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Skip Baker emails and notes: Adam Green is a Jewish name, and the SOB knows he’s lying through his teeth. All the Jews in Europe tell the White True Israelites, that White People are “Esau-Edom” and that THEY are “Jacob-Israel.” And they all know they are all liars. Saxon Christ said they are all: “liars, thieves and murderers” and “not of my sheep, as I said unto you.” “Esau-Edom (Idumea) is modern Jewry.” 1925 Jewish Encyclopaedia, Vol. 5 page 41. A Jew can’t “be saved” because no Jew is an Israelite. “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel” Christ said at Matthew 15:24. And no lying Edomite Jew is an Israelite! Obadiah verse 18 tells us there won’t be an Edomite Jew left alive anywhere, after Yahweh awakens: “The Valley of The Dry Bones!”

Tribes of Benjamin, Levi, and Judah. (Judah today are the Germans, Scots, Irish and White Russians). The Tribe of Benjamin, Paul’s Tribe, is in Iceland today. The Tribe of Judah, was made up Abraham's Kings of Europe for a thousand years, then Satan (Jewry) was “let out of the pit for a little season” AFTER the Thousand Years were over! See Chapter 20 of Revelation. The idiot pastors will tell you that the 1000 years will happen, AFTER the Second Coming.

They teach that God will let the devil (Jewry) “OUT of the Lake of Fire,” AFTER they have all been burning for a thousand years!

That shows that their knowledge of the Bible is even worse than yours! You must not be reading ANY of the Teaching Graphics that I send out! Everybody in Judea knew the Jews sought to kill Christ at the time, and that “Jesus” was NOT a demon seed Edomite Jew from Idumea. “No man spake of Him, for fear of the Jews.” Everybody knew that Jesus was NOT an Edomite from Idumea,” like Judas the Edomite, who had a town in Idumea with Judas last name on it! And He called Judas “a devil” in John 6:70. The Edomite Jews didn’t “Join the Judeans” until 125 B.C., 40 YEARS after the first Hanukkah of 165 B.C., (that fulfilled Daniel 8:14, that the false prophet Ellen G. White said happened in 1844 A.D.), so Jews cannot BE the Hebrew Israelites of the Bible, which they openly admit in the Jewish Almanac of 1980, in the book’s very first sentence.

by D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D. In the mainline media, those who adhere to the position that there is some kind of “conspiracy” pushing us towards a world government are virulently ridiculed. The standard attack maintains that the so-called “New World Order” is the product of turn-of-the-century, right-wing, bigoted, anti-Semitic racists acting in the tradition of the long-debunked Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, now promulgated by some Militias and other right-wing hate groups. The historical record does not support that position to any large degree but it has become the mantra of the socialist left and their cronies, the media. The term “New World Order” has been used thousands of times in this century by proponents in high places of federalized world government. Some of those involved in this collaboration to achieve world order have been Jewish.

Skip Baker Comments: Have you Forgotten that no Jew is an Israelite or Judahite? Abraham was NOT a Jew, his son Isaac was not a Jew, and Isaac’s son Jacob, was not a Jew. His brother Esau married into Cain’s Satanic Seed Line c. 2000 B.C. and only HIS descendants, are what we call demon seed Edomite, Canaanite, Communist “Jews,” Cain’s Seed of Genesis 3:15 today. Cain was Satan’s First Born, from his “Seduction” of Eve in the Garden. Saxon Moses was NOT a Jew. Moses asked the Jews in Edom, if we could pass through their land, as a short-cut to the Promised Land, and they refused, so Moses had to take us around Edom (Jewry). Can’t you even read a map? “Jews (from Edom) attacked Judah,” so what the hell does that tell you? Duh? Hello? It tells you the Jews are NOT the Hebrew Israelites of the Old Testament, BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION. For some reason you’re not “catching on” despite the visual proof I send you!

