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My recommended links:
#1 Aneko Press
#2 Christian Sermons & Audio Books:
#3 Dr/Pastor Derek Prince (Complete Salvation and how to receive it)
#4 Pastor David Pawson (The normal Christian Birth PARTS 1-6)
#5 Pastor David Pawson (The Holy Spirit Sessions 1-20)
#6 The Indwelling and Outflowing of the Holy Spirit (Charles Spurgeons Audio Sermons)
#7 The personality of the Holy Spirit (Charles Spurgeons Audio Sermons)
#8 E-sword Free Bible Study (KJV; 1769)

God bless you all solecitos, all my followers and those just passing by ... fell free to get in touch, I pray regularly for many of you :-)
#1 Torch of Christ Ministries (Global Evangelism):
#2 Apostolic Fathers:
#3 Foxe's Book of Martyrs (Full Audio):
#4 The Book of the Watchers [from the Book of Enoch 1-36] will help you understanding Genesis 3:15 and Genesis 6:4:

It is extremely important that you read the pure/uncorrupted word of God for there's power in His word; my top recommendations:
#1 Pastor Derek Prince:
#2 Pastor Win Worley: and
#3 Dr./Pastor Preston Bailey:
#4 Dr. Lorraine Day:
#5 Pastor Gary Price:
#6 Donald J. Ibbitson, PhD:
#7 Pastor John P. Kyle:
#8 Pastor P. Everett Cox:
#9 Dr. Scott Johnson:
#10 Pastor Russ Dizdar:
#11 I.A. the Investigacion Biblica:
#12 Torch of Christ Ministries (Global Evangelism/Deliverance):
#13 E-Sword Free Bible Study for PC (KJV;1769):
#14 Introduction to the Septuagint:
#15 The Septuagint (Audio and Text):

I know ALL of them for I myself followed most of them for years. However, word of caution, is not what it used to be. In other words, the ones running this business are false/apostate Christians, so you'd better off going on YouTube and watch his excellent deliverance videos he made. Win Worley was simply phenomenal (he was one of the best when comes to spiritual warfare), you can still find his YouTube videos out there. Dr Lorraine Day is superb as well, really worth your time. If you're coming out of the Illuminati, S.R.A., serious witchcraft, Freemasonry, MK-U/Monarch mind control etc. then get in touch with Pastor Russ Dizdar and Dr/Pastor Preston Bailey.

WARNING: Jewish Noahide Laws anti-Christ teachings signed into US Law; decapitation for the followers of Jesus Christ.
Noahide Laws PART 1-5: and There are hundreds of hyenas, Jezebels, wolves, trannies, false preachers, 501c3 churches, warlocks of Satan, New agers, and many others (YouTube and Facebook are packed with them) who have the audacity to take the name of our Lord and Saviour - Jesus Christ - to make a merchandise of It - I say woe to thee!

Educate yourself about the Jewish anti-Christ Noahide Laws which were passed into Law by both US Congrese and Senate few years ago now. Furthermore, to apace American Jewry, in 1991, Congress and Senate passed into Law the 'legal' killing or Christian by Government.

DISCLAIMAR: Just b/c I recommend many websites here on my BITCHUTE channel it DOES NOT mean, however, that I endorse ALL of their their views, words, publications, teachings, visions, faulty teachings, assumption, pre-assumptions, beliefs and/or ideas about Christianity, etc.

You must take everything to The Lord in prayer AND do your own research for no-one is perfect and we all fall into human error, so we have to bear with each other in this respect.

501c3 churches are religious organizations preaching contrary to the Scriptures; they are in bed with the dragon and world Jewry. Please come out of your apostate 501c3 church and stop supporting this type of sold out ministries across borders/nations.
#1 Why you shouldn't trust your 501C3 Churches video:
#2 The 501c3 Church Being Muzzled:
#3 FED Train 501c3 Clergy to Quell Dissent during Martial Law:
#4 FED Train 501c3 Clergy to Quell Dissent during Martial Law:
#5 FED Train 501c3 Clergy to Quell Dissent during Martial Law:

