen wearing a "Hail Satan" T...So you know where this is going...Showed up a townhall meeting ready to BIT** about a few things...According to her Gov. Desantis is "Tropical Hitler" cause there's "book banning" going on , anti-Civil Rights Act & parents NO NOTHING about teaching SEX to their kids...If she mean banning GAY PORN in state funded libraries/schools, teaching Groomerville in classrooms & The "Parental Rights Act" signed last yr...The YES, YES, & YES...I was told U Never go FULL RETARD, Oops too late...#rondesantis #florida

On Boston Sports radio, a top 5 of sorts...Top 5 "Nips" AKA mini-liquor bottles...Someone says "Mina Kimes" ESPN's "NFL Analyst" ok...She chimes in start virtue signaling due to the "history" of the word "Nips" short for Nippon used during WW2, a racial slur against Japanese...then Jason Whitlock of Blaze's "Fearless" show chimes on why so serious on a silly comment said on a radio show, when N-BOMBS are dropped in rap music & YOU say nothing??? #minakimes #jasonwhitlock

Alvin Bragg the NY DA in what seems to be his SOLE mission to score points in nailing former pres. Trump to the wall relating the Stormy Daniels "HUSH $$$" case...2 problems w that... Trump's documents AKA receipts -First, it expired as a chargeable misdemeanor after two years — and that was roughly five years ago. Second, it was a mere misdemeanor that could be brushed off by Trump even if they succeeded. Which has made the Grand Jury silent & weakened Bragg's case significantly...#trump #alvinbragg

Gina Carano-actress/MMA legend & formerly Cara Dune on the D+ show "Mandalorian" who was unceremoniously FIRED by Disney for having "opinions" outside the WOKE narrative a few yrs back...Her HATERS just can't get enough of her...Katy O’Brian, who plays Elia Kane or Amnesty Officer G68 did not replace Gina Carano’s Cara Dune character. But according to a Mary Sue at Kotaku replacing "a transphobe w a muscular lesbian" is what get her rocks off...#ginacarano #mandalorian

After months of Trump's poking & slighting the Governor of FLA-Ron Desantis...From "Desanctimonious" in Ohio just days before the Midterms to calling him "disloyal" after Desantis won by the BIGGEST margin in FLA history & the ONLY "redwave" that occurred was in FLA...Desantis sits w Piers Morgan & talks about FLA, Trump, Beating Biden??? Is he "running"??? We'll soon see...#rondesantis #trump #piersmorgan

Marvel's Victoria Alonzo, VP who's been there since 2006...Thru ALL the GOOD the BAD & truly UGLY that is currently the M-She-U...Was FIRED Friday due to the former MCU's output of WOKE trash of Phase 4/5...The latest outing from Marvel "Ant-Man Quantumania" which BOMBED turned out to be the last straw for Disney's Bob Iger which led to Alonzo's ousting...#marvel #disney #woke

Trans Madness Update: A trans activist who was involved w violence at UC Davis when TPUSA Charlie Kirk was scheduled to speak said Kirk was pushing for "Trans Lynchings" Both the Sacramento Bee & former congressman NOW professional Mangina Adam Kinzinger piggy backed the story...It was all a HOAX, a flat out LIE. Kirk NEVER said it, The Bee retracted it & Kinzinger doesn't give a FK as long as it HURTS those like Kirk who favor Trump...#adamkinzinger #charliekirk

One of the TOP 3 worst governors in the country (Newsom, Cuomo, Hochel) especially during the COOF plandemic w FORCED vax mandates, school shutdown, church closings-- Michigan's Gretchen Whitmer...She sat w Jen Psaki who has a NEW show on MSLSD, yeah didn't know she had one either...& spoke about a "possible" run in '24??? Cause we ALL saw what happen when Hillary ran, lol...#gretchenwhitmer #jenpsaki

Tell me if you've heard this song before...Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, hush $$$, possible indictments...that was 2016...Fast Forward. NYC DA Alvin Bragg bought & paid for by George Soros--is bringing forward junk charges that have been debunked/dismissed in a possible indictment of Pres. Trump in relation to Stormy Daniels that could come down as early as Tuesday...But every time the LEFT says "we got him"...Trump says "No you don't"...#trump #alvinbragg

DC's "old DCEU" "Shazam 2 -Fury of The GODS" opened Thursday w it's LOWEST opening night in DCEU's history & could potentially have a $35M opening weekend which would also be it's LOWEST EVER...But w it's Woke plotlines, alphabet themes, it's lead Zachary Levi anti-poison jab Twitter comments & DC's Entertainment Chief James Gunn FIRING of the Snyderverse...Did you really Shazam AKA Cap'n Marvel 2 had a chance??? #shazam2 #getwoke

Surveys by Tucker Carlson were given out to potential GOP 2024 Pres. contenders...Among those were Trump, Haley, Pompao, Abbott & Desantis...One question was about Ukraine...All were NOT in favor of the $$$ given or to BE given to Zelensky's proxy war w Russia...But Desantis was the ONLY ballsy enough to put America 1st & call out Ukraine's BS but the NECONS, MSM & GOP were NOT too happy w Desantis dropping FACTS...#rondesantis

Trans Madness Update: After eight seasons of "Child affirming care" AKA surgeries, and countless hormone treatments, TLC’s "I Am Jazz star" Jazz Jennings still doesn’t feel right. “I don’t feel like me, ever,” & is ATTRACTED to MEN--Whaaaaaa??? Jennings revealed in a recent episode. Well...Could it be that you're STILL a DUDE??? #jazzjennings #tranmadness

The Disney+ series "Willow" supposedly & loosely based on the 80's fantasy classic...Was CANCELLED due to low ratings after only 1 season...But how can that be??? Was it cause of the Production value, Direction or casting??? Or due to it being drenched in WOKE TRASH like trans madness, alphabet themes & taking away from the OG premise & making Warrick Davis (lead) a worthless bench player??? And nobody gave a F**K ...Hahahaha!!! Try ALL of the above...Disney is still TRASH...#willow #disneyplus


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