Jesus Christ said that ALL that is secret would be revealed in the last days - that includes the lies and crimes of our kings and politicians. Make no mistake, the Mask of the Edomites is going to be obliterated by the power of the truth. Top 4 Christian Identify Pastors who brilliantly exposed the lies and crimes of the Jews like no others:
Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet:
Pastor Texe Marrs:
Dr./Pastor Wesley A. Swift: and
Dr./Pastor James P. Wickstrom:

According to some Jews themselves (i.e., Steve and Jana Ben-Nun) who claim to be in the know, the Zionists Jews are of the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 3:9). They DON'T practice 'Torah' as most Christian believe they do (or have been brainwashed into believing) but Kabballah (or Jewish witchcraft of the most high) for they go by the Talmud (the blasphemious and hate book of the Jews) and by the Zohar. They are working towards their Jewish UTOPIA or Jew NWO to rule upon us 'the gentile' nations indeed (for centuries now). They've admitted (behind close doors and in their own writings) that they aspire to world domination and that they literally exist/live to 'exterminate' us; this is information in the public domain now.

These Zionist/Talmudic/Kabballah/Zohar Jews are the real enemies of our Father YHWH and Jesus Christ; and by extension, the enemies of the white race (they hate us with such supernatural hatred) and of true Christianity even before Jesus Christ walked among us. These Jews claim and proclaim that Lucifer/Satan is their god and that 'they' are the chosen of Lucifer. According to these Jews 'Adam' (who was created in the image of The Most High - probably the most beautiful and perfect man ever existed) was 'androgynist' - that's what Lucifer told them. Well, I presume could it be b/c he raped both Eve AND Adam in the garden when they disobeyed God. These vessels of Satan have also admitted that the LGBT AND the transgender agendas are Jewish indeed.

Furthermore, they are waiting for 'their alien/snake messiah' which is none other than the Biblical anti-Christ and that 'they worship the holy serpent' (read Texe Marrs' book "the holy serpent of the Jews"). Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) - which is demonic in nature - goes hand in hand with the arrival of the Jew's snake messiah. Moreover, they said that they are working with 'very powerful alien entities' far more powerful than Presidents and PMs. Well, I knew all of this nearly a decade ago; nothing new under the sun brother.

Some Jews (believers in Jesus Christ) are very concerned because wolves in sheep's clothing such is one Jew Mark Biltz (of El-Shaddai Ministries) and other self-proclaimed Evangelical 'Kosher' pastors (who behind close doors are wicked/blood thirsty Freemasons) started going around the world preaching another Jesus and the Jew gospel.

In few words, they are going with 'The 13 Declarations' of the Zionist Jews to Christian denominations commanding the following:

(1) Not to preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified to the Jews.
(2) Christians to fully 'submit' to the Zionist agenda of the Jews and 'to put down their lives' for the sake of the Jews. Brainwashed Christians are falling like bees for the lies of the Jews.

Here's the link:

In this short video I've included the links of top Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Ministries; see below:
Pastor Derek Prince:
Pastor Win Worley: and
Dr./Pastor Preston Bailey:
Dr. Lorraine Day:
Pastor Gary Price:
Donald J. Ibbitson, PhD:
Pastor John P. Kyle:
Pastor P. Everett Cox:
Dr. Scott Johnson:
Pastor Russ Dizdar:
I.A. the Investigacion Biblica:

I know ALL of them for I myself followed most of them for years. However, word of caution, is not what it used to be. In other words, the ones running this business are false/apostate Christians, so you'd better off going on YouTube and watch his excellent deliverance videos. Win Worley was simply phenomenal (one of the best when comes to spiritual warfare) you can still find his YouTube videos out there. Dr Lorraine Day is superb as well, really worth your time. If you're coming out of the Illuminati, SRA, serious witchcraft, Freemasonry, MK-U/Monarch mind control etc. then get in touch with Pastor Russ Dizdar and Dr/Pastor Preston Bailey.

It’s time to wake up white sheep for the return of the good Master draws nigh. Get saved, the Cabal has FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS and the FEMA coffins ready (they had them for decades now) to receive your dead flesh and skeleton - not just in Canada and America but also in the UK and in Europe. According to Deagel ( MILLIONS of you will perish through man-made pestilences and during WWIII for the Zionist bankers/the Synagogue of Satan; just as in times past. They are coming after the 'white man' and they want to eradicate truth Christianity across borders and nations. The war is against the children of light. It's that simple.