TOP GLOBAL EXPERTS in regards to COVID-19 plandemic:
#1 Dr/author Lorraine Day: AND
#2 Dr Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. (YT censored video).
#3 Dr Sherri Tenpenny
#4 Dr Wolfgang Wodarg
#5 Dr Rashid Buttar
#6 Dr Andrew Kaufman
#7 Dr Erickson (YT censored video).
#8 Endocrinologist M.D. Dr. Zach
Triple board-certified M.D., Dr. Zach, joins Del in an evolutionary discussion on why Coronavirus is here, what it’s trying to tell us, and how we emerge from the darkness.
#9 The ultimate goal of this COVID-19 is microchipping (the mark of the beast) humans
#10 The building up of the final beast system
#11 COVID-19 will usher us into the One World Government:
#12 Dr John Bergman D.C. (the agenda):

Viruses are proteins structures that CANNOT LIVE outside our bodies. Unlike Fungi (i.e., candida), both BATERIA & VIRUSES are the good guys in our bodies for they are created by our immune systems and they are released to fight disease:

# Dr/author Lorrain Day is a genius M.D. and renown Orthopaedic trauma surgeon with +50 years of experience in the Medical Field. In this uncut interview you'll hear all you need to know about COVID-19 hoax and agenda. COVID-19 stands for Certificate of Vaccination and '19' stands for the commencing of the ritual bloods sacrifices to Satan starting 19/04/2020. Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates are paedophiles and high level Satanists. This is the OFFICIAL ROLE OUT for Jewish NWO Bolshevism that the Jews so much bragged about for the past +50. This is THE END of mankind as we know it!

# Dr Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. is probably world's top Molecular Biologists that exist today whose professional carer was ruined/over by Dr. Fauci and co. when she started exposing big pharma and vaccine industry scams, corruption, cover-ups and crimes against humanity. She's simply PHENOMENAL.

# Dr Andrew Kaufman has gained a LOT of attention lately due to his controversial claims regarding the global Coronavirus lockdown. He is speaking out about the missing science behind the supposed threat from Covid-19, and is generally questioning the established scientific community, and long time established facts. Does viruses and germs in fact cause disease? Is vaccines really safe and effective? And is there actual scientific proof of the claims on which the established medical community is build upon?

# Dr Sherri J. Tenpenny, is the founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center. Her goal is to provide the best of integrative medicine throughout the USA. Dr. Tenpenny is a graduate of the University of Toledo and received her training as an osteopathic medical doctor at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Tenpenny is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. She has undertaken many advanced courses in alternative medicine, including acupuncture and complex homeopathy. Dr. Tenpenny has invested nearly 20 years and more than 40,000 hours documenting and exposing the problems associated with vaccines. As an internationally known speaker and author, her many articles have been translated into at least 12 languages.

# Top expert/Dr Med. Wolfgang Wodarg, born in 1947, is an Internist and Pulmonologist, specialist for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine as well as for Public Health and Social Medicine. In 1991 he received a DAAD Scholarship to Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA (epidemiology).

The heavy metals in Vaccinations act as a conductor for electro magnetic radiation of 5G. The Chinese were given mandatory vaccines last fall (2019). The Vaccine was activated by 60 GHzmm 5G that was just turned on in Wuhan together with the ''Smart Dust" that everyone on the globe is inhaling through chemtrails. With the combination of chemtrails/smartdust + 5G + VACCINATION your body is more vulnerable to be remotely influenced by frequencies

Other good links:
#1 Who is Bill Gates?
#2 David Icke explosive interview
#3 Trumps sign HR 748 (he knew about this COVID-19 PLAN-DEMIC before it was roll out)
#4 Vodaphone senior whistle-blower connects 5g & COVID-19 dots
#5 Amazing Polly (finger pointing and naming names)
#6 Joe Imbriano (5G/60 GHz blocks oxygen uptake)
#7 5G + Biometrics systems being fast-tracked & covertly installed during lock-down (US)
#8 5G forced installation in schools nationwide (UK)
#9 ODD TV/The 5G Virus and Fear Based Programming
#10 FalconsCafe
#11 COVID-19 caused by radiation sickness (poisoning of the cells)
#12 National plan/agenda to vaccine every American
#13 COVID Action Plan
#14 Hiring Contact Tracers
#15 Setting the stage for Phase II as the State will deploy National Guard for contact tracing all Americans
# 16 Gene-Editing Vaccines

