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Sovereign Nations (re-post)


The current State of Amerika

My oh my how the past does spotlight those in the darkness , eh?

Share this with your local and municipal "self" appointed "leaders" immediately and forward to local LAW ENFORCEMENT

The horrid truth, or more disinformation?

Things that make you go "Hmmm..."


Dr Madej

Apparently the Adrenochrome related address to Trump Towers was a misdirect. Can somebody investigate this on a larger scale? Why is Trump not talking about this? I began running details on some of the Canadian addresses and they all share similar traits, related to refrigeration and smoke stacks. Also, what's with the Ukrainian kids camp? This is getting strange. I will follow up with more detail. Keep an eye out for part 3.


Anyone know if this is for real yet?
Sorry, I have not posted in a while.

More important things to spend your energy and money on, like food for the starving, homes for the homeless? No, let's spend a mint on a giant turd you can take selfies with.


ALL IMAGES MADE FROM THE VERSES TO THE SONG... I will take the time next time to match up the images to the proper lyrics.. but it comes together in the end. ENJOY!


I imagine this is a sign that it's already too late?

No, not the ones "following orders" that comes later at the Nuremberg trials. This round is for the righteous remaining members of society who still suffer from common sense. Depop from both ends of reality? Plausible

Does the World need a mass drug screen for our Government representatives and all employees of civil service?!!! Any wonder the World is going to hell in a balenciaga bag with crack heads running the show. I would have added in that twitchy mess in Ottawa, but I am not sure if its the nerves of being ousted as a fake Ukrainian Azov double agent Nazi provocateur, with that "Blood on the Ground" flag of hers or if it's the crack, maybe we should ask Ford if they have the same problems in Toronto? https://www.bitchute.com/video/iBKdm8gjii6b/ Ford? F-o-r-d ....Rob ? Oh yeah he's dead, my bad, I sure hope it wasn't the crack. https://www.bitchute.com/video/JpM8frXPTme3/ Merry Christmas , may it be white and full of red and blue lights. #doyourjobs

ARREST THEM FOR NOT FOLLOWING TESTING PROTOCOL OR INFORMED CONSENT. Hopefully before the majority of you succumb to the coerced experiment yourselves. It's not like China will send help to defend our human rights in Canada. Could you imagine? Wouldn't that be a twist of fate, eh?

and other missing puzzle pieces.


The peeper , the peeper, what's goin' on through his head? WOW!


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