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The Jews bragged decades ago that they were the destroyers of Western civilizations. Indeed, greater thy damnation in Sheol will be, and we, the saints of The Most High will be judging thee at The Great White Throne Judgement (Rev 20:11-12).
#1 CV-19 is a LIVE GLOBAL experiment that will last till October 2023 (Dr. C. Madej)
#2 After Being Injected with "MRNA Technology" all Animals "Died Upon Reinfection" (Dr. Lee Merritt)
#3 Covid-19 VACCINE ingredient used for LETHAL injections on DEATH ROW
#4 Prof. Dolores Cahill (22/01/21): mRNA BULLET #01: How COVID Shots Kill with mRNA! [Must watch; phenomenal interview].
#5 COVID VAXXX On TRIAL (If They Only Knew...) [2021]
#6 The Genocide Agenda of the Rockefeller Foundation
#7 1918 Spanish Flu hoax

Now that I'm better informed about this CV-19 hoax of the century, my top recommendations for COVID-19 (alone) would be: (1) Prof. Dolores Cahill, (2) Dr. Carrie Madej, (3) Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, (4) Dr. Lee Merritt, (5) Dr. Andrew Kaufman. All these TOP FIVE (there are many more but these are just my personal opinion) will put you in the right direction; follow links provided.


WHY HASN'T THE MILITARY (across borders & nations) STOPPED THIS GOBAL CABAL GENOCIDE?? I was telling my sister earlier today ... they are cowards, debauchees, traitors, sodomites, Satanists, Luciferians, hybrids, transhumans - souless.

The Bible (Revelation 19:17-21) tells us the end of these Satanists (MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, sold out prostitute Politicians, and others taking Jewry bribes) how the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven will devour the flesh of kings, captains and mighty men of war. LOVE READING THE BIBLE, it gives me such great joy, comfort, and hope :-)))

Chaim Weizmann (Jew of the Synagogue of Satan) said:
"We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry... Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry. We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based, we are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going. The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance. And we are the Trojan horses in the enemy's fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory."
Chaim Weizmann,
President of the World Jewish Congress,
Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of Israel,
Speech given on December 3, 1942, in New York.

David Goldberg was killed by the Cabal for the info you're about to hear in this video. The Zionist Jews // Synagogue of Satan are very afraid that many "whites" are waking up to the global threat of Zionism so they have a plan for us named "Project Zyphr". CV-19 was just the beginning; in a nutshell:
# The Cabal (Rev. 3:9) will be using "viruses" as well as national and local "blackouts" (i.e., last weeks Texas' blackout which was by design) to exterminate the so-called white anti-Semites and all those who possess an existencial threat to them and their Zionist plans for world domination (he said this years ago even before the CV-19 hoax was unleashed on us).
# Manmade viruses such as COVID-19 will be used as bio-weapons. CV-19 bioweapon will be activated in the Fall 2021, then due to people's reactions to CV-19 (i.e., viral shedding, supressed immune systems, zombie apocalyse, etc.) we will see an increased of deaths by the thousands (more than we're seeing now). So clone Bill Gates & puppet Governments are going to claim that "The virus has mutated" changed from CV-19 to CV-20, CV-21, CV22 and so forth until 2023-2024 to ensure the entire world has received the mark of the beast.
# Blackouts (specially in winter) will be used to drag white Americans out of their homes targettted for literal "extermination" (i.e., using guillotine, gassing & torture). Actually not just Americans but also the British, Europeans, Canadians, Australians. This will happen across our Western nations.
# They literally have an "Extermination List" (i.e., the infamous Blue, Red, and Green List many talked about for yrs.) of those whom they consider a threat (i.e., "whitties" aka white Americans, Europeans, Christians, Patriots, etc.). They've been working on this list for decades now by data mining info through Jew owned/run/controlled Social Media (i.e., via people's YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest accounts).
# This white Christian genocide of the American people was planned decades ago just as they planned the white German genocide/holocaust after WW2 (i.e., The Morgenthau Plan).
# Man-made famines and food shortage are coming lasting up to 6 months.

They will use typical Jew deception tools such fake news, Jew propaganda, hoaxes, false flags attacks, etc. to utterly destroy us and to establish their Jew Zionist distopia.

Remember, Zionist/Kaballah/Talmudic Jews (literal serpents) running our nations behind the scenes believe "their messiah" aka the Biblical anti-Christ can ONLY show up AFTER the utter destruction of Western (whites) civilization. Take heed Christian Zionists (treators of your own flesh+blood).

Dis-info Israeli agents, cowards, NWO sell-outs &/or treators:

# Edomite/Jew Adam Green of Know More News. This vessel works for the Mossad/Cabal.
# Alex Jones (FBI/CIA asset + debauchee).
# Steven Miller (Zionist treator).
# Mouthpiece of Satan Simon Parks who's an advocate of the alien gospel and of pure evil.
# SGT Report.
# Q-Anon & Q hard core supporters (they're being deceived).
# X22 Report.
# Edomite/Jew Whitney Webb.
# Robert David Steele.
# Roger Stone.
# Newager David Icke (they either have a clone of him &/or he's a hybrid reptilian).
# David Duke (a wicked vessel).
# Dave Hodges (speak some truths, rest are lies).
# Corbertt Report (speak some truths, rest no substance).
# MANY others. Are you a true sheep? Then trust NO-ONE.

You'll hear how Donald Trump is a high level Mason and a Zionist Jew puppet part of the Synagogue of Satan also (I said this back in 2016) but few believed me. Jewry/Cabal have promised him el oro & el moro to betray America - he has indeed - he has betrayed you America and has achieved what he was paid for to do. Donald Trump has divided you, he's deceived you into thinking he's a good Christian man and a patriot. His daughter Ivanka is married to the Synagogue of Satan!! You cannot serve two masters!

I was the whitleblower on Twitter last year (March 2020) saying that COVID-19 was a hoax and a scam pretty much when THE ENTIRE WORLD believed the Jew hoax (apart from few Christians). Remember, Montse Hurtado and/or Maresa Gonzales?? Yes, it was me - few believed.

Blood sacrifices to Satan/Molech and Cabal ADRENOCHROME exposed.
#1 Amazon USB key - Part 1 to 2 - CYM Adrenochrome [A MUST].
#2 Timothy C Holmseth Reports
#3 Cabal Planned Parenthood Exposed:
#4 Gene Decode #32 with ScottMcKay #PatriotStreetFighter
#6 Timothy Holmseth talks about Field McConnell, Pence
#5 Jack the ripper was "a Jew" (confirmed by DNA analysis):
#7 Synagogue of Satan/Cabal B'nai_B'rith is the head of Freemasonry
#8 PEDOGATE 2020 | In Deep Exploration (New Info): and

So-called Jews have stolen everything from us (i.e., Identity, countries, gold, silver, money, discoveries, intelligence, blood & even the blood of our children). So take the lies/leaven out of your hearts brethren.
#1 The BIGGEST Identity Theft in History [A MUST WATCH].
#2 The Two Seedline Doctrine
#3 The Great Masquerade: Jewry’s Identity Theft As ‘God’s Chosen People’
#4 TruthVids AND Relics of Truth (who's the author of this video).
#5 Dr. Wesley Swift [The Covenant Race]:
#6 What is the two seed-line doctrine? (Pastor Robert Jones)
#7 The 2 seed-line Doctrine; the Basics and
#8 History of Europe Every Year (16 M views!)
#9 The Great Jewish Mask (Masque) audiobook

Jesus Christ was crystal clear about this mongrel/hybrid race, He NEVER said: "I'm a Jew" &/or "I love the Jews." When He said "His sheep" He was referring to "His Race-Israel-the white man." This is why "the goats" (Jews) couldn't hear "His message" b/c they were/are not of "His Race" Indeed, the Jews themselves admit they are NOT the Semites/Israelites of the Old Testament Yet the sheeple LOOOOOVES the Jew lies even though The King said call "no-none" master for there's ONLY ONE MASTER; that's The King Himself.