Here is the new method of vaccination. It's called the "micro needle array patch" developed by the Gates foundation which is similar to any other patch, just push it on to the skin and throw it away later. They can use this at check stops or any other convenient location. you won't have to go into a clinic to get it done. Neat, huh? Check it out at the 18:00 m mark, here;

The data is now in and the politicians, scientists, and corporate entities involved in this scam are being shown now for what this has always been: a massive fraud perpetrated on not just the people of the United States, but the entire world. People wonder how Jews pulled of the Holodomor and other mass genocides of the 20th century? You are seeing unfold right before your very eyes. The enemy (politicians) have already blocked supply lines but cutting critical food production facilities. Although the United States is a net food exporter, that does little when food production facilities are shuttered under the mantra of “saving lives”.

Scott, Spiro, Many Fish, and SGT Report are doing a great job.
#1. Dr. Scott Johnson COVID-19 Studies (PARTS 1-3):
#2. Many Fish YT Channel (the #1 horse of the Apocalypse has already been unleashed). The famine in our Western nations is on its way.
#3. SGT Report:
#4. Spiro Skouras and
#5. Vaccines wars are British Imperial Wars:

Jew owned/run BBC (just as it is ITV3, Channels 4 and 5, Sky News, and all MSM.) is run by anti-Christ debauchees, hybrids, trannies and paedophiles. A criminal and mind-bending enterprise brainwashing and mind-controlling the masses.

#1 Italian politician said COVID-19 is a hoax and terrorism! [WATCH]
#2 Covid19- Scientific, Medical, and Political Fraud – ITEL PT – 4.30.20 | Inside the Eye - Live! [WATCH]
#3 COVID Action Plan (the elite's massive fraud) [WATCH]
#4 Empty hospitals across the US/UK/CANADA/EUROPE:
#5 COVID-19 hoax Part II (The Hoax): [WATCH]
#6 Gates and Fauci (the soldiers of Satan):
#7 Viruses are proteins structures that CANNOT LIVE outside our bodies
#8 Global Health Mafia [WATCH]
#9 Global Research

Dr Lorraine Day explained in many interviews that Covid-19 is the common cold (not flu virus). Nurses are being laid off, because there is no work for them at the hospitals. People have gone to the NY hospitals that the lying Demon Seed Governor of NY said, were overwhelmed, only to take photos of their empty Emergency Rooms, with nurses sitting around with nothing to do. It’s another Hoax like the Jews Holohoax … our punishment for destroying Christian Germany, (The REAL Tribe of Judah) for Jewish Communism! This has been the Secret Jewish Plan for centuries! Anyone who still believes in the Covid19- Scientific, Medical, and Political Fraud – “It is clear this whole take down of the United States was well coordinated across the nation. Just listen to governors, mayors, police forces, judges, etc: they all share the same talking points (coordinated through the Deep State snake head Fauci) as “social distancing”, “breaking the curve”, “saving lives” and many other forms of rhetorical nonsense.

This is another Jewish hoax and Jews are stirring up panic while faking things everywhere. People who question the mainstream media’s claims of hospitals looking like war zones due to floods of people infected and dying from the coronavirus have filmed scenes at hospitals that appear empty, as though the narrative has been invented. Other facilities have claimed to be overrun with people who want to be tested for the virus, but most testing stations also are empty.

New York City:
Phyllis and William Mack Pavilion Hospital in Manhattan: One man in the emergency room, refrigerated truck on hand, but nothing going on. Bellevue Hospital: Looks empty from the street view. Kings County Hospital: 10 people standing around, but not busy. Brooklyn Hospital: not crowded, despite media claims to the contrary. No lines or chaos. Emergency ward in Jamaica Hospital: full and had people waiting; important to know that this hospital provides discount and free services to ‘underserved’ low-income community and is always busy. Waiting time is usually 4 to 5 hours, as seen from Yelp reviews. (Note that hospital information ends at 7:20 and then there is a commercial that can be skipped).

Man in Seattle shows that there is no one one in the Multicare Medical Center emergency waiting room except the security guard. He returned two weeks later and the waiting room was still empty with only a few people milling about.