The military industrial complex is also part of the Cabal (all across our Western fallen Christian nations) infested with hybrids, transhumans, super-soldiers, reptilians, alien-human hybrids, and other unidentifiably creatures/beasts.

We need to wake up souls; the end draws nigh.

Email from Skip Baker:

“Welcome to Jewish Social Engineering 101” - “Two sides of the same jewish coin [Bernie and Bloomberg] envisioned by Karl Marx.
The concept of ‘inalienable rights’ arose out of the White Christian spirit and is completely antithetical to the jewish weltanschauung or worldview based upon claustrophobic Noahide rules, regulations and empty rituals handed down to the faceless proletariat from the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful Sanhedrin at the top of the pyramid. L’etat, c’est juif, to paraphrase Louis XIV. [The State, it is the Jews.]And the jewish puppet masters don’t honestly expect or desire that either of these two Jews win the election.
They are in the race for one purpose: to push you toward their preferred candidate who embodies qualities of both extremes — Donald Trump.

For some decades (if not centuries) now we (the white race - the race of Jesus Christ) have been brainwashed/indoctrinated into believing:
(1) That Jesus Christ was a Jew = LIE (not Scriptural at all - if you read the Interlinear Bible and/or the Septuagint LXX).
(2) That the Jews are the true Hebrew/Israelites of The Old Testament = LIE (not Scriptural at all).
(3) That the Jews are the chosen of YHWH = LIE (not Scriptural at all).
(4) That God has a set of rules for the 'gentiles' and another set of rules for the 'Jews' when comes to Salvation = LIE (not Scriptural at all).
(5) That we ought to support Christian Zionism = LIE (not Scriptural at all).
(6) That The Old Testament was written by Jews = LIE (not Scriptural at all).
(7) Judeo-Christianity = LIE (not Scriptural at all).
(8) That we are ALL equal in the eyes of YHWH The Almighty of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob = LIE (not Scriptural at all).
(9) That salvation belongs to the Jews = LIE (not Scriptural at all).
(10) That a Jew = Hebrew/Israelite and that a true Adamic white person = gentile/pagan/no-one/Edomite = LIE (not Scriptural at all).

This is why you need to (1) get saved, repent of your sins, and be fully baptised in water, (2) be filled with our lovely Dove (the Holy Spirit) and be baptized in holy fire, (3) read the Bible (both Old and New Testaments) for yourself, and (4) have a 1:1 with Father and Jesus Christ in truth and in Spirit.


#1. According to the Bible (and true Science) there are races and sub races, but don't expect your schoolmaster or university lecture enlighten you in any of these subject matters.
#2. We are not all equal - the white race was meant to be 'a special/peculiar people' to our Father YHWH.
#3. Our Abba|Father YHWH forbids race mixing - of any kind.
#4. ALL the nations of the earth (wherever we went in times past) were blessed by THE WHITE RACE. This cannot be said by any other races coming into our Western Christian nations - not a single one of them.
#5. ALL modern Bible translations (i.e., NIV, ESP, NKJV, etc.) were (and still are) translated from the CORRUPT JEWISH MASORETIC TEXTS (900 AD.) and not from the original Textus Receptus Manuscripts (500-200 BC). Furthermore, avoid reading (1) the Scofield Bible, (2) the Nelson Bible, (3) the Ryrie’s Study Bible and (4) Messianic Bibles circulating for free on the net for they are NOT the true word of God. The same goes for The Dead Sea Scrolls for they were written by a sect of Jews and these scrolls are currently under el auspicio of the Synagogue of Satan R&R (Revelation 3:9). And, I, personally would neither buy nor read the Jewish Tanakh for it comes with many errors and misleading words. I LOATH the lies of the Jews and I will do my utter most to expose them for who they are.

