A century ago the Arabs were at peace with the West, allies in World War I. Then, in violation of God's Law that Jews must obey Jesus Christ in order to reoccupy His promised land, Zionist leaders set up a Jewish state in Palestine. From that moment, Mideast tensions mounted. Ultimately, after nearly a century of Zionist abuses, the Arab world has been driven to frenzy. This is not only against Israel, but against its arch supporter, Christian America.

I have discontinued this video because of the eternal discussions around the painful topic of religions here. Maybe it can help to claw a few questions on this topic.

PS: Once and for all, I don-t care and don-t be a member of any of this Abrahamic religions.

Education for a clear mind.

(((Freud))) the godfather of sexual perversion.

A lesson in racial realism.

Dr. Pierce talks about the government murdering 100 people in Waco, Texas at the Mt. Carmel Compound.

Male, female in (((Pedowood))) all seem to be sick.

What a wonderful tradition, this should definitely be revived.

Many rant about Red Ice, but I still like their approach to serious topics with a wink and humor.

...don-t like (((western values and customs)))

And such a traitor is trusted by so many people. I don-t get it.

And, does something seem familiar to one or the other.

The (((American))) nightmare for the World.

The Hermann Monument commemorates a Germanic war chief who led an alliance of tribes that ambushed and annihilated three Roman legions in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD. In AD 98, the Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus wrote a text called “About the Origin and Mores of the Germanic Peoples,” or Germania, as it came to be called. In the 1940's, the Germania was taught in German schools and widely celebrated as a comprehensive account of the ancient Germanic people.

This is part 4 of an interesting documentary.

The world-renowned philanthropist times to get to know a little better.

Here is a good example of how manipulative (((they))) act at all levels. This young lady enjoys my utmost respect for her courage to stand up to this bunch of idiots and this filthy Jew.

Sometimes a nigger has his moment of enlightenment.

This one makes me laugh with its honesty.

Say what you will about the Poles, but they know how to deal with scum.


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