Youtuber Jason Jones confronted Donna Schmidt, the CEO of Urgent Care Hawaii, who claimed that the medical facilities were overwhelmed by coronavirus testing requests, but when he visited an urgent care location, it was empty. She tried to knock the journalist’s phone out of his hand while he was filming. Link for news story featuring Donna Schmidt, the CEO of Urgent Care Hawaii, stating that the facilities were overrun with people requesting tests.

Norton East Hospital and Baptist East Hospital, both in Louisville, Kentucky had empty emergency rooms. University of Louisville Hospital was also empty in the waiting area.

Washington State:
Trios Hospital in Kennewick, Washington had a completely empty parking lot.

A German journalist visited Virchow Hospital in Berlin, where another hospital told him all of the coronavirus patients would be treated, and instead of finding a media-hyped emergency situation due to a deluge of coronavirus patients, he found the emergency room empty.

#1. Flat Earth Awakening:
#2. ODD TV/Flat Earth & Project Blue Beam:
#3. Exposing the kidnapping sex rings of the elite:,

I'm an ex-Catholic and I went to Spanish Catholic boarding school from age 13-18, so I know pretty much all about this Crypto-Jew religion damning MILLIONS of souls to the pit of hell. Catholicism is the mother of all harlots and abominations (Revelation 17:4-5). Brethren, come out of this deadly cult before it is too late.

Many wolves in sheep's closing teach that all races of the earth came from White Adam and Eve, and of course that is “biologically impossible!” Two White People can’t have a black heathen, and two black heathen, can’t produce a “White Baby”. And yet, the people have become so stupid and brainwashed, that they believe the lying preachers - most work for anti-Christ Communist Jewry. The Bible is about the History and Laws of the White Hebrew Race and their enemies the Canaanite Jews as Jews admit in their own writings (i.e., Talmud, Zohar, etc.) that they are the offspring of Cain, who was Satan’s First Born of Genesis 3:15. The translators changed the word “Seduced” to “Beguiled” to hide the fact that Satan was the father of Cain. Esau the forefather of the Jews married into the satanic Seedline; the rest is History.

Dr. Scott Johnson is one of the few Christians I trust with his information, studies and research. Having said this, I do not share his views about 'flat earth' (he's in denial on this), but no-one is perfect. He's very sharp, passionate for the truth, and has the backbone that many lack. He's done +100 Bible studies pretty much on all and everything a Christians needs to learn and know about. Further, he will give you second to none health advise. Worth signing up for his weekly emails, I've been following him (on/off) since 2012.

#1 Biblical Israel, The NOT So Chosen People Parts 1-5:
#2 100 Proofs O.T. Hebrew/Israelites were whites:
#3 Ted Pike (Zionism and Christianity the unholy Alliance)
#4 What's hidden in the Equality Act S788 (YT Censored).

#6 Jewtube Hates Midnighthood's Channel (YT and BITCHUTE).

#7 TruthVids (YT Channel):

Skip Baker comments:
As you read this keep in mind that no demon seed Edomite, Canaanite, Communist Jew, is a “Semite” (White Person), a Hebrew, an Israelite, a Judahite, or a “Human” Being, and here’s why: “Hu” means “Spirit” and when attached to the word “Man” means “Spirit Man.” Only “The Adam” was a “Spirit-Man” (having God’s Spirit breathed into his nostrils) along with his decedents, the White People of the earth. Adam was “the son of God” according to Luke 3:38, and was the first White Man, as all the other races were all here many thousands of years, before God put “HIS White offspring” on the earth. (Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, and SPIRIT OF MY SPIRIT!”).

The Ashkenazi/Khazarian (Mongolians) fake news and history claimed "six million" while THE RED CROSS reported less than 90,000 in all the camps during all of the war, mostly from typhoid, etc. There were NO Death camps but rather WORK camps, and there were NO gas chambers or crematoriums. It was a Holohoax that took 16 years (Eichmann trial in Tel Aviv) to invent. Please do a Search and read up on the torturing of the witnesses forced into lying at Nuremberg, the trial that you suggest was so honourable. It was accepted that they knew nothing about the death camps, including the head of German Intelligence, Reinhard Gehlen. Of course they knew nothing! How could they know about something that did not exist?