Before its News:
# Thirteen Illuminati Bloodline Families headquartered in Venice Italy, ruled the world by ownership of the global monetary system that they controlled through a worship of Satan. Their Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult regularly held across the globe, sex orgies, human sacrifice rites and torturous Mind Control of child victims whom they kidnapped, or produced themselves.

Now known as the Cabal or Deep State, the thirteen Illuminati Bloodline Families claimed to be descendants of Cain (Canaanites) and included names such as Poseur, Kennedy, Rockefeller (Hillary Rockefeller Clinton), Onassis, Carnage, Bush and Rothschild. By 1832 they set up and owned the Vatican Bank and Central Banks across the world including all twelve major banks such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sacs, Barkleys, HSBC and Chase. The thirteen Illuminati Bloodline Families were behind the Act of 1871 that instigated the Corporation of the US of America, or District of Columbia that threw away the US Constitution.

Brother Skip Baker email:

There is a wealth of information in the following report. As I have reported, literally millions of children were rescued world-wide from underground tunnels, even from tunnels that were under our U.S. Capitol and the White House, truly a den-of-demons. For that reason, D.C. will no longer be the Capitol for these united States. It will be a 'museum to corruption' and 'cemetery for those executed' for 'TREASON' and 'Crimes Against Humanity' to show posterity to never again even so much as think of such crimes against the People. That is why President Trump did not sleep in the White House. He apparently came there at 4 A.M. every morning. We are told that on February 5th, children were coming out of the White House as the tunnels below were being emptied. You will register to the new Quantum Voting System that will then know you. You can only vote once. No one can cheat.
DUMBS were around 94% clear in America, South America only about 12%, in Europe 22% clear, Canada 12% clear.
The Vatican tunnel went to Jerusalem, to the Giza Plateau (underground city) – Victoria, Melbourne (underground city), Sidney was called a spider web, the Hague was worse, Australia was worse than that. Richard Branson Necker Island – they scoop you out, then go to one of 17 islands where they traffic children from the DUMBS. They have groups that abduct certain children. Virgin Airlines owned by Cabal and used to procure children.

Xi said that the Chief in Shanghai has been arrested – the head of the Chinese Communist Party.

Joe Biden is DEAD in hell boiling in his own excrements.This was Jew fake news/propaganada, that vessel is an impostor/clone.
# PROOF White House Closed for FOREVER
# Veteran Shot & Killed At Capitol Building Riot! She's Alive! Hollywood Stunt Was All Planned
# Absolute Proof US Election was a total fraud and treason
# Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP 1 29 21
# US Under Martial Law, Congress Arrested, War with CCP Won and Nobody Knows ~ January 30, 2021

Joe Biden was sworn in as president of a bankrupt and defunct US Inc. Corporation. Just prior to his pre-recorded-in-Hollywood-by-Castle Rock Entertainment Inauguration, Washington DC, Capitol Hill and the White House were secured within miles of barbed wire fences and 60,000 National Guard troops. Now over a week later, over 30,000 troops and the barbed wire fencing remained. Why? An answer came early Mon. morning 25 Jan. when from 3am to 6am arrests of 80 to 140 Congress people appeared to be underway at Capitol Hill – after which Congress seemed to have disappeared. Why? House cancels business during first full Biden week – Washington Times US Military at the White House Arresting Congress.

# Dr Scott Johnson telling you the truth about US Electrion Fraud - it was all planned -

# Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is Chief Executive and Feinstein’s Husband a Major Shareholder at Dominion Ballot Counting Systems

# George Soros Employee Owns Defective Switch-Vote Biden Machines

UK Gov'ts finally admitting we're not going back to normal EVER and Well, I knew this right from the start // CABAL PLANDEMIC. UK Gov't says COVID-19 is NOT MANDATORY yet technocrats, transhumanist, snakes & hybrids in high position of power are LITERALLY COERCING the sheeple into getting the vaccine. This is literal murder by injection, your silence (medical professional - Dr's, nurses, carers as well as police officers and all those going along with this genocide) makes you partaker of their crimes too. You're a WAR CRIMINAL AND A MURDERER in the eyes of The Living God and you'll be judged according to your crimes against humanity - NO EXCUSES of any kind - find another job as many of us had to. You're cowards + murderers enslaving your own people for a pot of lentils + a morsel of bread. Thus, that makes you worse than Esau the forefather of the Jews.

Don't you know the History of the Jews yet? How they took over our Western Christian nations since they were allowed back to Europe in the 16th century? They were VAGABUNDS ALL THEIR LIVES! There's NEITHER BLACK NOR JEW HISTORY - HOW COMES?!? Their modus operandis is ALWAYS THE SAME: bribery, blood sucking of children, theft, blackmail + murder and In addition to all filth coming out of this hybrid race including porn, pornography, Marxism, Cultural Marxism, bestiality, LGBT, Planned Parendhood, Satanic Illuminati music, sports, entertrainment, fashion, gambling, video gamning industries. YES, all Jewish evil + filth.

Boycott COVID-19 Jew hoax/agenda brethren. Freemasons, Jesuits & Jewry // SOS are out of control souls Italy ANNOUNCED FORCED vaccinations for ALL from January 2021 [A Priest Warning]. Our Governments under Cabal oath/orders (across borders/nations) are GENOCIDING their own citizens. They are experimenting + butchering mankind by injections and NO-ONE in a position of power (i.e., the military, Judges, police, intelligence services, etc.) is STOPPING this crime against humanity! Jew bankers are obliterating our way living to make way to "their" Cabal beast anti-Christ system currently being built up + roll out under our very noses while they the sheep is being kept under house arrest receiving their daily JEW MSM lies and propaganda. Only Abba/Father can stop this evil unleashed upon us. Sadly, He will NOT for it is Bible Prophecy coming to pass. I doubt it very much that this Satanic + Communist + technocrat take over of our nations will be stopped. Why do I say this? B/c the military and the police across our Western nations are sold out to the anti-Christ beast system. YES, many of them (specially those who have some form of medium-high level of power) are pedovors, Communists, witchess, warlocks, Satanists and Freemasons. Moreover, those at the very top level // MIC are "not" humans but MK-U mind control vessels, clones, organic robotoids, hybrids, Manchurian hybrid beasts, transhumans and/or Montauk Project survivors.

Hear Scott Johnson # re the Edomite INL couple chatting to Edomite Adam Green. Scott is running down Mike Adams, SGT Report, reptilian devil such Simon Parks (I knew about him yrs ago), Alex Jones & others. We love you Scott but pls don't get sooo upset, you grieve my/our Holy Spirit when you cannot contain your frustration. Sadly Scott keeps preaching "Judeo-Christiany", that Jesus Christ was a Jew (He's an Anglo-Saxon; I've seen Him wi/ my own eyes), that the Jews are "Judah+Israel" (b/c Scott is a KJV;1769 ONLY), he's blind in this respect; I think.

