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Two minutes of Chris Hedges discussing Gaza and Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. This is ethnic cleansing, this is genocide, this is slaughter. This is not Judaism but it is Zionism and it is evil.

Donald Trump's ticket to the presidency.

It is the coming thought revolution. Change the world by changing your thinking. It is modern consciousness and it will replace this Old Boy Network of death and destruction.

Take a Quantum Leap. Help someone, smile and start dancing

Clip from 1927 film Metropolis

Brief tag to a recent article : Peeps vs Perps


Food Community

Fascinating Stuff : Bitcoin, Gun Control and More

The biggest perveyor of antisemitism in the is the word is Prime Minsiter Netanyahu and the ongrowing war crimes he committs in he name of Jews. For more info goto:

The amazing story of the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer and her love affair with JFK and another CIA coverup

Israeli propaganda is off the charts. Ethnic Cleansing, Genocide and Apartheid are all being inflicted by Israel against a defenseless country and somehow Israel is the victim.


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