How sad that Christian Hitler, had no Gas Chambers, for lying Communist Jews of the Synagogue of Satan. “If a Jew’s moving his lips, he’s lying, and if you see a Rabbi, there’s already been a crime!” Jews murdered at least 100 million White True Israelites in the 20th Century, alone, and bragged about another 100 million in the 19th Century. They caused the “Black Plague” when that happened, going around poisoning the wells. That Jew Communist Jezebel - Angela Merkel - running Germany today, is doing all she can to destroy the nation. She was working in East Berlin when I was there in the winter of 1967, as a young Communist.

#1. The Jews & their race mixing agenda
#2. The Jews & their paedophilia agenda though Hollywood, MSM, Fashion, AND Music industries
#3. Timothy C. Holmseth Reports - Harvesting Children
#4. Jew owned media
#5. Exposing the kidnapping sex rings of the elite:,
#6. Isaac Kappy exposed Hollywood paedophiles before dying:

Top 4 Christian Identify Pastors who brilliantly exposed those wearing The Mask of Edom:

#1. Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet:
#2. Pastor Texe Marrs:
#3. Dr./Pastor Wesley A. Swift: and
#4. Dr./Pastor James P. Wickstrom:

Skip Baker email notes: Adam Green is a Jewish name, and the SOB knows he’s lying through his teeth. All the Jews in Europe tell the White True Israelites, that White People are “Esau-Edom” and that THEY are “Jacob-Israel.” And they all know they are all liars. Saxon Christ said they are all: “liars, thieves and murderers” and “not of my sheep, as I said unto you.” “Esau-Edom (Idumea) is modern Jewry.” 1925 Jewish Encyclopaedia, Vol. 5 page 41. A Jew can’t “be saved” because no Jew is an Israelite. “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel” Christ said at Matthew 15:24. And no lying Edomite Jew is an Israelite! Obadiah verse 18 tells us there won’t be an Edomite Jew left alive anywhere, after Yahweh awakens: “The Valley of The Dry Bones!” Tribes of Benjamin, Levi, and Judah. (Judah today are the Germans, Scots, Irish and White Russians). The Tribe of Benjamin, Paul’s Tribe, is in Iceland today. The Tribe of Judah, was made up Abraham's Kings of Europe.

#1 Anti-Semitism is a 'trick', a half breed manzer Jewish woman admitted:
#2 Jew OWNED MSM across US, UK, Canada, EU, Australia, it's all a hoax
#3 Jews for Hitler; Shifting the Blame - PART I: and
#4 Genocide by Telepathy
#5 Educate yourself:
#6 Jew Bill Gates: &
#7 Jews' ritual murder of white children
and ritual murder of goy/white children (I need to find this link - I've lost it).
#8 Jew Winston Churchill (the prolific paedophile): AND
#9 Zionist Jew Winston Churchill starved 4 M to death in India in 1943:
#10 Six Million Holocaust Figure invented by Zionists:
#11 The Occidental Observer (Jews exposed):
#12 More brainwashing/indoctrinating US whites students with Jewish Holocaust propaganda machine even though the so-called Jews haven't proved to the entire world yet that they are who they claim to be by independent DNA blood analysis!!

Skip Baker Comments:
Have you Forgotten that no Jew is an Israelite or Judahite? Abraham was NOT a Jew, his son Isaac was not a Jew, and Isaac’s son Jacob, was not a Jew. His brother Esau married into Cain’s Satanic Seed Line c. 2000 B.C. and only HIS descendants, are what we call demon seed Edomite, Canaanite, Communist “Jews,” Cain’s Seed of Genesis 3:15 today. Cain was Satan’s First Born, from his “Seduction” of Eve in the Garden. Saxon Moses was NOT a Jew. Moses asked the Jews in Edom, if we could pass through their land, as a short-cut to the Promised Land, and they refused, so Moses had to take us around Edom (Jewry). Can’t you even read a map? “Jews (from Edom) attacked Judah! It tells you the Jews are NOT the Hebrew Israelites of the Old Testament, BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION.

Jesus Christ said that ALL that is secret would be revealed in the last days - that includes the lies and crimes of our kings and politicians. Make no mistake, the Mask of the Edomites is going to be obliterated by the power of the truth.

