The mainstream media in this country cares nothing for the truth, only for advancing their agenda.

And we let them off the hook ...


The Canadian Nationalist Party will reinstate the Banking Act of 1938 and return our central bank to its rightful position as a publicly managed institution. #cdnpoli

The Liberal Party & Conservative Party of Canada are owned and operated by the same people.


Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron recently had a chance to discuss with CBC correspondent Dave Seglins our effort to attain federal eligibility with Elections Canada and address political altercations which occurred in Hamilton, Ontario over the weekend.

Our Party Leader Travis Patron delivers a policy address in Saskatchewan on June 14th.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has served cease and desist letters to a number of Winnipeg media outlets for their illegal and libelous coverage of a political function held in Winnipeg at the Belgian Club on July 28th, 2018.

For more on the Canadian Nationalist Party:

Recap of the meeting and discussion at the Belgian Club in Winnipeg.


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The Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP) is a federal political party operating in Canada, founded on June 1st, 2017. The stated goals of the organization are to improve the social and economic conditions of an ethnocentric Canada.