Neither in The Old Testament nor in The New Testament is it LITERALLY WRITTEN that we ought to go to church on Sundays. Nowhere; that's your prerogative and choice. But we have, however, in The Old Testament - in Exodus 20:1-17 - ALL The 10 Commandments that our Heavenly Father YHWH gave to His people/race (the Hebrew/Israelites) to keep them. Your apostate/lying/wolves/hirelings/sodomite pastors (to whom it may concern - far too many, sadly) are telling you that you 'HAVE' to church on Sundays b/c Jesus Christ was resurrected on Sunday. Yes, so? Pastor, does this give you 'the authority and/or spiritual right' to change His Commandments and/or His written word? No (Revelation 22:19). Woe to you lying wolves misleading and brainwashing the flock of Christ with damning lies, heresies, Judeo-Christianity and Christian Zionism. Abba|Father resurrected Him on a Sunday - yes, that's correct. Jesus Christ and the apostles kept the Sabbaths AND The Feasts of the Lord (they go hand in hand with Bible Prophecy and the 1st and 2nd coming of Jesus Christ). Neither Father nor Jesus Christ GAVE EXPRESS WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS, that, after His Resurrection, we ought to change the keeping of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday worship. Who changed the date of rest and worship, then? The Roman Catholic Church (The Mother of All Harlots/religions and Abominations; Revelation 17:4-6). They've admitted doing this and there's plenty of written evidence out there - I read it myself.

Now, I must admit that I have not been able to keep the Sabbaths, as we ought to and I had wished to, due to the nature of work I do. Besides, unfortunately for me, there aren't that many true saved Christian keeping them - in this part of the world I live. But, if you can, keep them b/c our salvation could be at state for breaking ONE of His Commandments (that's just my opinion). Take this to Jesus Christ in prayer, I already did, and I know that we ought to keep the Sabbaths. If you can, don't delay in keeping them.

Can you keep the Sabbath and still go to church on Sundays? Yes, of course! That's what I'd do if I had the time.

Brethren, don't believe that old serpent lie that The Old Testament was for the Jews (to start with, they are not the true Hebrews/Israelites), or that it doesn't apply for today, or that we don't need or have need to read it, or that it is irrelevant for today, or something else ... It's a DAMNING LIE. Far from that souls. The Old Testament is a MUST READ for ALL new born Christians saved in Christ for it's packed with 100s of warnings and teachings from Abba|Father Himself!! If you want to know anything about our loving Father then, it is the start of your spiritual journey, for The Old Testament goes hand in hand with The New Testament. Besides, you will NOT be able to understand Bible Prophecy, the end-times, and many teachings in The New Testament without reading The Old.

Your Christian Identity is written in The Old Testament - so to speak.

The Bible, anthropology, archaeology, ancient true History, the study of the origin of the European languages, our post captivity names, emblems, the Scottish Independence Declaration of the 1300s, our fathers and forefather migrations, ancient Egypt DNA studies as well as modern genetic DNA studies and analyses have consistently shown/proven that the white race are the true descendants of the Biblical Hebrew/Israelites. The white men's hallmarks includes being farmers, herdsmen, warriors, and builders of civilizations. The Jews can't claim any of that. For example, they've never being farmers, herdsmen, warriors and/or built a single civilization the way/extent we (the white race) have. Precisely, the Jews HAVE NEVER BUILT AN ENTIRE CIVILIZATION FOR THEMSELVES - NOT A SINGLE ONE ACROSS FLAT EARTH FOR 6,000 MILLENIA! There's no written record of them doing such thing anywhere, for they have been vagabonds (Gen 4:12) since they came out of the loins of Cain/Esau. Nevertheless, they are the authors/destroyers of our Western Christian nations - they proudly brag about this in their own writings.

Truth, true History and true information it’s being suppressed (to this date) by the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 3:9) who write and control Education and History across our Western Christian nations. Thankfully, Abba|Father is finally awaking His lost sheep from their sleep of death. Interestingly. the Standard Jewish Encyclopaedia admits that Herod was one of their descendants (an Edomite) that usurped the throne of Judah and put the Edomites in position of authority.