I keep saying this (have been for 3-4 yrs now) that both America/Manasseh (Biblical Babylon) and Britain/Ephraim ARE GOING to be utterly destroyed for all the evils coming out of these two nations. My position goes hand and glove w/ the Books of Daniel + Revelation. I have NO faith in any man (at this point in time in History) that is why I keep prepping for the Great Tribulation for I know we're going cashless in 2024-25. Did you know that the Cabal behind COVID-19 EXPERIMENTAL BIOWEAPON + SOUL DAMNING VACCINE have admitted that (1) it is an experimental vaccine AND (2) the experiment will last for 2 yrs?? That is up till January 2023. Doctors & nurses giving the CV-19 vax will be tried for "war criminals" (Dr Vernon Coleman speaking). Sorry no excuses "I didn't know it was a bio-weapon". It is "your" obligation to inform yourself as a health professional.

Furthermore, CV-19 vax will be made mandatory across many borders/nations few yrs down the line. You health care professionals (Drs, nurses, health care assitants & others) going along with this COVID-19 hoax + genocide agenda you come under the label of "WAR CRIMINAL".

Brothers Justen & West Faull videos and links; see below:
#1 Justen Faull The Forth Watch Radio Website
#2 West Faull: Higher Entities, UFOs, Ancient Aliens, and The Bible
#3 Justen Faull Hollow Earth Chronicles (Part 1)
#4 4th Watch With Justen Faull: Alien DNA And Government Programs
#5 Exo Vaticana Tom Horn & Chris Putnam
#6 Reptilian Species with Gary Wayne
#7 Cutting Edge (phenomenal links, books, DVDs, CDs, etc.) and Watch # Belly of the Beast, # Hollow Earth, # Riddles in Stone, # Occult Arquitecture & Beginnings of Washington DC.
#8 Demon Apparitions
#9 Hollywood Cabals, Witchcraft & The West Memphis 3 with William Ramsey
#10 Justen Faull en Espanol (IVOOX)

US UFO Disclosure will be happening soon as it is hidden in the Covid Bill. The world is at stage souls, everything we've been told/taught are nothing but draconian, Jewry and Freemasonry lies entrapping/ensnaring, enslaving - and ultimately - damning the souls of mankind. The demon-alien agenda is part of the end-times deception (2 Thessalonians 2:8-12). Don't be deceived souls, aliens are demons AND/OR fallen angels. They are different races and they come in different shapes, sizes, rank and demonic power (i.e., the greys, the Nordics, the Ascended Masters, etc.)

Alien final/top agenda:

#1 The assimilation of the human race (i.e., via A.I.).
#2 The subjugation of the human race.
#3 The enslavement of the human race (i.e., via Jew NWO cypto currency and cashless society).
#4 The take over of planet earth as they aspire to rule upon us openly; the reptilian Jew (SOS anti-Christ) will claim that they are our "gods/creators".
#5 The invention and roll-out of the 666 mark of the beast (i.e., COVID-19 is part & parcel of it).
#6 Getting people chipped (i.e., with rfid chips) as well as with alien technology (i.e., serpent nano technology).
#7 Turning humanity into hybrids (i.e., changing your DNA - they've been doing this for decades now) and transhumans H+ (i.e., adding 3rd strand DNA to human genome).
#8 The damnation of the human race. Anyone becoming a hybrid and/or transhuman (by taking the COVID-19 vax from hell injections) will no longer be able to receive true Christian salvation (we're living as in the days of Noah). If you take the 666 mark of the beast (or worship the beast of Revelation) you're going to hell after death, and to the lake of fire after Judgement Day (Revelation 21:8).

Major entities and/or criminal organizations involved in the demon-alien deception?

# The Vatican and the Jesuits (crypto-Jews).
# New Edom (fake Israel).
# Top 33 dg. Freemasonry.
# Deep State/Cabal/Synagogue of Satan.
# MIC.

In these Bible updates you can hear Justen Faull and his brother talking about how the US has known of these demonic entities since the 1940s and how they are using black magic and human blood sacrifices in exchange of power and alien technology - pure evil - . Ditto with the UK, France, Germany and Australia. Must hear and

I have a BSc/MSc in Occupational Psychology so no-one can sodomise my mind/soul. The UKC is doing a superb job exposing the COVID-19 hoax/scam. They are "the" alternative media in the UK as far as I'm concerned. I'm a Spaniard, and I loath Jewry lies destroying our lives, souls and nations. Unless you BELIEVE & UNDERSTAND "the 2 seed line doctrine" and unless you read the "true" Bible filled with the loving Holy Spirit you "will not" understand the Canaanite, Khazars/Ashkenazi, Mongolian,Turkish mindset, heart and ultimate agenda you will not be able to connect the dots. That is, the utter destruction and take over of our Western nations (and of the world). Jewry believe their snake/reptilian messiah (Biblical anti-Christ) can only show up after the utter destruction of Western civilization; written in the Talmud.

#1 Revelation 2:9 & Revelation 3:9 FAKE J00Z EXPOSED!!!
#2 Zionist Jew Butchers Behind Communism!
#3 THE TRUE COLORS OF ISRAEL (New Edom). Jews have stolen our name and identity "Israel"
#4 Jews Ran Out of Almost Every Country
#5 Demoralization: What Yuri Bezmenov Didn't Tell You
#6 Understanding the Political Scenario of INDIA,CANADA,JAPAN,CHINA,USA, FRANCE etc (Russian Yuri Bezmenov full lecture).

Darwinism/Evolution theory, Heliocentrism (Copernic was a Jesuit/crypto Jew), Freemasonry, Porn/pornography, Marxism, Cultural Marxism, central banks, Hollywood, satanic Illuminati (music, fashion, sports, video gaming) industries, gambling, Feminism, same sex marriage, homosexual & lesbian agenda, LGBT, transgenderism, transhumanism, Planned Parenthood (legalized blood sacrifices), CIA satanic mind control (MK-U & Monarch mind control), MI5 & MI6, the Euro & European Union, cannibalism, euthanasia, bestiality, G5, G6, smart cities, espionage, infiltration, false flags attacks operations across our Western nations, history hoaxes (Holocaust, moon landing), illegal immigration, ANTIFA, BLM, race mixing agenda (mongrelisation) &/or Kalergi Plan to breed whites out of existence, Islamization of Western nations, Multiculturalism, diversity, subversion, fake news, propaganda, child pornography, child sex traps, blood sacrifices to Lucifer (their god), etc. Needless to reiterate Jewry is also behind all wars (WW1 & WW2), revolutions (they plan & finance), the sinking of the Titanic, Psychology, Psychiatry (both are Pseudo-sciences in my opinion), Morgenthau Plan (Post WW2 true German genocide), Holodomor man-made famine, 9/11, exterminio of the European, Autro-Hungarian, white Christian Russia and Khazar empires. Invention // 666 mark of the beast & it's global roll out, pharmacopeia, crypo-currency, cashless society, etc. Jewry and Vatican are also behind the spreading of ALL false religions (including false & apostate Christianity) in addition to Yoga, Hippie M. and the New Age death cult ... Cont'd. ...

