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Yázhí Swaruu explains the connection between vaccines and the Cabal´s efforts to gain more control over the human race. We are in the middle of war, and more than ever we have to be united and fight!

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President Trump's administration has made ending human trafficking a priority of his administration since day one of his presidency. Trump has done more to fight the war on sex trafficking than any president in history. This is the report you'll never see in the mainstream media.

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Dr Marije Berkelaar gives a message to the current situation of the pandemic, that there is a dictatorship, that is why she leaves her job because she studies medicine to help people not to make them sick

La doctora Marije Berkelaar da un mensaje a la situación actual de la pandemia, que hay una dictadura, por eso deja su trabajo porque estudia medicina para ayudar a la gente no para enfermarla

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SEVERAL THINGS HAPPENED IN THE WORLD, COSAS SEVERES PASARON EN EL MUNDO, THE MEDICAL SYSTEM KEEPS PEOPLE DEPENDENT AND SICK, THIS IS A CRIME, ESTO ES UN CRIMEN, no eres solo un humano, you are not a simple human being, pandemic, plandemic, current crisis, pandemia, plandemia, plandemia, actual crisis, wake up, despierta, the truth, la verdad, global situation, situación global, censure, censura, fear, miedo, power of fear, poder del miedo, horrible propaganda, the treat is not only corona, la amenaza no es solo el corona


Just to let you know what some think. Transparency, Exposure, Accountability.


"I am extremely worried about the children" - Claire Edwards

It all depends on your perspective.

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Boris Johnson-s speech on Brexit- AI robots and chicken at the UN


Deborah Tavares warns of electrical grid blackouts. Can't seem to find this online so uploading for those interested. For those who have not seen this back in 2013.


What she said - Subscribe her channel - Mirrored: JC Kay - https://youtu.be/n_moxKfxpME


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Miscellaneous uploads relating to the meta events we are residing in. Transmute what you don't want to what you do want. That was the goal of the alchemist - lead to gold. What she said - https://youtu.be/n_moxKfxpME

"Its a trap" - Admiral Ackbar