We LOVE you beautiful Germans (the true Judah - with blue eye and blonde hair), the Zionist bankers were desirous of devouring you. Why? Because you are beautiful, you're intelligent, you didn't need Jew money/banks during Hitler's reign, you were THE STRONGEST of all tribes of Israel the man. However, you deserted our God Who vowed to destroy His own sheep/inheritance if we forgot Him and/or if we ran after other 'gods' - which we did. Besides, you loved Jewish PORN too much (they own/run the entire porn industry in our Western Christian nations). The Jews know how to destroy/exterminate us for they have being doing this since the times the Prince of Nails walked upon flat earth. Indeed they do, they mock and brag how they love DEVOURING the white sheep (I've seen the many videos, comments, pictures, read their Satanic quotes written everywhere, etc.). Sexual immorality (i.e., incest, homosexuality, paedophilias, bestiality, etc.) was rampant in Germany before WWII, and SIN, SEPARATES us from our loving Father, so Abba|Father gave you to your own lusts and in the hands of our enemies - the Jews who are the true enemies of the Israelites and of Christianity.

Remember, Darwin was a Jew, mason and Luciferian and so was Jew, mason, and Luciferian Albert Einstein.

Any Qs? All found in The Old Testament. You see, if you want to understand who is who and who's a Jew (impostors wearing the mask of Edom) then you need to read the entire Old Testament for yourself. Your lying Ecumenical/Evangelical/Catholic pastors in your sold out churches are discouraging you from reading it in case you may wake up from your slumber of death, be truly converted and saved. The truth is extremely powerful and so are the words of our Father and of Jesus Christ.

God bless you all believing my report.

So called “Jews” (who own the UN/NATO), want to kill all the White People because they know WE White People are the Real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible, who travelled through “The Pass of Israel” in the Caucasus Mountains and founded “Abraham’s Many Nations” in the Wilderness of Europe. Then Yahweh “Regathered” us in the New JerUSAlem in America, at the End of The Seven Times of Leviticus 26:18, that Yahweh issued in 745 B.C. exactly 2520 years later on July 4, 1776 A.D. That’s why “and for our Posterity” in the Preamble of the US Constitution. By American Law, and God’s Law, so America is for White People only and He will enforce that LAW when He returns.

So you know, white sheep, loving the lies of the goats and of your sold out Evangelical pastors:

Darwinism/Evolution Theory = Jewish. Heliocentrism = Jewish. Greada Treaty of the 1950s with the demon-aliens = Jewish. NWO = Jewish. Agenda 2021/2030 = Jewish. New Age (it was a Jewish invention) swiping across our Western Christian nations = Jewish. RFID Chip 666 mark of the beast = Jewish. Forced vaccinations (with nano-chips) = Jewish. Fake MSM (BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, SKY news, etc.) = Jewish. G5/G6 technology = Jewish. Satanic music and fashion industries = Jewish. Communism and Cultural Marxism = Jewish. Feminism and Women's liberation movement = Jewish. FBI/CIA MK-U and Monarch Mind control = Jewish. Tavistock Institute and Think tanks (brainwashing criminal corporations) = Jewish. LGBT Agenda = Jewish. Porn and porn industry = Jewish. Race mixing (specially blacks with whites) agenda = Jewish (our God commanded us not to fornicate with the heathen let alone having mongrels, bastards, and/or mamzer children). ALL central banks and banks across borders and nations = Jewish. US/AMERICAN BLACK SLAVE TRADE = Jewish (it was owned and controlled mainly by Jews AND blacks - the white men set them free). Black and Islamic immigration into Western nations (none to Israel - though) = Jewish. School and University Curricula across our Western Christian nations = Jewish. The banning of reading the Bible in schools, hospitals, and society at large = Jewish.

ALL of the above ARE 100% verifiable facts invented and paid for by the so-called Jews who say they are 'the true Hebrew/Israelites (Israel and Judah) of The Old Testament' YET they CANNOT proof their claims b/c they are of the Synagogue of Satan (Rev 3:9).

We take Communion with Jesus Christ because He asked His disciples to do so in remembrance of His death till His return (Luke 22:15-20; 1 Corinthians 11:24-26). Also, if you're a true saved Christian then you ought to learn/know about 'the power of the Blood of the Lamb'. Watch the following video:

Just b/c you profess Jesus Christ it doesn't mean you're saved - does He know you?? I'd say that 75% (that's a generous estimate) of self-proclaimed Christians are not saved. In other words, you're heading to Heidis after death, and to the lake of fire (Revelation 21:8) after Great White Throne Judgement (Revelation 20:11). We LOVE the sheep gone astray and that is why we're telling you the truth b/c the lake of fire is for eternity. Are you able to understand this?