Synagogue of Satan (SOS) own/run our world:
ALL major social media: Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.
ALL gossiping magazines.
ALL high street book stores (i.e., Waterstones).
ALL major Bible publishing companies - every single one of them - the printing & publishing of corrupt Bible versions.
ALL major email providers: MS outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, icloud etc.
ALL major search engines: Google, Firefox, MS, etc.
ALL banks and central banks in our Western nations & the rest of the world (needless to say).
The Dead Sea Scrolls are under the auspicio of Rockefeller Foundation, so trust NOTHING they claim.
Public Bible ban across our Western nations (in schools, hospitals, Universities etc).
ALL Western Education (from Kindergarten to College/University).
The damning down of society.
Sex Education & hypersexualization of children.
ALL MSM (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, RT, etc).
ALL Newspaper outlet across our Western nations.
The destruction and falsification of TRUE History.
Smithsonian Institute.
Global pharma & vaccine cartels.
Global mafia cartels.
Global human trafficking - anything goes w/ Jewry.
The alien agenda, the arrival of the reptilian Jew anti-Christ, the Vatican is heavily involved in this as well.

SOS Jewry control/power:
ALL political parties across our Western Christian nations - the Right, the Left, the Greens & the ones in between. Every single PM and President (including Donald Trump) as well as all politicians in high positions work for Communist/Zionist Jews - every single one of them.

They own/run the world, white Freemasons are their main brains, arms and legs. They literally live off the white race for we are their favourite blood, brains & food supply; yet they envy & hate us unto death.

Edited Sinner's Prayer. Don't delay souls, ask our Father to forgive you for your sins + save your soul. See links below:
#1 Complete Christian Salvation [Derek Prince]
#2 The normal Christian Birth [PARTS 1-6]
#3 The Holy Spirit Sessions [1-20]
#4 Be filled w the Holy Spirit of God and
#5 The Indwelling and Outflowing of the Holy Spirit
#6 The personality of the Holy Spirit
#7 How to get to heaven/eternal life
#8 Vivacristojesus (Alex Backman)

II. Top Christian YT Channels:
#1 Aneko Press
#2 Christian Sermons & Audio Books:
#3 Andrew Murray Audio Sermons
#4 John Bunyan Audio Sermons
#5 Post-Apostolic Church

III. Top Bibles:
#1 The KJV 1611/1769; I started out with this Bible, go for the PURE CAMBRIDGE EDITION (PCE) as ALL modern Bible translations were translated using the Jews' fake Masoretic manuscripts/texts (900 AD).

The Holy Bible, the Authorized King James Version (KJV 1611;1769)
#2 The Septuagint LXX (200-250 BC) for English speaking people - strongly recommended.
2.1 What is the Septuagint?
2.2 Comparing the Septuagint Bible with the Jewish MasoreticTexts
2.3 The Lexham English Septuagint
2.4 A New English Translation of the Septuagint (NETS)

#3 The Hebrew-Greek-English Interlinear 1980s

IV. Bible Study Tools:
#1 E-sword Free Bible Study
#2 Bible Hub

V. Some of the Christian Music I listen to:
# Oasis Chorale
# PILLARS OF OUR FAITH -- Pillars of our Faith
# Sounds Like Reign
# Josh Snodgrass
# A Treasury Of 100 Most Loved Hymns
# Taryn Harbridge

NOTE: When reading your Bible remember that the word "Jew" is "A FALSE CONSTRUCT" as it is "NOT" written anywhere in the Old Testament. Let's be crystal clear that "Jews" are a "mongrelized race" Therefore, they CANNOT be NEITHER of the House of Judah NOR of the House of Israel (the true white Hebrew/Israelites) BUT ARE of the seed of Esau/Edom (these are the white looking ones), Canaanites, Mongolians, Khazars, and Ashkenazi. Have you noticed how good friends Jews are with Communist China? (i.e., reptilian king Bibi and the President of China Xi Jinping) AND with many Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran (they get on well but they pretend they're enemies in front of the camaras). How comes? Simple, they are blood related Esau married NOT ONLY into the Cannanite AND INTO the Nephilim's bloodlines BUT ALSO into the Ishmaelite (identified as Muslims today) bloodline.

The Pharisees are identified today as "modern Jewry", and these are the hard core Chabad Lubavitch Cabal Zionist Talmudic Jews, who say they are Jews, but are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 3:9). It took me +5 years to understand the mistery of the so-called Jews. It did not happen overnight, it took yrs of asking Father, reading, listening to experts and paying attention when reading the different Bibles.

Avoid Luciferian Music Channels such as:
# Hillsong Worship
# ALL Christian Rock Music (none of them are Christian at all)
# ALL Country Music (apart from sm exceptions)
# Michael W Smith & daughter
# Elvis Best Gospel
# Many others.

COVID-19 vaccine IS part and parcel // 666 mark of the beast. Satan's agenda goes hand in glove w Bible Prophecy. Don't be deceived for we're living as in the days of Noah and the end is TRULY here.
I. Shaking My Head Production Videos [A MUST]:
#1 Days Of Noah Reloaded - Hybrids Walk Among Us - A Documentary
#2 Happy Saturnalia Babylon - Christmas Chronicles The Documentary
#3 Apollyon Rising & The Return Of The Giants
#4 Can You See The Bigger Picture Yet?
#5 2 Seeds At War - The Snake Exposed!

II. Keith Malcomson videos about The Great Reset to help you understanding COVID-19 hoax/agenda [A MUST]:
#1 Part 1:
#2 Part 2:
#3 Part 3:
#4 Part 4: In this part 4 you'll hear literally the Book of Revelation coming pass, how the Satanist elite aim to divide the world in 10 regions (10 kings).

She didn't understand her dream; it's The Day of the Lord and it will be unexpected, sudden, very noisy & terrible.
#1 BRACE YOURSELF AMERICA (you're Babylon).
#2 I Saw the Tribulation (Ken Peters; 2000)

Again, as always, just b/c I recommend a particular video and/or person for a particular topic, issue, happening, warning, etc, this does NOT mean, I'm a follower of that person in question or that I believe all and everything he or she claims.

I'm a true call out intercessor of YHWH, and I consider myself a born again and Holy Spirit filled Bible believing Christian. I believe the word of God from Genesis to Revelation - I'm NOT an Evangelical and I'm NOT a Prostestant either but "born again from above" Holy Spirit filled Christian.

COVID-19 vax is an mRNA + gene editing + "the" soul damning vax fr Satan himself.
#1 Nicholson1968
#2 Nicholson1968 Playlist
#4 Illuminati Eye & Spiral of Freemasonry Represent the same thing..A New Race!
#5 Carbon Copy-The Return Part 1by Nicholson1968
#6 Playing God.The Role of a Lifetime! Nicholson1968

Dr Tom Horn:
#8 Tom Horn TRANSHUMANISM - Forbidden Gates
#9 HYBRID WORLD The Plan to Modify and Control the Human Race
#10 Tom Horn - Transhumanism - Science & Supernatural Conference - Part 8 of 8
#11 Dr Tomas Horn: Inhuman; The Documentry
#12 SkyWatchTV (Dr Tomas Horn)

Jonathan Kleck:
#13 Jonathan Kleck The Hidden World Part I - DNA Infection (Updated & Mobile Version)

Shaking My Head Prodcutions 2:

Many Fish:
#15 At the Crossroads. 666 Into a Full Gallup Towards the AI Beast System. Come Out of Her My People!

