Ontario Canada started up Fruit Surgery at Women's College Hospital Toronto
Previously only USA and Quebec were doing it for Ontari-ari-ari-oh.

Dr.Diamond is at
Camille Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre

This is the original order of three Global News stories with the lies and POZ (propaganda of degeneracy) edited out.

This video has the segment where Khadr's masked females say they are an Al Qaeda family:
Oh No Momo Cringe Channel:
Mohammedan Hyena:
Music: Finlandia, Sibelius

Two more foreign nationals in parliament, accusers of the brethren.
White Supremacy is not happening. Harvey is not a supremacist.

Always put the bacon near the halal to boost morale.
White Supremacy is not happening. Harvey is not a supremacist.
Saint Saens Symphony #3

Saint-Saens El Desdichado background music.
White Supremacy is not happening. Harvey is not a supremacist.
News tip came from :

This is a very good channel Voxiversity with the original video, and also see channel Darkstream of VoxDay.

Ugly Ahmed of Ismail does not belong in USA, a Christian country.
Build the wall. Zero immigration. Tear down the mosques.
Re-immigration is a thing.

Ann Barnhardt lays out the legal, logical and evidentiary case that Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger’s substantially erroneous attempt to “fundamentally transform” the papacy into a “collegial, synodal ministry” in February 2013 rendered his attempted partial-abdication wholly invalid, thus Pope Benedict has been, is and continues to be the one and only living Pope, and Jorge Bergoglio is an Antipope.

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Published on Dec 4, 2017
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SJW's Always Lie - Taking Down the Thought Police

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1967 documentary about the end of Christian Western Civilization colonies in Africa causing a decline of standards.
Ann Barnhardt's Video: "Diabolical Narcissism"

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I used the same director as Saving Private Ryan movie.

Inspector Trudeau, pink Mr.T case 1. Four more years chant by SAPs, semi-communist atheist perverse. thin smoking man anti-Christ double-agent sunni traitor atheist canada government mohammets parliament liberal perverse democrats
I examine a couple audio clips from his bible introduction talk, which is not an advanced understanding of philosophy, nor theology. He is just a guy working out his pain and confusion and experiments in public.

Leave the children alone, sex rebels and female rebels.
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If not libertarian when young, then you had no faith in others. Be wiser and learn liberals must be controlled like animals because you love your neighbour, nation and God. Count me as Alt-Right now, but not socialist/fake alt-right. Socialism is a support system for "every man for himself" selfishness and central control, the opposite of localism, where you are the acting agent, responsible and selfless for your family. I am for Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit and opposed to worshipers of intellect and self; secularists, enlightenment liberals.

God designed us to join our attention and affection to Him, and so people engage false doctrine, until they figure out joining Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit fills in the vacuum. Mohammedans, for example, are a replacement, satanic-nation-building strategy, that came about 642 years after Christ, to fill in their spiritual lack. Now they invade us, as do atheists and agnostics. Multiculturalism is to erase the Holy Spirit from our countries.