Galatians 5:19-21
"Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, sedition, heresies, envying, murders, drunkenness, revelling, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God." (KJV; 1769).

YouTube Channel Aneko Press IS A MUST for any believer in Christ, as this channels is one of THE BEST out there when comes to Christian Teachings, I'm telling you the truth. Also note, Jew YouTube is PACKED with wolves in sheep's clothing, false preachers, Jezebels, shapeshifting reptilians, warlocks and witches who have infiltrated the body of Christ. These are pretty much ALL the popular ones on YT. I will do a study on this at some point.

Watch the following YT videos:

I'm a Spaniard but I gladly admit that the British/Ephraim and the Americans/Manasseh have produce - by far - the BEST Christian teachings, there's no Q about this; that's my opinion. The best Christian Pastors and Missionaries came out of the loins of Ephraim and Manasseh (sadly, not any longer). So stick to the old fashion Biblical Christianity - that's my advice - do not be deceived souls.

Apostate mainstream Christianity is preaching another Jesus, another gospel, another saviour, and the alien gospel. In this short presentation you'll read rock solid facts about The Biblical Jesus Christ, The Son of Man, our Kingsman/Redeemer/Saviour. Soul, white man, remember thou this, your belief about Him will determine your final destination - for eternity - after death (Revelation 21:8). So don't you think you ought to find out the truth about this Jesus Christ Whom the Edomite Jews crucified (out of jealousy and envy) at the hands of the Romans Who claimed to be The Son of God (Emmanuel - God with us), and has the keys of heaven, death, and hell?? I certainly would.

Abba|Father is taking me to 'hell/Heidis' in 2020 (in my Spirit), He has confirmed this to me. I asked Him to take me where the fallen angels are being kept in everlasting darkness.

I strongly recommend watching the videos of the Channels mentioned below for they are doing a marvellous job on Christian Identity and at showing/proving that the white race (the true Hebrew/Israelites of the Old Testament) is indeed the race of our Lord and Saviour and that NO Jew is a true Hebrew/Israelite - the Jews know this - and they are terrified of the truth being unleashed. For those still asleep, I'll tell you that they control the entire MSM, radio and newspapers outlets across our Western nations in addition to social media (FB, Google +, Twitter, YT, etc.), Education, History etc. they got away with lies and murder for 100s of years while were being kept in utter darkness, but not any longer.

(1) Jewtube Hates Midnighthood's Channel (YT and BITCHUTE).

(2) TruthVids (YT Channel):

According to those who have done the maths, The King is coming back any year between 2028-2033 (or thereabouts). Souls, Bible Prophecy is coming to pass with astonishing 100% precision. You will not hear any catastrophic events happening WORLDWIDE (i.e., massive Tsunami sea waves, animal apocalypse (all sorts of animals), distress of nations, wars and rumours of wars (i.e., coming WWIII), the fall of our fallen and apostate Western Christian nations, the extermination of the white race and true Christianity, people being chipped with the mark of the beast 666 RFID chip (in Mexico, Guatemala, Philippines, Spain, India, … UK, US, … it's going global) on Jew owned MSM. The words of Jesus Christ (Matthew 24 and Luke 21) are coming to pass indeed.

Brethren, come out of your apostate Evangelical 501c3 church for they are not preaching the true Gospel of your Salvation. These Zionist 501c3 churches (full of men's dead souls) are in bed in your Government + the Synagogue of Satan (Rev 13:16-18) and are NOT allowed to preach against sin (i.e., fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, feminism, Communism, LGBT, race mixing, etc.) for they have to be POLITICALLY CORRECT. Further, they don't preach against Jewish Communism/NWO taking over in all our nations and/or any other topic that goes against the Zionist agenda. Besides, they are brainwashing the white sheep with two major heresies and evils (1) Christian Zionism and (2) Judeo-Christianity.

Did you know that MOST of the American hirelings/pastors of 501c3 churches (sold out to Judaism and Jewish Zionism) ALREADY HAVE A BUNKER to run into/hide when all hell brakes lose in America in 2021?? Yeah brother, check out Dr Scott Johnson website who's done 100s studies on pretty much everything that will blow your mind away.