If you're just waking up then these videos will put you in the right direction. Learn about the Satanic-masonic symbolism and hidden messages devil worshippers (i.e., Freemasons, the elite, Satanists, deep state, globalists and others) love using to deceive, brainwash and mind-control the sheeple. Check out their videos while they're still out there. Again, human error aside as no-none is perfect and no-one has ALL figured out. My top recommendation would be Nicholson1968.

#16 Project AVATAR 2045
#17 Secret genetic experiments human-animal hybrids

The Talmudic Noahide Laws will be the One World Religion for all (not Ecumenism). To be enforced during the reign of the Jew/reptilian anti-Christ.
#1 "We will impose Noahide Laws" - Rabbi Yisrael Ariel
#2 Chabad Noahide Laws Are Coming
#3 Sanhedrin 70 Nations (The Third Temple) Noahide NWO Examined
#4 The Third Temple
#5 Noahide Laws PART 1-5: and
#6 The Noahide Deception
#7 Peace & Safety Then Sudden Destruction - 3rd Temple - Peace Deal - Noahide Laws Exposed
#8 The 7 Noahide Laws with Rabbi Manis Friedman
#9 Convert to Judaism or be a Noahide?

Christians, educate yourself about these Jewish anti-Christ Noahide Laws passed into Law by both US Congrese and Senate back in the 1990s. Did Jewry finally hijack the entire world in the 20th Century? ABSOLUTELY. To apace American Jewry, Congress and Senate passed into Law the 'legal' killing of Christians by their own Govt's. Jesuit/Jewish Noahide Laws were signed into Law not only by President Donald Trump but also by the Bushes and the Clintons as well as by ALL Western Leaders running our Christian nations (i.e., Canada, UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand). ALL Western Gov'ts operate/run with Jew Cabal blood money - every single one of them - don't be fooled.

According to these Talmudic anti-Christ teachings, praying to Jesus Christ is considered "Idolatry" but sodomising a wild beast (bestiality) "IS NOT" sin. If you pray to your Redeemer & Saviour (Jesus Christ - The Son of the Living God - God Emmanuel with us) then you deserve capital punishment by gassing, injection and/or decapitation (Revelation 20:4). YES. Be well informed, the Bolchevist/Marxist Jews, the BLM heathen, ANTIFA, Jesuits and Muslims (ALL blood related brethren) will be working side by side to impose these beast anti-Christ laws. They will GASS, GUILLOTINE & KILL BY INJECTION all those oposing the Synagogue of Satan as well as all those oposing the anti-Christ 666 beast system currently being put in place.

Jewry of the Synagogue of Satan aims is to kill off the white Hebrew race, since whites are the REAL Hebrew Israelites that Cannanite AND Edomites Jews are pretending to be. FYI, 100,000 - 300,000 kids vanish each year as Jewish Rabbis use them for torture and to drink their blood, before murdering them. The Bible tells us that the pastors own parents, will “run them through” when they find out their sons, were lying about who the Jews (A HYBRIDIZED/MONGRELIZED RACE) are; physical DNA seed of Satan/Cain (Gen 3:15) from his “seduction” of Eve in the Garden of Eden. Yes, open your eyes, 4000 years ago, Esau the father of the Jews, married into Cain's seed (Genesis 3:15) AND into the fallen angels seed (Genesis 6:4) when he married 2 Hittite &/or Hivite wives. He also married an Ishmaelite woman (this makes Jews and Arabs blood related brothers!) We read in The Old Testament that, 3000 years ago, Judah’s King David tried to kill off the Jews in Edom (First Kings 11:14-17) but Judeo-Christianity watchmen, pastors AND Jezebels will never tell you about that.

DISCLAIMAR: Just b/c I recommend many websites and people (Dr. Scott Johnson, Prof. Tom Stapleton, Dr. Carrie, Celeste Solum, and many others out there etc.) here on my BITCHUTE channel, it DOES NOT mean, however, that I endorse ALL of their their views, words, publications, teachings, visions, erroneous teachings, assumptions, pre-assumptions, beliefs and/or ideas of any kind.

I also wanted to make it VERY CLEAR that anyone (regardless of your race &/or colour) who's filled with the Holy Spirit of God, a true "loving" Christian is my brother and/or sister in Christ. But I just CANNOT stand heresies, half truths+half lies, and lies pushed down our throats so Cabal Jewry can keep murdering, raping, sodomising, cheating, stealing all our wealth (including our intelligence and discoveries), mind-controlling, plundering and butchering our white Western Christian nations - which is what they've been doing for centuries now.

Again, the true Hebrews/Israelites are "the white race" ONLY, all other races (including the so-called Jews getting saved) are being crafted in. When they say "Oh, it's not about race, what a stupid thing to say." These are "ignorants" of the Scriptures for it is precisely the colour of our skin (white) and of our DNA that we're targetted for utter destruction.

Claire Edwards (BA Hons, MA) speaking who was the UN Editor/Trainer till 2017 said COVID-19 is the roll out Agenda 2021.
#1 Germany’s Parliament Has Ratified GAVI’s Digital Agenda ID2020
#2 Silview Media Channel
#3 Veritas Channel
#4 CORONA, 2021 Agenda, Preparation & Plans (Daniel Estulin Report)
#5 Gov Canada buying guillotines for COVID-19 response and
#6 Martial Law is coming; your opinion does not matter
#7 Deagel Population Forecasts 2025

End-times updates, Dr Scott Johnson speaking:
#1 PART I:
#3 PART III: (in this Part 3, Scott gives you all info about President Donald Trump, the names of the children he has raped and sodomised, the millions he paid out to silence the parents, how Q-Anon Movement is a deceptive movement ensnaring millions of so-called Christians who claim and think they are saved yet they're heading to Sheol/hell. Q-Anon is leading the lost and unsaved straight into FEMA concentration Camps.

He provides you with links and PDFs re Donald Trump! NO MORE excuses to keep supporting this hannibal/beast pedovor. If still in doubt about Trump, then get in touch with Scott Johnson by email asking him for ALL the documents, fidedigne evidence and links he has on this Satanist. He reiterates that Donald Trump is a child rapist (Scott says he was in denial himself as well at the beginning) and that he's very good friends with Jewry of the Synagogue of Satan (including Jew Epstein) who put him in power in the 1st place.

I said back in 2016 on G+ Channel/Collections, the night Donald Trump won the elections, that he was a devil, a monster, and that he had been cloned, and I was right. I also said back then, yrs ago, that Q-Anon was a deceptive/disingenuous/fraudulent/misleading/sneaky/serpentine movement most likely run by CIA, FBI, Mossad, NSA or some other similar to lead the masses into the pit.

My Holy Spirit warned me about these two right away.

Scott Johnson "does not" think that COVID-19 vax "is the mark of the beast" as such. Well, it is - don't be deceived b/c without this vaccine you "will not" be able to function any longer in the coming Jew NWO crypto currency/cashless society of 2025 (run and controlled by Jews of the SOS and New Edom/Fake Israel), and It will be mandatory/enforced few yrs down the line. Furthermore, the name of the vaccine "CORONA" = 666, everything about this vaccines adds to 666, and it will leave "a mark" in you when you get injected with it!

MUST HEAR UPDATES: In part #3 you'll hear how to get free help from a Canadian Law Firm to deal with your COVID-19 case if you've been given an illegal fines by your hybrid/Satanist/freemason police officers. Get in touch with them! They've been taking cases for +7 months in Canada and Australia. Get in touch with Scott as he'll put you in the right direction.



Must See *Very* Special Broadcast! Intel Insider: It's Not Over, Not Even Close! Trump Still POTUS & The Re-Birth of Our Republic (The 2-President Paradigm)

James W. Lee speaking, check out his work and books.
#2 Tartarian's Were Flat Earther's
#3 David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
#4 Tartarians (free PDF Book)

History as we know it is nothing more than Fiction and Draconians lies to lead the children of Israel (the race/sheep of Christ) astray and straight to pit of hell/Sheol. The powers that be (Reptilians, Vatican, Jesuits, Cabal/Jewry of the Synagogue of Satan) ruling upon mankind, are hiding The Creator, our loving Abba/Father YHWH, from us at all cost because their ultimate goal is "the A.I. assimilation, hybridization, subjugation, enslavement, destruction, take over and damnation" of the human race, but specially of the white race for we are the true sheep of Christ Jesus - no-one else.

You'll hear in this video how one of the greatest civilations ever existed was COMPLETELY erased from Human History. Who did this and why? The Kazarian/Mongolian Jew mafia and the Jesuits/crypto Jews?? If so, Why? Jewry of the SOS are mainly Mongolians/Khazars and Canaanites. Most Jesuits, on the other hand, are cypto Jews (Edomites) and others are literal hybrids and reptilians.

The Tartarians were an incredible benevolent people and a brilliant society that had advanced engineering, medicine and architecture. Check out the incredible buildings with grandious superb designs out of his world. They had centers to heal people and animals, Energy Star Forts, great exhibitions centers, parks, unheard engineering, etc. These people only existed +100 yrs ago before they were exterminated.

We know that the Smithsonian Institute is responsible for hidding and destroying ALL archeological evidence (across flat earth) in support of the Bible regarding the existence of the Biblical Giants, they've admitted to this yrs ago.

Scientists across Western nations have SCIENTIFICALLY proven that COVID-19 is a hoax/scam.
#1 Harry Vox Report: CORONA is the biggest con game in the history of con-games
#2 Prof. Dolores Cahill (22/01/21): mRNA BULLET #01: How COVID Shots Kill with mRNA! (phenomenal interview).
#3 The greatest pandemic that was not. Dr's speaking out and warnings
#4 'Gene-Editing', 'A.I.', 'Vaccines', 'Global Health Equity' [BILL GATES, EARTH ANNUAL, Feb, 2020]
#5 Dr. Vernon Coleman: Doctors, Nurses 'Giving' Covid19 VAXXX Will Be Tried as War Criminals
#6 Deagel, Covid & the Slow Genocide by Great Reset 2025

So who are the big players involved in this killer hoax of the 21st Century? The usual CRIMINALS Jewish central banks, Nephilim UK Crown (reptilian Prince Phillip), UN, WHO, Klaus Schwab (WEF), DARPA, Pentagon, CIA, NIH, CDC, Elon Musk, Facebook, Google, our own Western Govt's, sociopaths/psychopaths technocrats, transhumanists, and eugenecists as well as a legion of hybrids/hannibals in high positions of power. It was planned decades ago.

The CV-19 is not a virus but a BIOWEAPON to start the UN DEPOPULATION AGENDA 2021-30. SOS Kissinger, Soros and Gates work for head of the serpent reptilian Rothschild who patented CV-19. By the way, Bill Gates has long been dead; the entity we see on TV etc is a biological clone.

What's the big deal about this vaccine? Huge. CV-19 vax is a DNA gene altering vaccine, created with the intend of harming, changing and even killing humanity. Hear it for yourself (Clone Bill Gates speaking), (clone Mark Zukerberg speaking), and (Moderna boss: mRNA jabs are "rewriting the Genetic Code" we call it "information therapy"; Ted 2017). It's a "genocidal" vaccine as it contains gene extinction technology (with 1,000s of nanobots) to exterminate species and/or races. If the vax doesn't kill you, it will turn you into a hybrid/cyborg/transhuman (H+). The mental, physical and spiritual consequences of getting vaxxed and chipped will be detrimental to your mind/soul, body, and spirit for you will no longer be able to obtain Christian salvation (should you ask Jesus to save your soul - if still unsaved). This, in turn, means that after death (body goes to the grave) your spirit will go straight to the pit of hell, and after The Great White Throne Judgement, to the lake of fire for eternity (Revelation 20:8).

Who profits out of this hoax? that old serpet, the angel of the bottomless pit, Satan, the deceiver, the king of this world, for Jesus Christ said that mankind would go through such Tribulation (i.e., The Great Tribulation) before His sure return (Matthew 24 and Luke 21).

The truth is that COVID-19 virus, as such, does not exist for it is "a bioweapon &/or a weaponised common cold Corona virus", and, according to official sources, FDA, CDC, and others, this so-called COVID-19 virus HAS NEVER BEEN ISOLATED Therefore, you CANNOT treat something that does not exist, you CANNOT treat a bio-weapon virus that has 1,000 of nanobots (they will remain inside you for ever) &/or you CANNOT treat a virus that has not been isolated! Also note, PCR tests are an utter fraud as they give +93% false +ve, and putting people in the "ventilators" is like giving a drug addict a triple dose of his preferred drug to ensure he dies in the spot.

Speaking in spiritual terms, COVID-19 is indeed “the mark of the beast” for without this soul damning vaccine (the RFID chips &/or nanobots in you will be upgraded using 5G & 6G without you even knowing it), you will not be able to buy &/or sell (no work, travel, health, etc.) in the coming Cabal quantum/cypto currency/cashless society of 2025

The mark of the beast "will be mandatory" across border & nations and MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW is coming starting FALL 2021. This was confirmed to me by Father, Son, and Holy Spirit on the evening of 31/10/2020.

For DELIVERANCE (or Exorcism) & SELF-DELIVERANCE of demons go for Pastors Win Worley & Derek Prince.
#1 Win Worley Ministries (YT)
#2 Hegewisch Baptist Church
#3 Dr. Lorraine Day
#4 Christian Books:
#5 Pastor Win Worley (Full work/library)
#6 Mass Deliverance PDF
#7 Demonology: List of demons - when doing self-deliverance of demons; rebuke them and call them out loud by their names (watch and read with discernment!).
#8 Prayer to break curses and generational curses

Anyone telling you that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians Chapters 12, 13 and 14 in their entirity) and/or that deliverance of demons (exorcism) is not for today is either lying to you or is ignorant of the Scriptures. Be aware of those self-appointed preachers of hell teaching contrary to the word of our Father and Jesus Christ. Facebook, JewTube, Twitter are packed with them. Be also aware of all those Jezebels in the church! Women are not to be pastors and are not to be preaching to men anything (1 Corinthians 14:34-35). You can take up the role of a teacher if that's your calling but not the role of a pastor or preacher as this is a male role. The man is the head of the household and Jesus Christ is the head of the church.

