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Reality Bytes Radio Live with news & Views from the past week

Reality Bytes with News & Views

Reality Bytes radio with News & Views from the past week

Dr. Hoffe—of coincidentally destroyed (burned to the ground) Lytton, British Columbia, Canada—explains the D-dimer test and his discovery that 62% of his jabbed patients are developing blood clots. (9 min 28 seconds) This will cause high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks within 3 years. With each successive shot, the damage will add and add. Each shot contains 40 trillion mRNA molecules. #ClotShot

"Beaumont Employee Speaks Out About Vaccine Coercion As CEO Ian Carter Moves To Have Me [Gemma O'Doherty] Jailed"

Alarming reports of people in Ireland attending hospital A&E with grievous internal injuries after "COVID" jabbers injected them.

[EDITOR's NOTE: In the last week I have heard 2 separate personal testimonies from two aquaintances about their friends having had similar internal harm approx 3-->4 weeks after having been jabbed. Both are currently disabled]

Ivor Cummins - Covid-19 Hoax Explained in 2 minutes 19 seconds... Please share

Reality Bytes with News & Views from the past week...

Clive and I discuss the merits of homeopathic medicine and some simple supplements essential for good health

Reality Bytes talks with Mark Anderson of American Free Press about Bilderberg, the Covid-19 scam, the World Economic Forum, JBS cyber attack and mRNA vaccines

Reality Bytes with News & Views

Reality Bytes with News & Views

Reality Bytes talks with Irishman Thomas Sheridan on the current state of affairs in Ireland around the pandemic hoax and a few ideas on solutions to survive what comes next

Reality Bytes with Guests. In the first hour we're joined by Scott Tips, President of The National Health Federation discussing the GcMAF case and the imprisonment of David Noakes for helping people recover from cancer amongst other illnesses, the latest Codex Alimentarius 'virtual' meeting and the current Covid-19 vaccine roll out.

In Hour 2 we're joined by Mark Anderson of American Free Press and Stop the Presses on RBN. We discuss the recent protests in London and the lack of media coverage and the dangers and illegality of the Covid-19 'vaccine' rollout.

Reality Bytes with News & Views from the past few days

Reality Bytes talks with Thomas on the current situation facing Germans under Covid medical martial law and the situation in other European countries

Reality Bytes talks with Henry Makow about his views on the global Covid scamdemic

Reality Bytes with Walter Graham discussing fluoride, Covid-19, vaccines, 5G and other issues in Ireland and the UK

Our guest is Artur Pawlowski whose recent video showing him telling Police to Get Out of his church went viral. We discuss his early life in his native Poland living under Soviet Communism and his activism in Canada spanning almost two decades.

In this episode on ‘The Healthy Debate’, we discuss the implications of the Mask as a Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention.

Presenter Sara Haboubi will be joined by expert panelist Mr Martin Byrne, B.L. who will bring us up to date on the regulations as they stand in relation to mandatory mask wearing, as well as Ms Bridget O’Connor, of O’Connor Dental Health, on the implications of mask wearing from the point of view of Myofunctional Orthodontics.

We will also hear the harrowing story of Makayla Preston and her mother Lorraine, who will share their experience of the system that takes no account of those who are not in a position to comply with these mandates.

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Reality Bytes discusses the early days of amateur radio at Bilderberg, Watford in 2013 with guest Rick Margetts among other subjects including his expertise around masks in his role as an asbestos consultant

Reality Bytes discusses Michael's McCarthy Plan to take Ireland from the grip of the Oligarchs

Reality Bytes with News & Views from the past few days...

John and I discuss events in Ireland in today's dystopian world. You can learn more about John's work here:- https://johnwaters.substack.com/about

This talk from 2006 is so relevant to events unfolding today that if the date was removed you would think it was discussing today's world.

Mar. 28, 2021
"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt --- Redux
(A Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk From the Past)
Tales From The Test Tube
© Alan Watt Nov. 15, 2006
Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 15, 2006 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

Redux links:

Original audio - Alan Watt - Blurb - "Tales from the Test Tube" - Nov. 15, 2006

Original topics - Alan Watt - Blurb - "Tales from the Test Tube" - Nov. 15, 2006

Transcript - Alan Watt - Blurb - "Tales from the Test Tube" - Nov 15, 2006

Acres of skin : human experiments at Holmesburg Prison : a story of abuse and exploitation in the name of medical science

Doctors, healthcare workers to be punished for anti-vax COVID claims

Social distancing will have to stay until EVERY UK adult is vaccinated


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