#1 We Thought They (the Jews) Were White:
#2 Lou Dobbs Blasts Bill Barr-Cover-up cleared Obama, Biden, Comey & McCabe. Barr is a DS COWARD
#3 Renegade Tribune
#4 How Hitler Defied the Jewish Bankers
#5 US Lawmakers FORCED to support Israel:

An interesting truth to the reason a racial bias is so strong in America today, instead of going away with time and generations, a stores that has a portion of African Americans in a constant state of anger towards white people, that had nothing to do with their slavery, and has black people now hating the ones that freed them." The Jews, were (and still are) the BLACK/NEGROS traders yet they brainwashed the 'blacks' into believing it was the whites. This is the sick and hateful mindset of the Jews - there's no such thing and good and/or bad Jews. Jews are Jews.

That aside,
According to some Jews themselves (i.e., Steve and Jana Ben-Nun) who claim to be in the know, the Zionists Jews are of the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 3:9). They DON'T practice 'Torah' as most Christian believe they do (or have been brainwashed into believing) but Kabballah (or Jewish witchcraft of the most high) for they go by the Talmud (the blasphemious and hate book of the Jews) and by the Zohar. They are working towards their Jewish UTOPIA or Jew NWO to rule upon us 'the gentile' nations indeed (for centuries now). They've admitted (behind close doors and in their own writings) that they aspire to world domination and that they literally exist/live to 'exterminate' us; this is information in the public domain now.

These Zionist/Talmudic/Kabballah/Zohar Jews are the real enemies of our Father YHWH and Jesus Christ; and by extension, the enemies of the white race (they hate us with such supernatural hatred) and of true Christianity even before Jesus Christ walked among us. These Jews claim and proclaim that Lucifer/Satan is their god and that 'they' are the chosen of Lucifer. According to these Jews 'Adam' (who was created in the image of The Most High - probably the most beautiful and perfect man ever existed) was 'androgynist' - that's what Lucifer told them. Well, I presume could it be b/c he raped both Eve AND Adam in the garden when they disobeyed God. These vessels of Satan have also admitted that the LGBT AND the transgender agendas are Jewish indeed.

Furthermore, they are waiting for 'their alien/snake messiah' which is none other than the Biblical anti-Christ and that 'they worship the holy serpent' (read Texe Marrs' book "the holy serpent of the Jews"). Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) - which is demonic in nature - goes hand in hand with the arrival of the Jew's snake messiah. Moreover, they said that they are working with 'very powerful alien entities' far more powerful than Presidents and PMs. Well, I knew all of this nearly a decade ago; nothing new under the sun brother.

Some Jews (believers in Jesus Christ) are very concerned because wolves in sheep's clothing such is one Jew Mark Biltz (of El-Shaddai Ministries) and other self-proclaimed Evangelical 'Kosher' pastors (who behind close doors are wicked/blood thirsty Freemasons) started going around the world preaching another Jesus and the Jew gospel.

In few words, they are going with 'The 13 Declarations' of the Zionist Jews to Christian denominations commanding the following:

(1) Not to preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified to the Jews.
(2) Christians to fully 'submit' to the Zionist agenda of the Jews and 'to put down their lives' for the sake of the Jews. Brainwashed Christians are falling like bees for the lies of the Jews.

Here's the link:

#1. Fall of the Jewish Cabal (PARTS 1-10): [A MUST WATCH].
#2. Jewish Feminism Exposed:
#3. Jewish Planned Parenthood Exposed:

Brother Skip Baker emails/comments: For those who think 6 million Jews were killed by Germany during the war. In 1979, the International Red Cross released records from Arolsen, West Germany, recording that organisation’s figures from the number of total deaths in the concentration camps during World War II. The International Red Cross were present in every concentration camp and according to their estimates, 272,000 persons total died in the camps, half of whom were Jews.

No mention of gas chambers. No mention of 6 million dead.

No mention either of the 20+ people who have tried to wake us up at their cost (tried as holocaust deniers) or banned from speaking in Australia like David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Fred Leuchter, Eric Zundell, Fredrick Töben, David Icke, Chelsea Manning and anyone else who dares to tell us the truth.