I know their material pretty well as I watched most of their phenomenal videos for yrs and read their books.
Deliverance and self-deliverance of demons can ONLY be done after:

1) You've been saved (you repented of your sins towards God, asked for forgiveness, prayed the repented Sinner's Prayer, asked Abba/Father to save your soul in Jesus' name - for it is He Who does the choosing - not us).
2) You're filled with His Holy Spirit (you're sure you're filled with His Holy Spirit).
3) You were fully baptised in water (and baptised in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit).
4) You have a Bible with you, the (KJV 1769 authorised version - Pure Cambridge Edition) is sufficient for deliverance.
5) You've done your own homework and know what you're doing.

You MUST do all deliverance and self-deliverance of demons in the name of Jesus Christ ONLY for it was He Who died at the Cross, and it was Him ONLY Who defeated Satan and all his legions of demons.

If you DO NOT have any spiritual authority, then you can get harmed and even killed instantly.

Be well informed, this is serious business.

Deliverance and self-deliverance of demons can be very painful (physically, psychologically and spiritually speaking). Due to my background (Psychology and training) it was easy for me to learn all of this and putting it into practice. I had rough time, and had no-none to help. Only my lovely Dove, Jesus Christ and the Scriptures. Satan HATES it and so do the demons! I did all the self-deliverance by myself. Other times, I was delivered while watchig and listening to Pastor Win Worley and/or Pastor Derek Prince. After deliverance of demons and/or after doing a session of self-deliverance you'll feel renewed, liberated, lifted up, re-charged, healed, and closer to God, our Father.

To get you started, go for Pastors Win Worley and Derek Prince.
#1 Hegewisch Baptist Church
#2 Christian Books:
#3 Pastor Win Worley (Full work/library)
#4 Mass Deliverance PDF

I know their material pretty well for I watched most of their phenomenal videos for yrs and read their books.
Deliverance and self-deliverance of demons can ONLY be done after:

1) You've been saved (you repented of your sins towards God, asked for forgiveness, prayed the repented Sinner's Prayer, asked Abba/Father to save your soul in Jesus' name - for it is He Who does the choosing - not us).
2) You're filled with His Holy Spirit (you're sure you're filled with His Holy Spirit).
3) You were fully baptised in water (and baptised in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit).
4) You have a Bible with you (i.e., KJV 1611/1769 authorised version to get you started).
5) You've done your own homework and know what you're doing.

You MUST do all deliverance and self-deliverance of demons in the name of Jesus Christ ONLY for it was He Who died at the Cross, and it was ONLY Him Who defeated Satan and all his legions of demons - no-one else.

If you DO NOT have any spiritual authority, then you can get harmed and even killed instantly.

You read these words and warning.

After water baptism in March 2013, I went on a spiritual journey of deliverance and self-deliverance that lasted for over three yrs, and still continues to this day as and when needed. I went cold turkey putting things into practice as I learned them and went along. When comes to DELIVERANCE (or Exorcism) and SELF-DELIVERANCE of demons I'd strongly recommend #1 Win Worley and #2 Derek Prince.
#1 Hegewisch Baptist Church
#2 Christian Books:
#3 Pastor Win Worley (Full work/library)
#4 Mass Deliverance PDF

I know their material pretty well as I watched most of their phenomenal videos for yrs and read their books.
Deliverance and self-deliverance of demons can ONLY be done after:

1) You've been saved (you repented of your sins towards God, asked for forgiveness, prayed the repented Sinner's Prayer, asked Abba/Father to save your soul in Jesus' name - for it is He Who does the choosing - not us).
2) You're filled with His Holy Spirit (you're sure you're filled with His Holy Spirit).
3) You were fully baptised in water (and baptised in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit).
4) You have a Bible with you (i.e., KJV 1611/1769 authorised version to get you started).
5) You've done your own homework and know what you're doing.

You MUST do all deliverance and self-deliverance of demons in the name of Jesus Christ ONLY for it was He Who died at the Cross, and it was ONLY Him Who defeated Satan and all his legions of demons.

If you DO NOT have any spiritual authority, then you can get harmed and even killed instantly.

You read these words and warning.

In this video you’ll hear Dr Don Batten speaking and explaining (in simple words) few interesting things we’re not being taught neither at school nor at University College these days. You see, in Genesis 1:11-12 Abba/Father said let “every tree yield fruit after it's kind”. So, for example, a mango seed or an orange seed, when planted, will produce the fruit for that particular seed it was planted for. In other words, an orange seed will bring forth an orange tree/fruit and a mango seed will bring forth a mango tree/fruit. It is very unlikely, in fact IMPOSSIBLE for a cabbage plant to bring forth an orange or a mango fruit for this is utterly impossible. This same principle applies to all other living creatures and plants that exist on earth, across the spectrum, without exception; including humans. Yet, Evolutionists will argue, all their way to the pit of hell, trying to convince you otherwise despite the lack of evidence, lack of bones, lack of skeletons, lack of everything. Besides, they don't believe in "God" yet they expect "you" to believe in "miracles" when comes to filling "the unexplained gaps" in Evolution Theory.

Another example given, a chimpanzee has never given birth to a human being EVER to this day! There’s no such written record of this happening anywhere in the world. That’s right, no-one has ever seen (with their own eyes) a chimpanzee given birth to a human being, yet they keep indoctrinating mankind with theories of devils and doctrines of Lucifer saying that we evolved from monkeys?!

Evolutionists falsy claim that, over time, given enough time (donkeys of yrs aka millions of yrs), a chimpanzee will eventually give birth to a human. You see, time is the hero in this Satanic equation, hoax and fraud for we know that the earth is very young and that “the white race” is only around 6,000 yrs old – this is a fact which has been proven by carbon dating. All other races were here before the white man – this is also a verifiable fact too (see the teachings of Dr/Pastor James P. Wickstrom and Pastor L Bertrand Comparet). Time is the invisible "god" of Evolution, yet time is unable to produce “miracles” like God does.

I enjoyed watching and listening to him :-)

In this video you'll see a direct replica of Noah's Ark; a white man's idea just as was Noah. They literally took the Biblical measures/dimensions of the Bible and replicated a full size ark. It made me (and my lovely Dove) cry while watching it.
#1 Amazing Virtual Reality Experience Opening at the Ark Encounter
#2 Animal Encounters of a Different Kind: Inside the Ark
#3 Exact Replica Of Noah's Ark / Netherlands
#4 Where is Noah's Ark?

Genesis 11 implies that the Flood survivors set out westward from a camp not far to the east of the plain of Shinar in southern Iraq. A map shows that the camp must have been in the western part of the Zagros mountains.

This article was written by D. Russell Humprheys, Ph.D. and podcast produced by Joseph Darnell out of the CMI-USA office. Become a monthly contributor at visit our site or simply text a donation to 84321. You can also help out by telling your family and friends to check out the podcasts.

Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study
How Noah’s Flood Shaped Our Earth
Creation Magazine

Original article: Where is Noah’s Ark?
Caution about ‘Ark’ discovery
Special report: Amazing ‘Ark’ exposé
The Ararat anomaly
Pioneer of creationism
Noah’s Ark Questions and Answers
Find thousands of other interesting articles at

Check out our talk show

Evidence by Raphael Costa for Soundscape Media
The Five Rivers by Neil Golden for SI Publishing
Secret Desert Find by Chris Mancinelli and Tom Vedvik for Soundscape
Confused & Clumsy by Bobby Cole for SI Publishing
Picture of the Zagros Mountains by Kyselak on Wikipedia

Watch this state of the ark handwork which started in 2014 and was open to the public in July 2016. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have come to see it with their own eyes. It takes about 5 hrs for the entire tour to complete. What a marvellous Christian experience this must be for those who came here and saw it for themselves.

