Vaccine deaths are astronomical, not covid, which is a HOAX.








Most important. If you love YHVH Elohim.

The US military at the direction of JSOCS and the CIA, had the river diverted in 2003 to get to this place deep under the Euphrates River. They knew what they were looking for, because they had previously looted the Baghdad museum and took over 100,000 Assyrian scrolls. They found deep underground a massive burial chamber, perfectly appointed contained 3 bodies, each about 12 feet in length (nephilim). Nimrod and his two captains, who were slain by Esau per the book of Jasher, of which 4 intact copies were discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Nimrod and his captains were in a perfect state of preservation, a first discovery of its kind ever, in KNOWN history. after near 5500 years. They were whisked away by Helicopters, then flown first to Israel and to the USA.

It is Nimrod's DNA, the anti-Christ, the Apollyon who rises from beneath the Euphrates river in the Book of revelations (rev 9:11 to 9:14) that IS IN THE VACCINE. If vaccinated, he then fulfills the abomination of desolation, by supplanting his false spirit in your blood, making it impossible for the Holy Spirit to reside within you.

Hence the danger of this Luciferase in the vaccine. For they call it what it is, the blood of the man who was, is not, yet will be.

The anti Christ.



This is despicable. They are intentionally infesting us with CONSCIOUS nanobot threads to control our minds.
And destroy your soul, and therefore, your personality. You will become an unconscious slave.

The more tests you do, the greater number of bots burrow into your brain, until it's all over.

You are a zombie shell, a rake.

Gates, the evil phvch, has stolen from all, for self gain. And now, he wants to steal your lives.

If you are Christian strong with the Holy Spirit, this has happened or will happen to you. It's fact.

It's to break you down - morally, physically, spiritually until you self-destruct. The police won't help you, but they help the gangstalkers. Like they help Antifa get the job done of terrorizing and destroying communities. FACT.

Go ahead, back the blue...dunsky.




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