The military industrial complex is also part of the Cabal (all across our Western fallen Christian nations) infested with hybrids, transhumans, super-soldiers, reptilians, alien-human hybrids, and other unidentifiably creatures/beasts.

The concept of ‘inalienable rights’ arose out of the White Christian spirit and is completely antithetical to the jewish weltanschauung or worldview based upon claustrophobic Noahide rules, regulations and empty rituals handed down to the faceless proletariat from the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful Sanhedrin at the top of the pyramid.

I also recommend TalkShoe Free Podcast platform for Scripture and Historicity Bible teachings with Pastor Robert_Johns.
# Easter instead of Passover?
# Christmas
# What is the two seed-line doctrine?
# The Basics
# The Basics #2


#1 According to the Bible (and true Science) there are races and sub races, but don't expect your schoolmaster or university lecture enlighten you in any of these subject matters.
#2 We are not all equal - the white race was meant to be 'a special/peculiar people' to our Father YHWH.
#3 Our Abba|Father YHWH forbids race mixing. In fact, He absolutely loathes and condemns this crime/sin against His race.
#4 ALL the nations of the earth (wherever we went in times past) were blessed by THE WHITE RACE. This cannot be said for any other races that came into our Western Christian nations - not a single one of them.
#5 ALL modern Bible translations (i.e., NIV, ESP, NKJV, etc.) were (and still are) translated from the CORRUPT JEWISH MASORETIC TEXTS (900 AD.) and not from the original Textus Receptus Manuscripts (500-200 BC). Furthermore, avoid reading (1) the Scofield Bible, (2) the Nelson Bible, (3) the Ryrie’s Study Bible and (4) Messianic Bibles circulating for free on the net for they are NOT the true word of God. The same goes for The Dead Sea Scrolls for they were written by a sect of Jews and these scrolls are currently under el auspicio (Rockefeller Museum) of the Synagogue of Satan R&R (Revelation 3:9). And, I, personally would neither buy nor read the Jewish Tanakh for it comes with many errors and misleading words.

Love the truth for it will set you free (John 8:32).

The Bible, anthropology, archaeology, ancient true History, the study of the origin of the European languages, our post captivity names, emblems, the Scottish Independence Declaration of the 1300s, our fathers and forefather migrations, ancient Egypt DNA studies as well as modern genetic DNA studies and analyses have consistently shown/proven that the white race are the true descendants of the Biblical Hebrew/Israelites. The white men's hallmarks includes being farmers, herdsmen, warriors, and builders of civilizations. The Jews can't claim any of that. For example, they've never being farmers, herdsmen, warriors and/or built a single civilization the way/extent we (the white race) have. In fact, the Jews HAVE NEVER BUILT AN ENTIRE CIVILIZATION FOR THEMSELVES - NOT A SINGLE ONE ACROSS FLAT EARTH FOR 6,000 MILLENIA! There's no written record of them doing such thing anywhere, for they have been vagabonds (Gen 4:12) since they came out of the loins of Cain/Esau. Nevertheless, they are the authors/destroyers of our Western Christian nations - they proudly brag about this in their own writings.

Truth, true History and true information it’s being suppressed (to this date) by the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 3:9) who write and control Education and History across our Western Christian nations. Thankfully, Abba|Father is finally awaking His lost sheep from their sleep of death. Interestingly. the Standard Jewish Encyclopaedia admits that Herod was one of their descendants (an Edomite) that usurped the throne of Judah and put the Edomites in position of authority.

We LOVE you beautiful Germans (the true Judah - with blue eye and blonde hair), the Zionist bankers were desirous of devouring you. Why? Because you are beautiful, you're intelligent, you didn't need Jew money/banks during Hitler's reign, you were THE STRONGEST of all tribes of Israel the man. However, you deserted our God Who vowed to destroy His own sheep/inheritance if we forgot Him and/or if we ran after other 'gods' - which we did. Besides, you loved Jewish PORN too much (they own/run the entire porn industry in our Western Christian nations). The Jews know how to destroy/exterminate us for they have being doing this since the times the Prince of Nails walked upon flat earth. Indeed they do, they mock and brag how they love DEVOURING the white sheep (I've seen the many videos, comments, pictures, read their Satanic quotes written everywhere, etc.). Sexual immorality (i.e., incest, homosexuality, paedophilias, bestiality, etc.) was rampant in Germany before WWII, and SIN, SEPARATES us from our loving Father, so Abba|Father gave you to your own lusts and in the hands of our enemies - the Jews who are the true enemies of the Israelites and of Christianity.Remember, Darwin was a Jew, mason and Luciferian and so was Jew, mason, and Luciferian Albert Einstein.