In this video you'll see Jim Cantelon chatting with Jonathan Sarfati; a genious Creationist, Physical Chemist and Spectroscopist.
#1 Jonathan Sarfati Author "The Greatest Hoax on Earth" 2/2
#2 Refuting Evolution and Bill Nye The Science Guy Jonathan Sarfati, PhD
#3 Creation website
#4 The Institute for Creation Research

Dr Jonathan D. Sarfati B.Sc. (Hons.), Ph.D., F.M.
Creationist Physical Chemist and Spectroscopist (Australia).
Editor of Creation Magazine.

This genious is able to take on up to 20-50 Scientists at once and is able beat them all on a 1:1 debates! Blow your socks away atheists! Hear this genious for yourself. The amount of work he's done and the detail in his works and writtings is second to none (phenomenal). He puts to shame all those self-proclaimed Christians who accommodate for the Evolutionary model. Oh, I love this type of Christians. He's the author of several books; check him out

Dr Jonathan Sarfati was born in Ararat, Australia in 1964. He moved to New Zealand as a child and later studied science at Victoria University of Wellington. He obtained a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry with two physics papers substituted (nuclear and condensed matter physics). His Ph.D. in Chemistry was awarded for a thesis entitled ‘A Spectroscopic Study of some Chalcogenide Ring and Cage Molecules’. He has co-authored papers in mainstream scientific journals on high temperature superconductors and selenium-containing ring and cage-shaped molecules. He also had a co-authored paper on high-temperature superconductors published in Nature when he was 22.

Dr Sarfati has been a Christian since 1984. He has long been interested in apologetics, the defense of the faith, and was a co-founder of the Wellington Christian Apologetics Society (New Zealand). Creation vs evolution is of course a vital area, because of the ramifications for the doctrines of Creation, the Fall which brought death into the world, and their links to the doctrines of the Incarnation, Atonement and Bodily Resurrection of the God-man Jesus Christ.

In 2010, Dr Sarfati wrote The Greatest Hoax on Earth? Refuting Dawkins on evolution, a response to leading atheopath Richard Dawkins’ latest book The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution.

That year, Dr Sarfati emigrated to the USA with his wife to work in the CMI–USA office as author, speaker, apologist, and Head Scientist.

In 2012, he considerably expanded and updated a classic general apologetics book, Christianity for Skeptics, by Dr Steve Kumar of New Zealand. This presents a positive case for the existence of God, the inspiration of the Bible, and the divinity and resurrection of Christ, and answers challenges from suffering, atheism, Eastern philosophy, and Islam. The update now also contains cutting edge material on design in nature, the Christian roots of science, and answering the ‘new atheists’.

In 2015, Dr Sarfati wrote probably his most important and comprehensive book yet: The Genesis Account: A theological, historical, and scientific commentary on Genesis 1–11, almost 800 pages long.

Let this soul tickle your eye lashes and ears! and let's us all bling bling together :-)))

Brethren, I've been busy at work and also working on my new/edited version of Jesus Christ which I'm hoping to upload here either by February &/or March 2021. Brethren, Jesus Christ is coming to take me Home/Heaven in 2021 (in my Spirit of course). YES! it's been confirmed by Abba/Father many times. I asked Father to show me The Books of Heaven (Revelation 20:12) and so many other things!! I've asked Him also to show me ALL re DEEP MILITARY UNDERGROUND BASES STRUCTURE across our borders and nations ... I'll come back with my report. God bless you all my brethren following me here on BITCHUTE. Love you.

Dr Geogia Purdom Speaking. Please support their amazing work and ministry if you can.
#1 How Noah and His Family Could Have Cared for the Animals
#2 Explore our inside aquarium at the Creation Museum
#3 Answers in Genesis
#4 YT Channel
#5 Inky Chemistry
#6 Planetary Cataclysm

Was Noah’s Flood global? How big was the Ark? How did Noah fit all the animals on the Ark? Is there any evidence in rock layers and fossils for the Flood? This presentation will equip you with biblical and scientific answers that show that the Genesis account of the Ark and Flood are true history.



A Flood of Evidence - 40 Reasons Noah and the Ark Still Matter written by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge:

Georgia Purdom DVD Set:

Noah's Ark Study Pack:

Noah’s Ark: Thinking Outside the Box written by Tim Lovett; featuring Ken Ham and Dr. John C. Whitcomb:

Watching the amazing YT videos about the ark made us cry.


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I'm an intercessor; no-one After water baptism (2013) I appeared before the Majesty of our Heavenly Father AND Jesus Christ [...]. Our King's coming back on The Feast of Trumpets 2028-29 as these prophetic yrs are in line w/ the 70th week of Daniel. Rothschild's Agenda 2030 aims to have the entire world tracked w/ COVID-19 soul damning vax by 2025. Hebrew year 5,781 (2021). 6,000 - 5,780 = 20; take 7-10 yrs off = 2030. The End is here

COVID-19 is the white horse of Rev. 6:2 This bioweapon will change people's DNA + brain using mRNA + CRISPR serpent tech and turn them into transhumans.
#, # The sheeple are being taken to FEMA camps, new Edom (fake Israel) is making biblical Peace Deal w/ many and the mark of the beast IS TRULY HERE. See, Rothschild patented COVID-19 [2015-17]; #; #; # Do not be deceived, CV-19 is part + parcel // end-times quantum financial + cashless beast system. SOS/Jewry created CV-19 soul damning vax

Bewildered we're witnessing the destruction of our nations to make way // NWO Zionist Beast System # # it's a TROJAN HORSE # The Great Reset is the agenda # AND the 4IR IS THE END of humanity.
# Why Lockdowns will not go away
# Programable Matter
# A.I.
# Digital Agenda ID2020
# DARPA nano-kill-switch Program for NWO dissidents
# Transhumanism (Human 2.0)
# Transgenderism
# Made a HYBRID (3rd Strand DNA) by CV-19 injections [WATCH].

The "Jews" are NOT the true Israelites of The O.T., but a hybridized mongrel race who have plundered + butchered +250M Christians w/ their Bolshevik revolutions + wars they plan + finance.


We're being sodomised with Jewish Darwinism, UN/UNESCO New Age Luciferianism, Cultural Marxism from cradle to grave yet SOS acknowledges they crucified our King. Be NOT deceived, this WAR it's against God, whites, Western Christian nations & Christianity. Yes, we're living as in the days of Noah for cannibalism, necrophilia + bestiality are legal in many Western nations (i.e., US, UK, Germany) thanks to all Cabal/Nephilim CIA, FBI, NSA, Think Tanks/Tavistock, BBC, Hollywood, WHO, HAARP, DARPA, CERN, NASA brutal satanic brainwashing~mind-control // masses.

# Talpiot
# The Patriot Nurse
# FalconsCAFE
# Activist Post
# Alt Censored
# Political Islam
# Targeted Individuals

# King Identity
# Church of God Fellowship
# Bible Believers
# End Times Prophecy
# Aneko Press
# Prayers Archives
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