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I'm no-one; just the grieved intercessor for the 13 Tribes of the lost sheep of the House of Israel. A free breathing living soul redeemed and washed with the precious Blood of the Lamb. Abba|Father AND Jesus Christ appeared to me after water baptism in 2013. He could well be coming back on The Feast of Trumpets any years between 2028-2033 as these prophetic years go hand in hand with the 70th week of Daniel. In addition, Rothschild owned UN Communist 2030 Agenda proclaims/aims to have the entire world chipped with the R.F.I.D. chip 666 mark of the beast (Revelation 13:16-18) by 2025. We're in the Hebrew Year 5,780 (Gregorian 2020). So, 6,000 - 5,780 = 20 years left (-7). 2020 + 13 = 2033.

The world is coming to an end, yet most Christians cannot see/understand neither the signs nor the season; only the elect knows what's happening and what's upon us. That is, Jew NWO Communism.

White man, it's time you learned about the lies and crimes of the Jews against our (white) race. For centuries they have been lying and pretending to be the Hebrew/Israelites, when in fact, according to The Old Testament, they are a mamzer and/or mixed half-breed race (Gen 3:15). The Communist Jews have exterminated +250 million Christians with their religious persecutions and Communist wars; they control/write Education and History that is why this is not written in the official books.

In general terms, Rothschild-Rockefeller-Jesuit trio legalised syndicate of crime dictate educational policies (from Kindergarten to University) all across our Western nations, and write and re-write History to suit their narrative and agenda (see Eustace Mullins, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, others). Our prostitute politicians (i.e., reptilians in disguise) have to implement Zionists' educational policies or else find a decent job elsewhere. They are teaching our children under the pretext of 'sex education' pornography, masturbation, how to sodomise each other, lesbianism, homosexuality, transgender-ism and paraphilias in addition to hate and abort their fully grown babies. What's next? Cannibalism, bestiality, and sex with demons? That's the way we're heading with all the C.I.A., F.B.I., Tavistock, Hollywood, and NASA (these are all Jewish legalised syndicates of crime) global brutal/satanic brainwashing + mind-control of the masses.

The Jerusalem museum prison has the British 55 of the imperial 55 antique typewriter on display. According to some, the Jews have on record the Roman's torture games they used with their prisoners; including the most famous prisoner they had named: "King of the Jews." This claim was made by MI5 and MI6 mind-control victims/survivors of the 1970s who were told:

1. MI5 + MI6 was a Jewish invention (as it was Tavistock Institute). These are British Intelligence SERV. are nothing more than mind-control/torture organisations working side by side with the Synagogue of Satan.

2. The British Intelligence Officers on the course, told us that the Romans had sodomised Him because they thought it would be a laugh to be inside of somebody who claimed to be 'God'.

3. The male British intelligence officers and trainers were to do the same to all of the British intelligence recruits, and that cannibalism was the order of the day; still continues this day.

We are being brainwashed, with Jewish Darwinism + UN/UNESCO Luciferianism/New Age (i.e., there's no God but Satan). Yet, according to the Jews own records - Jesus Christ - was sodomised by the Roman hybrid beasts? The Synagogue of Satan (Zionists/Talmudic/Zohar/Kabbalah Jews) are financing ALL black + Islamic immigration into our Western Christian nations whereby fulfilling the EU/UK Kalergi Plan (i.e., the new Euro-Asian negroid hybrid race of the future). As written in Malachi 1:3-4, Abba|Father HATED Esau (Edomites' father) but LOVED Israel (our forefather). So, white man, when are you going to start reading The Old Testament and get saved before it is too late?


1. According to Scott, others, and the Chinese scientists themselves involved, this was a manmade virus to start the Jew depopulating agenda 2030. Alleged reptilians involved in the fabrication of this evil includes Rockefeller clan, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, T. Turner, & others. New York has issued gag order to police, fire, and medical personnel not to talk to anyone about Coronavirus cases or else face consequences! NATO /U.N. Troops being called-up for “QUARANTINE OPERATIONS” IN USA.

2. Putin's entire Government resigned amid Annunaki disputes:

3. Our own Govt's are killing us:


5. Great website:

6. After Armageddon - Full Movie: