Time to get the carb all straightened out, but we ran into a problem. You will see in the video.

Lets see if this works. Time to reverse bleed the brake master cylinder instead of pumping it 5000 times by hand.

Why do you think the car was parked? I go over all the facts of the car so you will know what I know. I have my theory, what is yours? Put your thoughts in the comments.

#FORD #Galaxie #Brakes

Time to install the shoes. Can you spot what I did wrong? The only thing better than doing it once is doing it

#FORD #Galaxie #Brakes

Time to get the rear brakes all set and done. This video shows break down and the next video will show install on right rear.

#FORD #Galaxie #390

Time to dump more gas and get it to run longer. I tightened up the belts so no more squeal.

#FORD #Galaxie #390

Man I am liking what I see and hear. No muffler and no smoke coming out. I think it really has 35665 miles on it.

#FORD #Galaxie #Start

Finally got spark. Went out and got new points since the points that I got originally were the wrong ones and installed it along with a new condenser.

#FORD #Galaxie

Put some new parts on it, got cap, rotor, wires, and coil. Let's see if we can get the spark to come back....

#FORD #Galaxie #Spark

I have not changed any parts out yet. The marvel mystery oil is still in there, lets get it to come out.

#FORD #Galaxie
Time to try to get this engine turning. I replaced the solenoid and lets see what happens.

#FORD #Galaxie #390
Time to get the fan off so we can see if the engine is locked up. Still stick some Marvel Mystery oil in the cylinders. The spark plugs looked really good. I am not sure, but I am starting the think that the mileage on this car is its true mileage.

Messed around with the Harvest right Freeze Dryer and decided to do something different so I took 11 cans of Spaghettios and freeze dried them. Let's see what it looks like reconstituted.

Time for her to get her 1st bath in 20 years. Sorry about the not showing the 1st side the camera is really starting to tick me off it shut off while filming and that video is only playable on the camera. I think it looks really good all cleaned up the front grill is awesome.

#FORD # Galaxie
Battery died sorry, let us see what is in the trunk.

#FORD #Galaxie
Time to move on to the left rear tire and we will move the adjuster since they do not seem to be rusted out. I did get the Right rear loose, the sun went down so there was no point in filming.

#FORD #Galaxie
Since all 4 tires are locked up let's see if we can get them to spin so we can get this in the garage and really dig deep.

#FORD #Galaxie

Figures as soon as I shut the camera off and hit it couple more times it comes loose. Still looks clean.

The MGB is basically all set, now it is time to put it away for the winter. The exhaust will go on it next year. I was able to get a really good deal on something I think you will like.

A better point of view taking the MGB out on the road.

Got everything all put back in the MGB, let's take it for a drive.

#MGB #1stStart
#MGB #1stStart

Got some gas in the tank lets see if everything checks out and if it runs on its own.

#MGB #DIY #Auto
Getting some more things done on the MGB carpet and some of the panels are in trunk lid has been put back on. The windshield was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it was still a challenge.

#2ndAmendment #Gun Had an unusual day today. Had someone come up to house to use the phone and it made me suspicious from the start.

#Gun #2ndAmendment

Time to fire the full size 9mm I was all over the place. I was shooting left handed and using my right eye to aim. Once I made the adjustment I got more of a better grouping.


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