Any Qs? All found in The Old Testament. You see, if you want to understand who is who and who's a Jew (impostors wearing the mask of Edom) then you need to read the entire Old Testament for yourself. Your lying Ecumenical/Evangelical/Catholic pastors in your sold out 501C3 churches are discouraging you from reading it in case you may wake up from your slumber of death, be truly converted and be saved. The truth is extremely powerful and so are the words of our Father and of Jesus Christ.

God bless you all believing my report.

Jesus Christ is taking me to Sheol/hell in 2020, my Holy Spirit has confirmed this to me now. Dr Scott Johnson mega studies on the Alien Deception, Agenda and Alien Disclosure:

I've decided to make a more complete version of this one which will include my short Testimony of Jesus Christ as well as my alien/demon experience with the Shaman lesbian that went on for up to 1 year back in 2000. New Age/Shamanism is extremely dangerous b/c you're opening the third eye and contacting/speaking to demonic entities that can kill you instantly. I was raped and attacked by them several times - all will be included in the new version. Abba|Father spared me from serious injury, rape and/or even been killed in Ecuador back in 2016. He has spared me from premature death at least 4-5 times; if not more.


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I'm no-one; a white Israelite of the tribe of Simeon/intercessor for the lost sheep of the House of true Israel. After water baptism, 2013, I appeared before the Majesty of our Heavenly Father AND Jesus Christ (in a vivid dream or in my spirit - I cannot tell - it was supernatural). Our King's coming back on The Feast of Trumpets any years 2028-2033 as these prophetic years go hand in hand with the 70th week of Daniel. UN/Rothschild Agenda 2030 aims to have the entire world chipped with the R.F.I.D. chip by 2025. We're in the Hebrew Year 5,780 (Gregorian 2020). So, 6,000 - 5,780 = 20 yrs left. 2020 + 13 (-7) = 2033. The mark of the beast (Rev. 13:15-18) has arrived AND [SHOCKING INFO!].

Our world is coming to an end, yet the fool virgins can neither see nor understand the signs and the season; only the elect knows. That is, reptilian/Jewish NWO Bolshevism and

According to the O.T., the Jews (half-breeds/manzer blacks_mongolians) have sodomised, plundered & butchered +250 million Christians with their Zionist Bolshevik wars & The Jerusalem Museum prison has on public display the Roman's torture games they used with their prisoners including the most famous they had named King of the Jews. According a one MI5-MI6 mind control survivor of the 70s, the Rothschilds' British Intelligence Services was a Jewish/Mossad invention & that cannibalism was the order of the day.

We're being indoctrinated with Jewish Darwinism + UN/UNESCO New Age Luciferianism from birth onto death yet, according to Jews, The King lived & walked among us. Snakes (such as George Soros) are financing black + Islamic immigration into our Western Christian nations whereby fulfilling EU-UK Kalergi Plan (i.e., the new Euro-Asian negroid hybrid race of the future). Furthermore, the Jews were (still are) the SLAVE TRADERS who brought the heathen Negros into our Christian nations Dr. James P. Wickstrom exposed these criminal well; the scales of the devil fall off my eyes and ears [WATCH!]. More, Rothschild-Rockefeller-Jesuit trio legalised syndicate of crime write & re-write History to suit their narrative/agenda. See author Eustace Mullins, T. Iserbyt & Historian David Irving They are indoctrinating children to accept degenerative behaviours (pornography, homosexuality, LGBT, paraphilias, etc.) as normal in addition to aborting their fully grown babies. What's next to be legalized? Cannibalism, bestiality & sex with demons? That will be the norm (as in the days of Noah) with all the Cabal C.I.A., F.B.I., Tavistock, Hollywood, WHO, HAARP, DARPA, NASA brutal satanic brainwashing + mind-control of the masses.


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